Wizard 95

Chapter 95 Iris Training with Running Wolves

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 The day after Lira became s*xfriend.

 Alvin and the other members of <Running Wolves>, Emily, also Iris gathered on the outskirts of <Medio City> after finishing breakfast.

 Today was originally going to be a training session, and Iris had decided to join in on short notice.

 ”We’ll start the training with running!!”


 ”Haha, Iris doesn’t like running, as usual, does she?”

 The training session will be led by Emily.

 But when Iris hears Emily’s words, Iris’s face blatantly changed into unpleasant, and Alvin laughed at it.

 ”Adventurers are based on physical strength! They may have different roles, but they all have one thing in common!”

 ”That’s right, Iris-chan. Let’s run~”

 ”……I know without you telling me”

 Milis stretched her body muscles and her abundant breasts swayed. It is the same for Renka.

 Iris is a little bigger than Emily, but not big enough to be able to shake. So, when Emily met Iris, she had a very nice smile on her face, as if she had just found a friend.

 On the other hand, when Iris and Emily’s eyes locked on Milis’ breasts, they gently looked away.

 Alvin and Shinji didn’t dare to say anything. Even the quintessential Alvin seemed to have read the air.

 ”Okay, let’s do this!”

 ”We’ll keep running with one bell for now”

 ”…… It’s longer than Dad’s menu….”

 Emily followed behind with Alvin, Milis and Renka.

 ”You don’t have to overdo it”

 ”No, I’m going to do it properly…”

 Iris who has a grimace on her face starts running behind Renka.

 (I hated losing)

 Shinji also started running at the back with a bitter smile on his face.

* * *

 Sure enough, as expected.

 After everyone had finished running, Iris fell to the ground and tried to catch her breath. Alvin and the others, who are used to running, seemed to have plenty of time to cool down as they walked slowly.

 ”Iris-chan, are you okay?”

 ”You didn’t have to match my speed, you know?”

 ”…. Senpai, Hah… Hah… Milis-chan too…. Also, Renka-san… Your physical strength…… has increased too much”

 Iris remembered that when they were back home, there was not that much of a difference.

 ”Training is important, but I think it’s the experience of actual combat that counts”

 ”You’re right! Because we keep defeating strong monsters, we will grow stronger and stronger. There’s a big difference between upper and intermediate”

 The difference of one year is much bigger than Iris thinks.

 In particular, Alvin and the other <Running Wolves> have been promoted to upper ranks in a short period of time. So, it’s not surprising that there is a difference between Iris, who has been slaying lower rank monsters, and Alvin, who has been slaying intermediate to upper ranks monsters.

 ”Iris, you should take a break. Master! Let’s have a brawl!”


 After cooling down, Alvin and Emily grabbed their wooden swords and began to fight.

 They cast a self-strengthening spell on themselves, and then strike each other head-on with their wooden swords. Crack! a high-pitched sound like metal clashing sounded.

 After a few strikes, Alvin’s figure disappears. Emily’s figure disappeared as well.

 The sound of the two of them hitting each other again could be heard a few dozen meters away. Iris who is completely unaccustomed to high-speed strikes with high-speed movement, had a black and white look in her eyes.

 ”Milis, Renka. Let’s train together”

 ”…Um, senpai …… is too fast for me to follow with my eyes…”

 ”It’s amazing, isn’t it? We had a hard time getting used to it too…….”

 Milis caused Iris who was still lying on the ground to laugh bitterly. When, Iris still lying on the ground, Milis sat down next to her, pointing towards Alvin and Emily, and began to tell Iris how to determine the direction to go.

 ”Well, some people can do that. Because Emily and Alvin’s thing are a special technique, it will be hard to refer to it. So, you should train your magic with us, Iris-san”

 ”…… Yes, thank you”

 Iris bowed lightly to Shinji, who cared to watch her at first.

 Shinji and Renka began to push each other’s magic power next to the brightly shouted Milis, who said, “Don’t lose Renka-chan!”

 Iris has often trained by pushing magic power against each other.

 That’s how she knows. She knew that Shinji’s manipulation of magic power was very good.

 While Renka’s magic power ripples and fluctuates in strength as she attempts to break through Shinji’s magic wall, Shinji’s magic wall flexibly responds by thickening where Renka’s attack is strong and thinning where it is weak.

 When Renka’s concentration began to falter and her attack became unbalanced, Shinji and Renka switched sides. Although Renka tried to prevent it, Shinji’s magic power managed to evade Renka’s magic power and hit Renka lightly.

 ”Phew…….. I’ve still got a long way to go……”

 ”You’re getting pretty good at this. It looks like you’re about to score one”

 Shinji looked at Renka, who was looking at him blankly…… and told her to rest then he called Milis. The training between Shinji and Milis was exactly the same.

 In terms of handling training, Milis and Renka are relying on Shinji’s chest.

 Shinji sat in a comfortable position to talk with Iris, slightly away from her.

 And Iris talked to Shinji when Milis and Renka started to push each other’s magic power.

 ”Ano…. Is it okay for me and you to go next?

 ”Of course. What do you want to do about the amount of energy released?”

 ”…. I’d like to increase the amount”

 The current pushing is to suppress the amount of output to match Renka.

 But the amount is not enough for Iris, who is a magic user, and she would like to have a pushing match with a larger amount of output.

 ”Iris, have you made a contract with the spirits?”

 ”No, I haven’t…….”

 ”If so, I’ll match the amount you release, so just give me the amount you want first”

 It is unlikely that a human being alone can exceed the amount released by a spirit. Shinji also judged that if he did not have a contract with a spirit, he would not be unable to match her.

 ”I’ll do it with all my might….”

 (I really don’t like losing)

 Shinji smiled at the sight of Iris, who was a bit puffed up.

 He stands face to face with Iris, replacing Milis and Renka.

 Like Iris, who holds her staff, Shinji also holds his staff. Then, he sends his thoughts to Freri and gets her to channel her magic to prepare for the match.

 ”I’m going to start……!”

 Iris released a quantity of magic power that was enough to trigger a large-scale magic. Her amount of magic power that an individual can release is greater than any other person in the <Running Wolves>.

 This is an enviable talent for Shinji, who has an average amount of magic to release.

 Milis and Renka could not hide their surprise at the overwhelming amount of power released.


 Shinji shouts Freri’s name, and a magic circle unfolds next to Shinji. The magic power of Shinji and Freri resonated, and Freri’s portion was added to Shinji’s.

 The same amount of magic power as Iris’s was released from Shinji, and the magic power clashed with each other.

 ”…. Guh, ……Nn!”

 Iris is momentarily startled by the fact that her magic power has been opposed, and she pushes her way through the center of the field with force.

 On the other hand, Shinji is quite calm. While thickening the magic power in the center to prevent Iris from breaking through the center, he bypassed the corner and lightly hit Iris’s head.

 Because of this, Iris is half stunned and her magic power dissipates.

 ”Phew, I’m surprised. You release a great amount of magic…. It’s great talent. I’m sure you’ll become a top-notch witch if you train hard enough”

 ”……Yes, I’ll do my best…….”

 Iris muttered in a voice that seemed to endure the frustration.

 She didn’t expect to win against an upper-intermediate rank wizard, but she also didn’t expect to be so easily beaten. She was about to burst into tears and turned her head down, when Shinji called out to her.

 ”If it weren’t for the spirits, I just have an average amount of magic. That’s why I’m working so hard on my control. And you can get better at it with practice. So, if you ever get stuck in your training, I’m here to help”

 Iris looked up at his kind words.

 He was not boasting, looking down on her, or pitying her. Shinji had the same compassionate gaze as his mentor father, as if he wanted to see her grow.

 Maybe that’s why.

 Iris did not feel any repulsion.

 ”…… then, at that time, please help me…….”

 Iris bowed her head honestly.


 Iris also trained together.

 She can’t help but notice the difference in physical strength because of her different experience.

 She has a talent for magic that is unparalleled.

 And she hates to lose.

 Iris sensed Shinji’s high level of ability.

 She opened her heart a little to Shinji’s outwardly good response.

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