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Chapter 111 Festival Act, First Work in Women’s Clothing

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 ”Ah. Chihi… Izumi and Aika. Welcome back”

 Back in the classroom of 1-C, the maid café had a decent number of customers

 Three of the five tables were occupied by customers. This is more than enough considering that the peak period is just around the corner

 Riko, who was waiting for them, is the first to notice them and comes running up to them

 ”It’s almost time for you to change, so go change your clothes”

 ”Okay. …The changing room is in the end classroom, right?”

 ”Yes. The one at the end of the building. It’s the girls’ locker room. Izumi, you need to blindfold yourself before you go in”

 With these words, she went through her pockets and handed him a cloth that looked like a black cloth

 Chihiro took it and moved with Aika to the end of the corridor to an empty classroom

 Aika blindfolded him before they went inside, and then she pulled his hand to enter the room

 ”Oh, Takatsuki-san!”

 ”Is Izumi kun with you? You can’t see me, right?”

 Apparently, two girls were changing their clothes. Although he could only hear their voices, their rejection of Chihiro was weaker than he had expected. For a moment, he was relieved

 Well, the fabric is rather thick, so he can’t really see anything, but Aika leads him away, though he can somehow feel the girls’ eyes on him

 ”Sorry to keep you waiting, Chihiro-kun”

 When the blindfold was removed, he found himself in a small room separated by a partition

 At the upper part of the partition is a hanger with an outfit on it. At the foot of the partition is Chihiro’s belongings, which he had left with the girls

 The entrance is a narrow space at the end of the partition

 From the angle of the room, it is impossible to see the girls’ changing clothes. Though here I don’t intend to

 ”Well then, let me know if you need anything. I don’t know if you need to worry too much”

 ”Ahaha… thank you”

 He would like to say that he doesn’t know much about girls’ clothes, but it was only recently that he dressed up as a woman to go on a date with Hana

 The knowledge he learned at that time is still alive, so he may not have much trouble with it

 Anyway, he put aside for the moment whether he is a boy or not

 Exhale and calm down

 Chihiro cut off his rational thought that it is strange to dress up as a woman, and goes into “Chisato mode” for a little while, and takes off his uniform for the time being, and hangs it on an empty hanger. He then takes off his underwear as well, and became completely naked

 Last night, he had already trimmed his body hair

 This is happened since Riko had told him that his pubic hair was “prickly” before. So, now, he had shaved it regularly, and since no one was particularly concerned about Chihiro’s body hair, there was no particular resistance to shaving. Now that he has shaved his armpits, arms, and legs, all of which are not naturally thick, his skin is smooth

 As for sweating… he was sweating a little

 So, he wiped it lightly with a handkerchief and used antiperspirant spray

 He then put on a pair of black over-knee socks after sprinkling a little cologne, which he got from a “fellow crossdresser”. After that, he takes the underwear

 A white bra and panties with lace

 This is a different item from the one he wore on the date with Hana. He wears all white because he tried to match his maid’s uniform – aside from the fact that it is not visible, as a matter of mood – and for some reason Aika, Maria, and the others insisted on white

 [If Izumi-kun were to dress Maria-chan and her friends in men’s clothes, wouldn’t it be easier to understand why?]

 [I see]

 Does this mean that they seek a dream, or a solid “uniqueness” in such an unusual and imaginary existence as cross-dressing?

 He did not complain because he was somewhat convinced by Hana’s statement

 By the way, among the girls, Hana is the one who looks best in men’s clothes. He won’t say specifically where, but it’s a matter of size

 After thinking so, he wraps his un-erect thing tightly with panties, and wears a bra on his flat chest. He then put a small pad in the bra. This alone makes him look very feminine, apparently

 After putting on a commercially available petticoat――an item used to make the skirt more comfortable and to prevent it from losing its shape――he pick up the maid’s uniform from the hanger

 He pulls down the back zipper and puts on the sleeves, pulling them up his legs


 As expected, this is a good work

 The design is basically the same as when he tried it on. The softly puffed shoulders, the rounded ends of the sleeves, and the gently spreading skirt are all simple, but they all give the maid’s uniform a cute and lovely look

 When he lifts up the zipper, he is wearing an apron

 This apron seems to have been handmade, and is made of simple white fabric. It is also characterized by the large pockets and the minimal but well attached ruffles

 The costume part is completed by adjusting the position and tying it with a soft ribbon at the back. The impression is enhanced by the white over the chic black

 But there is still one more part to be completed

 The wine-red ribbon

 When he turns it over, he can see that it is supposed to be fastened to the chest with two safety pins. It seems that the designer has solved his ambition of attaching a ribbon with an innovative “external attachment” method

 ”I don’t think Riko was wearing one”

 He took it to heart that it would be fine as long as it was there. The color of the ribbon is sober, so it will not ruin the atmosphere of the maid’s uniform, but rather, it will enhance it

 The rest is the wig

 He wears a slightly wavy semi-long wig

 Before putting on the wig, the hair is brushed and combed, just to be sure

 As he was doing so, Aika reappeared

 ”Chihiro-kun, how is it?”

 ”Yes. I just need to put some make-up on, but could you do it for me if you want?”

 Chihiro turned around and involuntarily choked on his words

 He saw his girlfriend, fully armed and ready to go, standing there

 ”What’s wrong?”

 ”…well, you know. I just think you look so cute”

 ”Eh? Y-yeah?”

 Aika’s cheeks flush and she wriggles lightly

 She looks embarrassed, but at the same time, she seems to be not too full of it

 In fact, she looks very cute in her new maid costume. Although her costume has a ribbon and the same form as Chihiro’s, the synergistic effect of the atmosphere that she has in common with Chihiro brings out her charm even more

 She is both innocent and cute

 In terms of the combination of these two attributes, she is the best

 ”Am I prettier than Riko-chan?”

 ”Ri…Nishizaki-san was cute, but Aika’s cuteness is different”

 ”…fufu. Thank you, I’m glad”

 If Chihiro compares Aika to a maid manga that Riko is into, Aika is a new maid who has been hired to work at the mansion. Riko is a tsundere maid who is about half a year ahead, and Maria is a mysterious senior maid who has been working there for a few years, although he has not seen her in her maid’s uniform yet

 Though it seems to be rather the same

 ”Well then, I’m going to do your makeup quickly”

 ”Thank you”

 With that, he asks Aika to apply a thin layer of makeup

 Even Chihiro, who has a female face, looks very different without makeup. Especially, adjusting skin color with foundation, eyelashes with mascara and eyelash curler, and eyebrow line with a little bit of makeup can make a big difference in the impression of the face

 ”How is it? Aren’t you pretty now?”

 ”…Yes. It doesn’t look like me after all”

 Like the last time he dressed up as a woman, he looks completely like a girl. If Chihiro had a twin sister, she might look like this

 A white headband, gloves, and a nameplate are the finishing touches

 ”Shall we go?”


 Aika nods her head in acknowledgement, and steps out of the partition. The other two girls also had already finished getting ready and were waiting for Chihiro and the others, dressed as maids

 Their outfits were of the same design but without ribbons. Whether they have ribbons or not is not clear to him


 ”Are you Izumi-kun?”

 Chihiro was about to fall into useless thoughts when he was greeted by cheers from his classmates

 It is difficult to get used to the unreserved stares from the opposite s*x, and his cheeks are stained red without realizing it

 Aika sees Chihiro and giggles, pointing at his name plate

 ”It’s not Chihiro-kun now. Right, “Chisato-chan”?”

 ”…um, yeah”

 He nodded his head

 As she said, the plate that Chihiro put on is written “Chisato”. Aika’s name is “Aika” as it is, and the other two are also using their first names

 Genjina…? might be a bit too much, so he calls it “maid name”. (*源氏名: “professional name” used by hostesses and geisha)

 Still, for Chihiro, the difference in names is important to switch his mind

 ”I see. I’m sorry, Chisato”

 ”Good luck, Chisato-chan!”

 Yet, hearing these words out loud makes him want to run away

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