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Chapter 106 Yotsuba’s Fall – Kurohane Yotsuba, Part One

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 Yotsuba’s family, according to her father, is “a little bit wealthy”

 The family business is so-called “investor”. Not the type that repeatedly makes profit-driven transactions, but rather a type that believes in mid- to long-term investment based on a clear judgment of the potential of a particular asset and the expectation of its future potential

 So, to speak, her father invested for the sake of helping others

 Well, of course, Yotsuba understands that it is not a simple story since her father is earning profits from it

 Still, there are many people who have been saved by her father’s investment

 Chihiro believes that this method is a way to do what is called “give-and-take”, the duty of the haves to help those in the most difficult times and receive something in return after their success

 In addition, her father is a writer and her mother is a musician

 They are trying to increase the assets inherited from their previous generation and pass them on to the next generation by using the connections gained through the family business investments for their personal business as well

 The connection with Principal Ootori’s family is also through their financial support for Shibahou Academy

 ――And so, by the time Yotsuba can remember, it was already decided that the heir of the Kurohane family would be Suzu, the elder sister of the Kurohane family

 Whether Suzu would be the direct heir or whether Suzu’s spouse would be the heir was a matter of some flux, but in any case, Suzu, the eldest daughter, would play a very important role. Neither Suzu nor Yotsuba was dissatisfied with the decision

 Yotsuba was young and obedient, and Suzu was a bright girl

 Although physically weak and frequently ill, Suzu had an “eye” for seeing the essence of things and excelled in her classroom studies

 She had a good relationship with her sisters, and Yotsuba also loved her kind sister

 However, this environment gradually changed with the passage of time

 The first change was the engagement of her sister

 It was to the eldest son of the Principal Ootori family, a man who is the principal of the school. Although it was a perfect match, his busy schedule made it difficult for him to take over the Kurohane family

 Therefore, it was decided that Suzu would join the opposing family, and Yotsuba would be the successor of the Kurohane family

 [Do your best, Yotsuba. I’ll be rooting for you]

 [Yes. Thank you very much, Onee-sama]

 Yotsuba had no complaints about this either. Study hard, graduate from school, find a partner, and be married. What Yotsuba has to do is almost the same

 In fact, she even felt honored to take over her big sister’s role

 Suzu seemed to be happy after the engagement. She went out on dates on weekends and holidays and happily told Yotsuba stories as her souvenirs, which was the ideal woman for her

 Because of this, Yotsuba wants to be like her sister

 With this in mind, she devoted herself to study, exercise, and socializing. Unlike Suzu, Yotsuba was physically strong, and she gradually became more successful in various fields than Suzu ever was

 Perhaps it was a matter of luck, too

 She was blessed with good teachers and good friends. Even when she fell down or had an accident, she was never seriously injured. She was hardly ever caught in the rain on her personal visits, and it was a common occurrence that she happened to get what she was looking for or what she wanted

 ――It is as if the world is blessing Yotsuba-chan

 That is what someone said to her one day

 It was some time later that Yotsuba’s “Luck” was recognized as a [Lost Item] ability. Always twisting causes and effects to help herself, such power was recognized as rank B

 Everything was going well

 The world was full of happiness

 Until her sister, Suzu’s fiancé, became very ill

 Ever since Suzu was informed of this illness, she has been depressed. She tried to smile in front of Yotsuba, but it became more and more difficult

 After his death, she became a different person

 She became lethargic and desperate

 [This is the same as if Onee-sama were dead too]

 […ahaha. I guess so. Maybe I should just die]

 Yotsuba slapped Suzu’s cheek and asked her to correct herself, but Suzu only giggled and laughed

 She took care of her in the hope that she would recover, but she started to pleasure herself in front of her’s eyes

 With nausea in her throat, she left her sister’s room and never saw her again. Not until recently, when she saw her again

 Her parents had told her to “forget Suzu”, but Yotsuba had not. Not in a good way, but in a bad way

 As an object of disgust and antipathy

 …Since then, she decided not to be like her

 The admiration she once had for her was reversed and turned into a fierce hostility

 From then on, Yotsuba also has been better than ever

 She has never cut corners in her schoolwork and has taken up numerous lessons, and at the same time, she has not neglected her friendships and has taken the initiative in taking on troublesome jobs such as being a class committee member

 She has worked hard and accumulated achievements that are sufficient to be called an ideal honor student

 She has done her duty as a proud inheritor of her father’s legacy by practicing his teachings

 She did this without relying on her [Luck]

 And because of this, Yotsuba’s strong will added a new function to the always-on function of [Luck]

 That was [Luck Sharing]

 It is Yotsuba’s ability to share her exceptional good fortune with others. The more people she shares it with, the more the effect will be equally divided and equally exerted

 It is the embodiment of the will that everyone should be happy little by little

 Yotsuba has been using this power as a “spell” for those who are close to her and those who have become close to her. The number of these spells is now approaching a hundred, and no longer, depending on one’s ability, can bring about any meaningful level of good fortune

 She is engaged to Principal Ootori

 She received excellent grades at Shibahou Academy and became the president of the student council

 Everything was going well

 And then..


 ☆   ☆   ☆

 Sitting on a bench, Yotsuba mutters to no one in particular

 ――The content of the second vision was almost the same as the first

 The only difference was that it was more extreme than the first one

 She looks down on Principal Ootori and orders him to lick her feet, which he does. Watching him lick her feet, she felt the sensation, trembled with pleasure, and was elated to the point of climax – so far, nothing has changed

 However, this time, she also took Principal Ootori’s thing out of his pants with her foot, and made him come by handling it with her socks on

 And this time, she climaxed with pleasure

 …This time and last time, the two visions included a perverted act that Yotsuba did not know. According to Chihiro, it was probably the result of Yotsuba’s undefined feelings which had been “interpreted” by Chihiro’s knowledge

 The truth of this is not known

 ”Why did I want to do that?”

 Yotsuba could no longer deceive herself

 Now that she is out of the second exposure, Yotsuba’s whole body is filled with a tremendous feeling of excitement. She hugged herself with her arms, trying to suppress the urge to pleasuring herself right now

 From her condition, it could be said that it was Yotsuba’s own wish

 Otherwise, she would not have been so excited

 Because of this, she has no choice but to admit it, no matter how unbelievable it is. But then――

 ”You’re stressed”


 ”It was hard for you, wasn’t it? Trying so hard to look good, to do your best, to play the perfect honor student. So you wanted to be selfish. That’s why you wanted to do the things you were never supposed to do”

 ”What are you talking about?”

 Yotsuba turned around to argue with her sister, Suzu, and was absolutely mortified when she saw the look on her face

 A gentle smile with narrowed eyes

 The loving attitude of her sister made Yotsuba see the image she had longed for in the past

 She wants to say “No”, but she is at a loss for words

 While trying her best to hold back the urge to cling to her, she opens her mouth

 ”…it’s not hard at all. It’s natural to work hard”

 ”But why is it that Yotsuba is the only one who works harder than all the other kids?”

 ”I was born into a family like that, it’s my duty”

 ”So you were not born in Kurohane’s house because you wanted to be?”

 The words pierce her

 ”Yotsuba, I heard you say that “I have nothing to carry”. I don’t know what you’ mean when you talk about something that doesn’t weigh much”

 ”…stop saying that”

 Yotsuba shakes her head and closes her eyes

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