Dark Noble 5

Chapter 5 Punishing The Female Moneylender With A Special Treatment, Part 1 ☆

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[Part 1/2]

 That night,

 After returning to the mansion, I took a shower but couldn’t shake off my restless thoughts. I couldn’t help but think of Lana and felt the urge to relieve myself. With her soft hands and chest in mind, I felt like I could do it three times just from the anticipation.

 However, as soon as I locked myself in my room, Belzeda arrived with a report. Apparently, the moneylender mentioned in yesterday’s conversation wanted to meet me and had come to Manor of the Black Rose.

 I told Belzeda to proceed with the meeting as soon as possible, but coming unannounced like this was too sudden.

 ”What should we do? Should we turn them away?”

 Belzeda clearly seemed to find the moneylender’s actions disrespectful. It was understandable. I had my own reputation to uphold. If it was just this moneylender, I could make them wait for a month before meeting me.

 ”If it’s not about Lana, tell them to come back another time.”

 Even if I turned them away, it wouldn’t escalate into a problem. This visit was like a negotiation and assessment from their side. It was rude, but I remained composed. It was confirmed that the moneylender themselves wasn’t carrying any weapons.

 But then, having gathered information about the moneylender from Belzeda and it’s about Lana, I confidently said,

 ”Alright, let’s meet them.”

 Since it was a business matter, Belzeda didn’t object. If Lana was involved, I would have expressed my disapproval. I swiftly moved from the teleportation array in the basement of the mansion to the top floor of Manor of the Black Rose.

 ”I’ll hide my face, but let’s see…”

 Whenever I met with lower-ranking members, I always wore a mask to conceal my face and used magic to alter my voice. This mask, said to have been given by the king to the Valshe family’s ancestor, possessed a powerful ability to hinder recognition. It was a very useful item, ensuring that no one would ever recognize my true identity.

 The Gothic Manor of the Black Rose filled with the scent of flowers. The moneylender was waiting in the VIP room. After making them wait for a while, I put on my mask and headed to the VIP room.

 I opened the door to the VIP room, cracking my neck.

 ”Hey, sorry to keep you waiting.”

 ”Oh no… I apologize for taking up your time.”

 In the VIP room was a beautiful woman exuding a seductive aura. She appeared to be in her mid-twenties, with brown, fluffy fox ears and tail, along with ample bosom… she was a fox-type beast person. She would definitely attract attention if she were in street. Her beauty was so striking that it wouldn’t be out of place at Manor of the Black Rose.

 Not only that, but her cleavage was provocatively visible, and her skirt had a long slit, revealing her thighs with just a slight movement.

 I became aware of my desire stirring within me.

 ”You came here so suddenly. Couldn’t you have left the documents to my subordinates?”

 ”Well, that’s true, but I thought this was a rare opportunity. I wanted to discuss business and build a relationship as well.”

 I gestured the moneylender named Meer to sit down, and our conversation began. Honestly, I had no interest in Meer’s sales talk at all. For Meer, it was probably a good opportunity to expand our business dealings.

 Talks about Lana’s family, the situation in the northern region, and the trends in the capital… these were all topics that didn’t require a face-to-face meeting. I wanted to tell her to summarize everything in documents and send them over.

 However, Meer was earnest and humble. Every time she leaned down to pick up her tea cup, her chest threatened to spill out of her frilly attire. This was bad. Her actions were too stimulating for me, who was in the mood.

 ”…So, I’d like to do business with you again.”

 ”Alright, got it. …Is it okay to wrap up now? From now on, let my subordinates handle the sales talk.”

 The conversation itself was truly unimportant. Since I had fulfilled my obligation to meet with her, I stood up from the sofa. However, Meer unexpectedly made a move.

 ”W-Wait, please!”

 Meer stood up from the sofa and grabbed my arm as I tried to leave the room. This was clearly a rude act.

 ”Ms. Meer…”

 As I asserted myself, Meer quickly let go of my arm and lowered her head deeply.

 ”I’m sorry… I… I couldn’t help it…”

 But in that moment, her cleavage jiggled. Meer’s sweet scent intoxicated my mind. Above all, I felt the need to address Meer’s disrespectful behavior.

 Unexpected Visit, Trying to Continue a Cut-off Conversation, Grabbing Clothes. Each of these may seem trivial, but the points have accumulated to the point where there’s no turning back. If I send Meer back now, it will affect my reputation.

 And above all, my s*xual desire was starting to rage.

 ”It seems your financial situation is tough, isn’t it?”

 ”…That’s not true.”

 Meer’s money lending business facing financial difficulties is already known to us. I just found out a moment ago, thanks to Belzeda telling me. Just like Lana’s family is in trouble, Meer, who has a business in the north, is also at risk of loan defaults.

 Another thing, Meer is a widow. Since her husband passed away a few years ago, Meer has been managing the money lending business alone. That situation must also be affecting her financial troubles.

 That’s why Meer came to talk to us while we have extra funds. There’s a risk of being looked down upon by competitors in the same industry. And it was probably Meer who planted the idea of becoming a pr**titute in Lana’s mind. Lana agreed because it was suggested by a familiar female moneylender.

 ”Well, let’s continue the conversation a bit longer. Have a seat.”


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