Dark Noble 14

Chapter 14 Teacher’s Breast Service ☆

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 Sherry, who was in front of me, looked beautiful. She was different from yesterday when we were in the dark.

 Her red hair shone in the sunlight, and her large chest was visible even under her clothes. If someone asked me if I wanted to do it with her, I would definitely say yes.

 There weren’t many students around us because we were on the 3rd floor, and we didn’t have to worry about being seen from outside.

 Sherry had already locked the door.

 ”So, take off your pants… can you do that?”

 Sherry ordered me in a teaching tone. This was a situation that many people in Japan dreamed of –a teacher and student together. I swallowed my saliva, feeling excited. I couldn’t help but get caught up in the atmosphere.

 I loosened my pants and dropped them to the floor. I was still wearing my underwear, but my penis was already getting hard. Sherry, who was sitting next to me, slowly rubbed my penis over my underwear.

 ”Meow, you’re doing great… I’ll make you feel like an adult.”

 Rub, rub…

 Sherry’s fingers stimulated my penis, and I felt a surge of pleasure. Her skilled hands made my penis harder and harder.

 ”Huff… it’s really big and thick…”

 ”…Miss Sherry, when you whisper in my ear like that, um…”

 When Sherry’s warm breath touches me and she strokes my thing, it’s really bad. I won’t come right away, but it makes me excited.

 But Sherry dismisses my weak protests.

 ”Nope, you have to hold on… nom.”

 Sherry’s lips nibbled on my ear, sending shivers down my spine. She keeps blowing her warm breath and gently nibbling my ear.

 Her hand doesn’t stop stroking. If I hadn’t already come three times last night, I would’ve easily finished by now. My penis is already hard and almost sticking out of my underwear.

 Suddenly, Sherry’s hand went into my underwear and touched my penis directly. I was completely under her control.

 ”Mmm… mwah, nnn… haa…”

 I was surrounded by a sweet aroma, and I couldn’t help but moan. I was currently a helpless student being teased by my teacher, and I was enjoying every moment of it.

 ”Mwah, slurp… ah, mwah… um, from the tip, your stuff is making my hand all sticky.”

 Sherry tried to take off my underwear, and I lifted my hips to help her. My erect penis came out, and we were in a classroom where we had just finished a lesson.

 ”Wow, you’re amazing… The pre-cum is a lot, it’s ready to go!”

 Sherry touched my penis, and I felt a surge of pleasure. This was something that I couldn’t resist, and anyone would feel the same way.

 ”Can I do what we didn’t do yesterday?”


 I nodded, losing my ability to think. There was no reason to refuse, and it was probably going to be something erotic.

 ”It’s like a dream come true. Let’s do it even better then!”

 Sherry stood up and opened her black robe, revealing her huge chest. They were firm and fresh-looking. Seeing them in the light was something special.

 Come to think of it, I had only done it with Lana and Sherry in the dark. This was the first time I was really seeing her chest clearly.

 ”Alba can do it again, right?”

 Sherry spread my legs and kneeled down between them.

 Now, her chest was sandwiching my penis.

 ”Mmm… When you come, I’ll make sure to swallow it all.”

 As she said that, Sherry kissed the tip of my penis. The moment I felt her warm body temperature, she started to tease me.

 Slurp, slurrpppp!

 I gritted my teeth at the sudden, intense sucking. Sherry didn’t hesitate at all and sucked the tip. She was really good at it. My sack twitched lightly.

 I couldn’t last long like this. I tried to hold on, fighting the urge to pull away, enduring the intense stimulation. When she paused, Sherry’s tongue started to lick my glans. She tasted every part, covering it with her saliva.

 ”Mwah, slurp… ah, mmm…”

 After tasting, she began to move her chest up and down. Her saliva and my stuff made it very slippery. Her big, soft chest was like a weapon.

 Lick, lick…

 She focused on my glans, and I couldn’t help but feel pleasure. The buildup was making itself known in my lower abdomen.

 ”Ah, Miss Sherry, that’s too much…!”

 ”Not yet… I want you to give me more of your naughty flavor…”

 Sherry’s teasing changed, and she started licking my tip with her tongue. She sucked my precum, and her tongue went in and out… When she finished, she started licking my tip again with her tongue curled up.

 Her breasts was pressed against my shaft, and she was teasing me. My hips started shaking, but Sherry was controlling my movements. I was trapped in a pleasure that I couldn’t escape.

 ”Miss Sherry, that’s enough…”

 ”Meoww… Okay, put it out into your teacher mouth…”

 Slurp, slurp, slurppp!

 Suddenly, she started sucking hard. Her breasts are moving violently. I was also holding back.

 It’s the ultimate breastjob and blowjob. My penis screams, and it moves straight to the end. Sherry wants that too. So, I tighten my hips, and I explode with pleasure.

 ”Ah, ah, ah…!”

 Spurt, spurttttt…!

 The intense pleasure made me shout, and my cum shot out into her mouth.

 ”Mmm, mmm!! Mmm, ah… gulp, ah, gulp…”

 Sherry didn’t stop until the end, swallowing everything. It was a forbidden pleasure, Teacher and student, and I felt like I was conquered.

 When I finished, Sherry looked up at me and opened her mouth.

 ”Hmm, mmm…”

 ”Wow, that was amazing… Your technique is unbeatable, Miss Sherry.”

 ”Mmm, mmm…”

 Sherry smiled and closed her mouth, but instead of spitting it out, she swallowed it.

 ”Gulp, mmm, gulp…”

 What a naughty teacher. She even swallowed it.

 ”Meow… it was thick. Even though you ejaculated yesterday… hehe”

 Sherry looked at my penis, which was still sensitive after cumming. From the tip of the penis, A milky white liquid was oozing out. She started licking it again.

 Slurp, slurp, slurp…

 But this time, it was gentle and sweet. Even the semen remaining in the urethra was thoroughly cleaned up.

 It was just like a perfect example of a teacher’s special clean-up.

 With that kind of extra lesson, it was natural for my body to get ready. I was surprised at how quickly it happened, but I got harder.

 ”Mmm, slurp… Oh, you’re already hard, meow.”

 ”It’s because Miss Sherry is so enthusiastic…”

 I was already satisfied, but there was still more to come. If not, Sherry wouldn’t have made it hard again.

 ”What should I do, Miss Sherry…? I’ll do as you request.”

 ”Mmm, I’m happy, let’s do it–“

 Sherry stood up and turned her back to me, putting her hands on the table. Her tempting lower body was exposed, and her red hair was swaying, inviting me.

 ”Let’s do it from behind…”

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