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Chapter 102 Sisters’ Quarrel

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 Fortunately, after Chihiro and the others have succeeded in bringing Suzu in, nothing definitive has been done yet

 However, there is no telling when Principal Ootori will make his move to get Suzu back. The situation is such a bombshell

 In the extreme, going to school the next day is a kind of a gamble

 ”I can’t just not go to school. If I don’t do anything, the situation will only get worse”

 ”Then, I’ll go with Chihiro-kun”

 Still, Chihiro chose to go on with his life as usual, and Suzu told him that

 Well, with her ability [Cognitive Obstruction], she can be with Chihiro at all hours of the day, whether in the classroom or in the student council room. If something unexpected happens, she can touch Chihiro and escape with him

 Chihiro gratefully accepts this offer

 ”Thank you very much. Well, I think I’m very busy during the daytime…”

 ”Don’t worry about it. I’m just looking at Chihiro-kun’s face and listening to the class for the first time in a while”

 Suzu smiles and activates her ability

 Now all objects except those in contact with Suzu are unable to recognize her. But――

 ”Huh? I can see you”

 ”…That’s right. I can see you perfectly well”

 Somehow Riko, Maria, and everyone else could sense Suzu’s presence

 ”Hmm. Maybe it’s because of “this””

 ”The “mark”, huh?”

 ”Yes, the “mark”. Didn’t this happen before? Aika-chan breached my ability”

 At that time, it was assumed that the event was caused by Aika’s connection with Chihiro

 And perhaps this time this is a similar phenomenon――Suzu, who is using her ability, has directly connected with Chihiro, which seems to have more clearly nullified her ability

 So, without any confirmation that Suzu had “disappeared” properly, everyone parted and followed Suzu on the way to the school to verify that Suzu was still unrecognized

 From this result, it is inferred that the “mark” network extends not only between the parent “Chihiro” and the children “Suzu and the others”, but also between the children and the children. This is why Aika and her friends can also see Suzu

 ”This way I won’t be lonely in class”

 ”We can’t respond, though”

 Even so, Suzu feels different if she has someone who can see her

 Chihiro and the others are also relieved to know whether or not Suzu is there

 ”I hope nothing will happen now”

 ――In the end, everything from the class, to the home HR, to the executive committee meeting ended peacefully

 Suzu was also quiet. However, her [Cognitive Obstruction] extended to her voice as well, so she was muttering to herself a lot, saying “I’m sleepy” and “I’m bored”

 Fortunately, sometimes he could only respond to her conversation in writing

 ”Are you working for the student council this time?”

 ”Yes, that’s right”

 And now, they whispered to each other as they walked to the student council room. Looking at the corridor after school, it is not so crowded, so as long as they don’t talk too loudly, it is not a problem

 But then, Suzu growled in an unenthusiastic voice

 ”…hmm, I see”

 ”Are you still uncomfortable in Kurohane-senpai’s presence?”

 ”…a little bit. But even if it’s Yotsuba, my ability is still unbreakable”

 Since the other party can’t see her, she doesn’t think anything of it

 ”If you want, you can wait outside…”

 ”But then, what’s the point of me being a bodyguard?”

 Being protected by a girl is a complicated feeling, though

 While he is pondering over a compromise, the door to the student council room comes into view. It is usually tightly closed and quiet, but now, he saw a figure

 It’s a girl with short hair stands with a straight back

 She is Kurohane Yotsuba

 The person Chihiro and the others had just talked about was waiting for someone at the door


 Yotsuba turned around when he called out to her

 But when their eyes met, he could see the anger in her eyes

 ――Here it comes

 Chihiro stopped, feeling that his premonition had come true

 But Yotsuba just takes a few steps toward Chihiro and the others

 ”Izumi-kun, I need to talk to you.”

 ”But I have work to do…”

 ”Lou and the others will take care of it. There is nothing urgent, and Marika-san will let us know if there is anything we need to do”

 She tells him that she has more important things to do than that

 She does not seem to be joking, nor does she seem to be able to speak calmly

 ”I understand”

 He nodded with resignation

 ”Well, this way”

 He followed Yotsuba, who walked out without saying a word

 They walk down the corridor and down the stairs, and when they reach the first floor, they walk further to a corridor. At the end of the path which leads to another part of the school building is a private training room

 It is a good place for private training as well as for private talks

 On the other hand, it is a place where one is responsible for any trouble that may occur

 ”I am connected with Marika-san through “Telepathy”. If there is any problem, she will let me know immediately”

 Yotsuba, who first let Chihiro through to the reserved room, said in a cold voice. Suzu, who has been standing by Chihiro’s side for a while, gulps


 The door is closed with a rough hand, which is unusual for Yotsuba

 After locking the door more firmly, she looks back at Chihiro

 ”Do you know what I want?”

 ”…I can guess. But, can you tell me?”

 In order to find out how much is known, Chihiro can’t speak carelessly

 Instead, Yotsuba’s eyes turned even colder

 ”I heard from principal. He said that you are having an inappropriate relationship with my sister (Ane), Suzu, while you have a girlfriend”

 The source of the information seems to be Principal Ootori

 And then, he heard Suzu muttering in a bored tone

 ”…Phew. In private, you call him Yuuji-san or something, but now you’re just acting like that”

 But of course, her voice did not reach Yotsuba

 Suzu’s words then covered by Yotsuba’s words

 ”Also, my sister has abandoned her work and run away now, and is being sheltered by you. Is that correct?”


 Chihiro nod his head in agreement to the question as a mere confirmation

 If he were to lie here, he would soon be exposed. Then there is no merit in hiding it

 Rather, he should focus his attention on what lies ahead

 ”This is Suzu-san’s own decision. I have never suggested or forced her to run away from him, and Aika――she understands that”

 Yotsuba’s eyes widened for a moment as she heard the answer clearly

 Then, she immediately returned her expression and shook her head

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