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Chapter 115 Festival Act, in the Student Council Room, Part Three ★

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 Chihiro’s desire to conquer is satisfied. The woman’s breasts, the symbol of motherhood, are used to satisfy him

 But Suzu and the others also get pleasure and pleasure from such an act

 ”How is it, Master?”

 ”Does it feel good, Chihiro-kun?”

 ”Yes. It feels great”

 Their faces light up when he answers

 ”Well then…”

 ”Please feel a lot better”

 Suzu and Yotsuba began to move their breasts as if they were competing with each other

 They not only pressed their upper bodies close together, but also used their hands to support each other’s breasts. By pushing their own breasts against each other, their partners’ breasts were also pushed into each other, which in turn created a different kind of stimulation from that of handling



 Gradually, Suzu and the others themselves became immersed in the pleasure

 And little by little, the three of them slowly climaxed

 Now, the student council room was filled with the sound of their voices

 ”Master… I… I can’t…”

 ”Mmm. I’m almost at my limit”

 ”Okay. Then both of you, move your breast faster”

 Suzu and Yotsuba, who have been instructed to do so, begin their last spurt

 They do not think about continuing the movement, but just keep it up for a short time

 ”Oh, I’m cumming!”

 ”Me, too. Ah, ahhh”

 ”Yeah, I’m cumming too~”

 Immediately afterward, the two sisters climaxed, and at the same time, a cloud of white spurts erupted

 The cum spurts out between their breasts and from the peeking tips, staining their skin. First Suzu scooped up some of it, and then Yotsuba followed her example and took some of it onto her fingers and took it into her mouth

 The considerable amount of semen was gone in a matter of seconds as the two women fought for it

 After a few moments, Suzu let out a gasp of air

 ”…Yotsuba, can you lie on the table again?”

 ”? Like this?”

 ”Yes, yes. Okay, sorry to bother you”

 ”What are you doing?”

 Despite Yotsuba’s panic, Suzu is completely on top of her sister’s body. Face to face, chest to chest, her breasts crushed against Yotsuba’s chest

 Her mellow secret parts are facing the side of Chihiro who stands up

 ”Suzu-san, are you sure?”

 ”Yes. Just… put it in. I just want to do it again”


 Chihiro nodded and inserted his p*nis into Suzu without hesitation

 ”Mmm… It feels so good”

 Suzu, who was making light noises, extended her tongue and touched Yotsuba’s lips

 She licked up her lips and then entered her mouth, tasting her mouth

 ”Mmm, mmm”

 Kiss… Lick… Slurp… Slurp..

 As the sisters kissed and exchanged the semen, Chihiro continued to sways his hips and cum into Suzu’s vagina

* * *

 After the act, the three of them cleaned up the mess again

 They checked the area as carefully and thoroughly as possible, and wiped the area clean of semen and love juice. They also opened the windows to ventilate the room. Fortunately, Chihiro ejaculated outside only once, and the table, the floor carpet, and the clothes were not soiled, probably because the room was sealed up as much as possible

 Aika’s uniform that Chihiro was wearing was also safe

 After cleaning it up, Chihiro put the panties and Aika’s skirt back on, and Suzu and Yotsuba changed into their own clothes. The disarray of their clothes was not too much to worry about. In particular, Suzu’s clothes are rough, so there is no need to worry too much about it

 The only thing that he has to worry about is the semen that he has put into their vagina

 ”Are you two okay? I mean, the smell?”

 Usually, he plays in the bedroom of the apartment, which does not bother him because there is a shower and a change of clothes, but in this student council room, there is no shower or change of clothes

 So, they used the wet wipes provided, but Suzu and the others only cleaned up the stains around their entrance and put on their panties

 Still, he’s not sure how much it would smell or whether it would leak from their inside or not

 In case of emergency, it might be better to use the shower rooms located near the various training grounds or the ground. Though the facilities open during the festival would be limited and it is necessary to move around

 ”Don’t worry. I can just disappear in case of an emergency”

 ”My sister’s okay is not helpful… but don’t worry. As long as I don’t behave suspiciously, it won’t be too suspicious”

 ”What if someone finds out?”

 ”Then I’ll threaten them and make them do what I say”

 It was an incredibly radical statement

 ”Oh, Yotsuba’s gotten so tainted, hasn’t it…”

 ”Please don’t give me the proper lamentation. It’s just that I’ve come to terms with the fact that the most important thing is me. I think that torturing Yuuji-san at that time has changed “something” inside of me”

 The former Yotsuba may not have scorned herself either

 After all, she may have been trying to do her best to help others, and it made her priorities almost topple over

 But now, she has stopped trying too hard for the sake of others

 For a moment, Yotsuba’s self-mocking smile quickly disappeared, and instead, she declared with an open smile

 ”My ability, my time, is for myself. I am willing to serve those close to me, and I am willing to serve them if it will result in their approval. But I no longer feel the need to work for free for strangers. And the only person I truly want to serve is Master”

 Is it selfish?

 Suzu shakes her head with a smile

 ”It’s fine, it’s your own choice. If they complain, why don’t you tell them to mind their own business?”

 ”…Sister (Nee-san)”

 Yotsuba gazes dazzledly at her sister who says it so simply

 ”You already got your [Luck] back, didn’t you?”

 ”Yes. Well… there was a girl who asked for a spell today, though”

 ”Did you do it for her?”

 Of course I did. I just did a spell for her”

 ”I see”

 They smiled at each other and talked about Yotsuba’s abilities, [Luck] and [Luck Sharing]

 ”…I see. The spell you did for me before…”

 ”Yes. A tenth part of my luck”

 Although it is remarkable luck, dividing it into several parts may not be a comforting idea

 But since it was not a spell to begin with, it does not make much difference if it is really just a spell

 No one will make a fuss that the spell has lost its effect, and there is no way to prove that the spell has lost its effect

 ”But I was saved by Yotsuba’s spell”

 ”Is that so?”


 Chihiro believes that the spell also helped to stop the fight between Maria and Aika

 To this, Yotsuba giggled happily

 ”If so, it must surely be a relief. It’s just a matter of how Master feels”

 Then she changed her expression

 ”If you wish, I can share half of my [Luck] with you again”

 ”…half, huh?”

 Yotsuba’s [Luck Sharing] does not allow her to choose the amount of fortune to share

 Whenever Yotsuba gives the fortune to someone else, it is divided by the number of people including Yotsuba. If Yotsuba gives her fortune to one person, her fortune is halved; if she gives it to two persons, her fortune is reduced to one-third; and if she gives it to ninety-nine persons, her fortune is reduced to one-hundredth

 In effect, the only way for Yotsuba herself to get the benefit of [Luck] is to choose not to share it with anyone

 Thinking so, Chihiro shook his head and answered

 ”No, it’s okay. As long as Yotsuba stays by my side and helps me with your fortune, it’s okay”

 It is not necessary to use her abilities to help him

 Because just by being close to her, it should be possible for Chihiro to benefit naturally from her [Lick]

 ”…But Master, you may suffer misfortune for my good fortune”

 ”If that happens, that’s the time”

 In any case, there is no way to determine that it was Yotsuba’s fault

 Besides, he has to pay for the fire that has fallen on him, so he should do so without any complaints. For Chihiro, Yotsuba is already an ally

 He will believe her as long as there is no decisive feud or betrayal


 Yotsuba exhales and smiles

 ”…I’m no match for Master”

 ”Yes. Chihiro-kun is like this. Yotsuba should be prepared for this”

 ”I guess so”

 The sisters are laughing at each other

 It seemed that they were using him as an excuse, but he didn’t feel bad about it

 Chihiro then left the student council room, leaving Suzu and the others behind

 ”Master’s shift is over, so I’ll take the place”

 ”I’m going to talk to Yotsuba some more, too”

 ”I understand. Okay. I’ll see you later”

 After leaving the student council room, he walked aimlessly for a while, trying to figure out where to go

 Should he go to the infirmary where Aika is? No, he should change his clothes first. After all, he had enough of walking around dressed as a woman

 With this, he turns his feet toward the classroom 1-C and the locker room further away from the classroom 1-C. But――

 ”Oh, Izumi-kun!”

 He stopped when someone called out to him

 Standing there was a second-year student whom he did not know

 No, he knew her. She is one of the committee members of the school festival, although they have hardly talked to each other directly. As he recalls, she was a member of one of the events organized by the committee

 ”Izumi-kun, you are also entered in the “Miss Contest”, so please do your best”


 She was the person in charge of the so-called “Miss Contest”, a popularity contest in which students vote for the most beautiful students

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