Dark Noble 39

Chapter 39 Epilogue

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 I collapsed onto the bed, exhausted, after finishing our lovemaking moment. Lana was lying beside me, her body glistening with sweat and bodily fluids, surrounded by the intense heat of our passion.

 I thought I might have gone overboard, but Lana had also reached her climax. The s*x drive of a teenager is incredible, yeah. I didn’t even bother to wipe off the sweat, and instead, I pulled Lana close to me.

 ”…I want to stay with you today.”

 ”Yeah… okay.”

 Unlike last time when Lana quickly left, today was different. I managed to use the school festival as an excuse and even got her to stay overnight. I should thank that idiot Lizaro for this. Thanks to him, Lana, who had caught my eye, was now sleeping with me.

 ”Sorry about today, Alba… I really got you involved.”

 ”It’s okay. I didn’t get hurt, and the student council president is really okay, right?”

 ”…Yeah, I’m fine. My head is still spinning, though.”

 Lana was curled up in my arms, her body slightly trembling. Although I had helped her, the shocking turn of events was undeniable. Of course, I would make sure to take care of Lana’s emotional well-being from now on.

 As I gently stroked Lana’s back, which was a lovely shade of pink, I slowly drifted off to sleep.

* * *

 The next day. When morning came, Lana had left. I returned to the mansion and decided to take a short break. While eating breakfast, I browsed through the newspaper.

 ”Wow, it’s on the front page, just as expected.”

 The newspaper had a big article about last night’s incident.

 ’Massive Drug Bust in the Royal Capital Is the Duke Estrada Family Involved?’

 In this modern world, newspapers still existed. Although news from outside the royal capital might be slow, the incident had occurred in the noble district, and it was thoroughly reported.

 However, there was no mention of the citrus-scented smoke or us in the newspaper. Over a dozen people were arrested at the scene, but there were no fatalities.

 ’It seems that some people were severely injured by the Basilisk’s display, but the authorities have made no comment about it.’

 It seems like the Lizaro incident is going to be swept under the rug. Well, getting attacked by Basilisk after self-destructing is just a laughingstock for the public. While I was eating breakfast, Belzeda suddenly appeared.

 ”Young master, your friend from the academy is here.”


 When I went to greet him, it was Jonathan who had come to the mansion. His worried face softened the moment he saw me.

 ”Ah, I’m glad you’re safe.”

 ”Were you worried about me?”

 ”I saw the news and rushed over.”

 He’s a good guy. I invited Jonathan to join me for breakfast.

 ”Anyway, it’s good that you’re safe. I never thought it would cause such a commotion… Is the president okay?”

 ”Ah, of course.”

 ”So, is this case closed?… It’ll be a hassle for a while, but…”

 ”Well, there’s no need to hide anything. I’ll just take the investigation quietly.”

 In reality, there’s a lot to hide, but Midnight Fangs has connections with the police. This much shouldn’t be a problem. I didn’t use any weapons, and it was self-defense.

 ”No way, you’re so cool. If I were you, I wouldn’t be able to eat a meal without getting nervous.”

 ”Hmm…? Is that so? I didn’t feel like eating at that social gathering either.”

 ”Haha, you’re right.”

 Jonathan laughed at my joke. After seeing my condition, Jonathan seemed relieved.

 ”Well, once things calm down, let’s go have some fun. My uncle is going to give me tickets, it seems.”

 ”Is that so?… I’m looking forward to it, but is it okay to receive such a favor?”

 ”You’ll understand if you see the Manor of the Blue Rose, right? My uncle loves to spread joy like that.”

 He really has a great personality. And to think he’s willing to spread it to those around him, he’s an amazing patron.

 ”Well, I’ll head back. See you at the academy.”

 ”Ah, thanks.”

 And with that, Jonathan left.

 After that, I took care of the aftermath from last night. I greeted the old man who’s the hall manager, and did some internal work for the organization. Of course, I need to make sure that the drugs are completely eradicated and that surveillance continues.

 But, for now, one problem has been solved. When I look out the window, I see that the trees have started to grow thick green leaves. Spring is ending, and it seems like summer is really coming.

 This concludes Volume 1.

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