Dark Noble 10

Chapter 10 To The Manor Of The Blue Rose

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 But I can’t just head straight to the brōtḥel like that. I have classes in the afternoon. I’ll accompany Jonathan later in the evening.

 After my afternoon classes, I decided to drop by the student council. I wonder if Lana is there.

 It’s rare for Lana not to be around in the evening. As I opened the door to the student council room with anticipation, I found Lana and the other council members inside.

 ”Welcome back…”

 ”Welcome back, Alba.”

 Hmm, everything seems normal on the surface. It’s been two days since Lana lost her virginity, so she must have sorted out her feelings. Besides, there are quite a few members in the student council. This wasn’t the Lana who would easily reveal her vulnerabilities.

 Moreover, there was an unusual guest at the student council today. A handsome guy with blue hair. I’ve seen him around a few times.

 Lizaro is from the student council of the Royal Noble Academy in the same capital city. His family should hold the title of Duke. Unlike the many fake nobles at the Royal Magic Academy, he’s a true high-ranking noble.

 ”Hey, how about your student council attending the upcoming ball? It’s spring, so I want to make it grand.”

 The blue-haired handsome guy, Lizaro Estrada, said to Lana in a familiar tone as he sat comfortably on the sofa. He still had that smooth-talking manner.

 ”Well, students at the Royal Magic Academy are busy. Even with a title, we have to focus on our studies.”

 ”Always so serious. That’s attractive too, but… you need to have some fun and relax once in a while!”

 ”Don’t the students at the Royal Noble Academy have plenty to learn as well?”

 Due to their closeness, the Magic Academy and the Noble Academy often interact. That’s why Lizaro can easily come and go in our student council.

 However, the nature of the two academies is quite different. The Magic Academy is a truly high-level university, while the Noble Academy is more about turning poorly performing nobles into somewhat useful individuals.

 ”Well, we also value having fun here.”

 Lizaro stood up from the sofa and walked towards Lana’s seat at the head of the student council.

 ”We’ve been in touch with your council about the event. It’s important to have various exchanges.”

 Lana seemed slightly displeased. It was a subtle change that only the council members would notice.

 ”Oh, don’t worry about the expenses. My family will cover it. I’m sure Lana, as the president, will look stunning in her dress…”

 Lizaro licked his lips. But the Lana he’s eyeing is currently in a secret relationship with me. We shared a passionate moment a few days ago.

 What a clown… I chuckled inwardly.

 ”…I understand your point. We’ll be waiting for the official invitation.”

 ”You’re so cold. Well, today’s not just about that――”

 Oh boy, he’s persistent.

 Lana looks troubled.

 ”Excuse me, President. I’d like to ask about this part.”

 I interrupted Lizaro without reading the room. I can act boldly like this because I’m a reincarnated individual. I’m not afraid of someone like him.

 ”Hey, you…!”

 ”Isn’t the conversation over? We have work to do here in our student council. Various tasks.”

 Lizaro’s cheeks flushed with anger. But he didn’t make a move. Well, even if he did, he wouldn’t stand a chance against me, a bottom-tier noble, as he can’t even use magic.

 ”Don’t be too fearless. Bottom-tier nobles.”

 Lizaro spat out those words and quickly left the student council room. I feel like I’ve damaged his impression of me, but I need to get rid of the fly buzzing around Lana.

 It’s a necessary step to surround Lana and violate her.

 ”You’re brave.”

 ”Well said!”

 As I received praise from the council members, I looked at Lana. She seemed relieved that the conversation with Lizaro was over. It may be a slow process, but these small steps will make a difference in the end.

 After all I have a goal to seduce Lana in the student council room.

* * *

 After finishing his work in the student council, I go straight home to freshen up and change into more mature clothes. There is no age limit for brōtḥels, but I am at an age where I want to look grown up.

 I head to the red-light district by carriage to meet up with Jonathan. The area is frequented by lower nobility, knights, and well-off commoners, and it’s known for its good security.

 The atmosphere is enhanced by gas lamps, and there is not a single piece of garbage or drunken person lying around. Of course, there are no suspicious drug dealers or pr***itutes on the street. It is a clean playground.

 However, behind the scenes, the Midnight Fangs mafia is involved in various activities.

 Jonathan is restless in the red light district.

 ”Ah, I’m getting nervous~”

 ”You like having fun too, don’t you?”

 Jonathan came from a family that loved to have fun, and he had some experience. He kept a low profile at the academy, but he was quite a ladies’ man.

 ”But you know, the Manor of the Blue Rose… it’s different. There’s a certain level of formality. Plus, if I mess up, my uncle will laugh at me.”

 ”Ah, I get it. There’s a lot to consider.”

 ”But I’m glad I brought you. Just having you, always so cool, by my side makes me feel a bit calmer.”

 Well, in my second life, I’m a mafia boss. And this brōtḥel is under my family’s control. So, there’s no need to panic, even if I’m looking forward to it.

 The Manor of the Blue Rose was in the middle of the street. It was a flat building. Two intimidating men in black stood at the entrance. With shaking hands, Jonathan presented our tickets and mentioned the referrer’s name.

 One of the men in black went inside and quickly returned. We were given the go-ahead and escorted into the building.

 Right after entering, there was a reception area. A friendly-looking woman explained the system of the Manor of the Blue Rose with a smile.

 First, to enjoy the Manor of the Blue Rose, one need to pay an entrance fee of five silver coins. Each silver coin is worth about 10,000 yen, so that’s 50,000 yen. This covers two hours inside the place, including some light snacks.

 Inside, there’s a continuous strip show. If one is lucky, a guest might be called up on stage for a unique experience. Besides, there are girls roaming around the place. How much one can do depends on how generous one is.

 It was just like the information we had beforehand. Jonathan and I had made sure to bring enough money. We paid the entrance fee and passed through a thick door from a long, narrow hallway.

 ”Wow, this is amazing…”

 ”It’s still early in the night, but it’s thriving.”

 It was exactly a playground for adults. In the dimly lit grand hall, a cat-girl was performing a pole dance on the central stage. Her cat ears and long tail swayed as she wrapped herself around the pole, her breasts fully exposed. Her red hair shimmered under the lights, giving her a fantastical beauty.

 ”There are already quite a few customers here…”

 Long sofas were lined up in the grand hall, with over a dozen customers already seated.

 We were guided by a man in black to one of the long sofas. We ordered the free tea and nuts and looked around the hall.

 ”Check that out, man.”

 ”Wow, that’s bold.”

 Jonathan said, pointing with his chin. I looked where he pointed and saw a woman bent over, her face buried in an old man’s lap, completely giving him an oral. Other women were sitting on men’s laps, and various other activities were happening around the room.

 Jonathan, clearly excited, spoke to me.

 ”Wh-what do we do when the girls come?”

 ”Maybe we should just be honest and say it’s our first time?”

 ”Do you think that’ll be okay…?”

 As long as we had money, there shouldn’t be any problem. The dancer on the central stage changed. Now, a beautiful woman with long hair and large breasts started dancing. She had a gentle, soft look, but her pole dance was full of passion.

 Watching this kind of thing, it’s hard not to get aroused. While we were waiting, two girls arrived at our table with glasses and nuts.

 ”Meow, sorry to keep you waiting. Here are your drinks and nuts.” the cat-girl said.

 ”Enjoy!” added the other girl.

 The girls were the red-haired cat-girl who had been dancing earlier and another girl with a soft, fluffy look. Both wore very revealing outfits: dresses with low-cut necklines and very short skirts that looked like they might reveal their panties if the wind blew.

 The cat-girl sat next to me, and the fluffy-looking girl sat next to Jonathan. It seemed this was how we were starting things off.

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