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Chapter 101 Feast with Newcomers ★

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 ”What’s wrong, Suzu-san?”

 ”I just thought something like this would be good”

 In the bedroom, there are Chihiro and Suzu, and then Aika and Riko

 Aika is in white and Riko in lime yellow underwear. Suzu, on the other hand, is in the process of taking off her clothes, and her exposed body is wrapped in black underwear that seems to be made of silk



 The overwhelming presence of her breasts makes the girls’ expressions change as they also notice her expensive looking lingerie

 Riko is surprised and Aika is jealous

 But Chihiro just smiles at their reactions and asks Suzu

 ”Is this something you want to do?”

 ”Yes. I mean, it’s like all the morals have vanished, and I’m so happy”

 Three women for one man

 Moreover, all of them were in their underwear, and were about to start s*xual intercourse, which revealed the depth of her karma when she said that she fully affirmed the extremely degenerate atmosphere

 …However, whether Suzu is treated as a slave or not is temporarily put on hold

 The reason is that she has both the unrestrainedness of a cat and the obedience of a dog, and it might be better for her to be “unrestrained”

 Also, her too-ambitious nature, coupled with the age difference, still affect Aika and the others

 ”…well, I think Maria and I get along well…”

 ”I think so, too”

 ”Oh, that girl. She’s nice, isn’t she? All she thinks about is s*x, and she’s a total lewd”

 By the way, Maria and Hana are holed up in the room

 Apparently, Maria is having some thoughts about the play between Chihiro and Hana that took place on the previous Sunday

 [I thought this would be a good opportunity to give this child a big “thank you”]

 And so, Maria continues to thoroughly torture Hana, one-on-one. Even if she cries and begs her to stop, Maria will ensure that Hana will be treated according to the rules of slavery

 However, despite Maria’s resolutions, Hana seemed strangely happy as she was being led away. Chihiro is curious about the extent of the “thorough” torture, although he is aware that it will not be of any use to him, but at the same time he would prefer not to know


 ”Shall we begin?”

 ”Yes. What will you do?”


 Chihiro ponders for a moment as he is asked by the cheerful voice

 When he and Suzu had s*x at the log house, they had mainly done it while hugging each other

 So, he would like to try something else today

 ”Suzu-san, I want you to lick it between your breasts”

 Suzu then looked at Chihiro’s crotch

 Although the words were a little blurred, the intention was conveyed clearly

 ”Yes, that’s fine”

 Suzu nodded and walked over to the big bed

 Chihiro followed Suzu, and he heard Riko and Aika’s voices behind him

 ”That size is a foul, isn’t it, in many ways?”

 ”…Licking is something that even I’m not very good at from the beginning”

 Indeed, fellatio is a skill that takes some getting used to

 Aika is still practicing, which is probably why she thinks so


 Chihiro sits on the bed and takes off his pajamas

 When his erect p*nis is exposed, Suzu takes off her bra and drops it on the floor. The modesty of the underwear, which is not commensurate with its price, emphasizes the lewdness of the scene


 First, Suzu blows on the rod playfully

 Then, after recognizing a twitching reaction of the p*nis, she reaches out her finger

 Her beautiful fingers, which had probably never done any hard work before, gripped the rod

 ”Mm, shu…”

 This is the second time Suzu has played with her hand

 Last time, when they first met, he felt her breasts on his back and the situation in the school helped him to ejaculate

 This time, perhaps because the stimulation was completely by her hand, Chihiro was not quite comfortable with it

 Of course, it felt good, but the stimulation was not enough

 Most of the excitement and pleasure came from the softness of her fingers and the beauty of her skin, not from the technique of hand job

 Of course, whatever the process is, it must be Suzu’s work, and the p*nis grows slowly as the handjob continues

 As soon as it gets big enough, it’s ready to go

 And with that, her hand leaves the p*nis

 Then, her ample breasts, which are now free from the restraints of her underwear, are held by her hands, and she approaches Chihiro with her whole body


 The white twin hills slowly wrap the p*nis from both sides. At this moment, Chihiro felt a sensation that surpassed the one he had felt from her fingers earlier

 Her breasts, which were pressed by her palms, lifted his p*nis straight up. From there, Suzu rubbed and pressed her own breasts to stimulate Chihiro indirectly

 It was as if she was thinking of masturbating herself as she served him

 ”Fuuh, mmm…”

 A faint sigh escaped from his lips

 And at the overly suggestive sight of an adult woman masturbating his p*nis between her breasts make Chihiro’s alter ego quickly hardened

 But then, the way she rubbed her breasts changed

 Suzu smiles as she changes the angle of lifting the p*nis, and the tip of the p*nis seems to protrude toward her face

 Then, her mouth opens wide



 Without hesitation, her lips take in the glans and its tip

 As she begins to suck Chihiro’s p*nis, the movements of her breasts become more intense, and her tongue and lips wriggle at the same time. Perhaps because the hands were used for masturbation and the tongue and lips for kissing, the movements were much less sluggish than those of the hand job

 The breasts stimulated the rod with varying pressure points, and the tip was licked and sucked

 The saliva that was accumulating in her mouth was dripped onto the p*nis and served as a lubricant, making a small sound as she sucked and licked it. The problem is that the movements are not well coordinated. Well, it’s the first time she’s done this

 ”It’s a lie…”

 Aika is stunned by Suzu’s more-than-adequate performance

 She was stunned at the simple fact that Suzu kept breathing without worrying about her ragged nose, and that she showed no sign of gagging while holding a stick-shaped object in her mouth. She also does not show any aversion to the taste or smell of the p*nis

 Perhaps the reason for this smooth movement is the lack of resistance to the s*xual act

 As Riko mentioned earlier, Suzu’s service is somewhat similar to that of Maria

 If the enthusiasm of the girl who is Chihiro’s “first slave” is based on a somewhat obsessive s*xual desire, Suzu’s enthusiasm seems to be mainly based on her interest and concern

 However, the root of “I like to feel good” is similar between them

 On the other hand, Aika’s tendency to move slowly due to shyness is not a result of laziness. It is rather a normal thing, well, in such a situation, the person whose head is not screwed up wins

 As he was thinking, Chihiro felt his p*nis was getting closer and closer to ejaculation

 A twitching reaction occurred frequently, and a kind of heat was building up inside the rod

 ”Suzu-san, I’m about to cum!”

 When he called out to her, Suzu looked up at Chihiro for a moment

 She nodded her head and moved her hands and tongue faster. Then――

 Spurt! Spurttt! Spurttttt!

 Suzu released her mouth just before the semen was spewed out and caught it with her upper body

 Her beautiful skin is stained with her bodily fluids, which makes her look even more sensual

 Suzu scooped some of the white sperm with her fingers and smirked as she took it into her mouth

 ”*Pant* it’s a little hot”

 The murmur that leaked out was ecstatic

 The fact that she did not catch it with her mouth might have been on purpose

 But it was Aika who seemed to be displeased


 She puffs out her cheeks and glares at Suzu

 It’s more of a mild envy than anger, but Chihiro has recently come to realize that this kind-hearted girl is actually jealous, despite her appearance

 Riko, on the other hand, smiles wryly at Aika

 ”Well, Aika, why don’t you do it next?”

 ”Eh? But…”

 Aika tries to interrupt but Riko pushes the confused Aika back and puts her in front of Chihiro, and then she whispers to Suzu

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