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Chapter 127 Festival Act, The Miss Contest Final Round Begin

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 ”…That’s all”

 [Huh? Is that all you do?]

 ”Yes. I’m a maid. And I think that’s enough to convey my feelings”

 In fact, he can’t wait to go back

 … and half of it was true, but the other half had other intentions

 Chihiro’s qualifying position was 5th. Because of that, the introduction and the performance would be the first ones. Since the remaining four contestants were all equally talented, a half-hearted attempt would not make a good impression on the audience

 So, he decided to make the amount of the story insufficient

 To the best of his ability, he will make use of the mysterious maid’s attributes to make a short appeal to the audience, and make them want to see more of him

 At the same time, this declaration can be taken as a provocation to the remaining four. He is saying that he can match them with his charm alone, without any verbal tricks or excessive appeals

 The question is, how will the remaining four of them respond to Chisato’s preemptive attack?

 If the audience’s awareness changes in that direction, it will be a great success. It is safe to say that he has accomplished the difficult task of challenging the beautiful girls head-on

 But well, he is not optimistic that it will work

 And so, Chihiro moves to the back and Sayuki moves to the front instead. She thanked the audience for their support in her usual stiff tone, and then performed a sword dance with a wooden sword she had prepared

 Thump, thump…

 She stomps on the stage with light steps, and her wooden sword slashes the air again and again

 The direction of her appeal was similar to that of Kamishiro

 However, the impression received was more intense. Each movement is simple, but they are all fast and sharp. The flowing movements of the dancers could be described as “dancing”

 Above all, the direct appeal of “ability” is easy to understand

 It is even more so if it is not a man but a beautiful woman who performs it

 Perhaps, she is one of the strongest in this school. Although Chihiro doesn’t think she can beat his sister, Kaede, she still has enough power to overwhelm Kamishiro at this moment

 Once again, he is impressed with her

 Even though she has the advantage of having a special ability, which can be used in combination with other abilities, and can deal with a lot of situations when the need arises, it is amazing that a person can be this strong

 And now, seeing Kaede, Sayuki, and Kamishiro, he wonder how strong a human being can be

 ”…I can’t perform as you all expect me to perform. And even though I thought about it all night, I just couldn’t come up with a spectacular appeal”

 Maria’s speech was quiet and matter-of-fact

 She broke off and looked behind her. She did not see Chihiro, but Sayuki, who was not even sweating after the sword dance

 ”So, I will show you my value in my own way”

 ”No way”, Chihiro’s thought

 Chihiro reflexively looked back at the committee members. However, they were curious to see what Maria would do. They have no idea what will happen

 In any case, it is difficult to explain to everyone “why it must be stopped”

 Hopefully, it would misunderstanding. But――

 ――As it turned out, the sound that came through the microphone was a frightening one: the sound of a finger bone being broken


 The microphone caught the committee member’s voice

 Immediately after that, Maria’s microphone falls with a thud. Since Maria used her right hand to break the fingers of her left hand, her left hand, which was holding the microphone, has become useless

 Immediately after that, Maria made her right hand into a fist and raised it in the air

 ”…what the”

 Sayuki mutters


 This time the dull sound probably did not reach the audience. However, the visual gruesomeness of the performance was quite different

 The right fist with more force than necessary struck her left shoulder, resulting in damage to the bones in those two parts

 Normally, she would have to go to the hospital immediately. Even by the standards of this school, she should seek immediate medical attention from the school doctor

 Well, as a matter of fact, the people around her start to get very restless

 But, well, it is not a problem for Maria

 Her physical injuries healed quickly. In just a minute or so, the arms and fingers, which had been hanging down, gradually began to return to a level where one could tell they were starting to come back to normal

 Still, it will take a while for them to heal completely

 Chihiro runs to Maria and picks up the fallen microphone and offers it to her. In this condition, she would not be able to hold the microphone by herself

 ”Thank you, Chisato-san. I’m sorry for the trouble. As you can see, I have the power to heal my wounds. If I have a serious fight, I would probably be able to defeat most of the opponents”

 The one who turns around after saying this is Sayuki

 Her words are direct to the point of fearlessness. Sayuki herself, who was confronted with a statement that could be taken as a declaration of war, was rather calm, or rather, she looked at Maria bitterly

 Well, in fact, Maria is strong

 She has fought almost equally with Kamishiro before, though she lost. But at that time, if she has given her all, the result would not have been known

 And now, as far as it is seen, her [Self-healing] is more powerful than it was then

 ”That’s all. Thank you very much”

 The applause was terribly sparse

 The announcement by the executive committee members took care of the somewhat terrible atmosphere in the venue, followed by Lucille

 ”Well, somehow the attention was taken away from me at a tremendous rate, but it doesn’t matter to me. I just have to get it back again”

 With these words, her performance was a full display of her own [Genius]. She started with recitation of Jugemu[1], immediately performed a four-digit x four-digit calculation, and next, for some reason, demonstrated several tricks with kendama[2], one after another. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jugemu) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kendama)

 In addition, she did a backflip on the spot

 ”Hey, Lucille-senpai, your skirt――”

 ”It’s okay. I’m wearing a short…”

 But that doesn’t mean she could do it here

 From the first fearless speech, to the multiple performances of different natures, and finally to the “bonus”, the Miss Contest is brought back to its original form of loving a girl.

 Still, this lineup is still too rich

 And after Lucille’s performance, Yotsuba moved to the center of the stage as the last performer, and looked around the stage

 ”Fufu. Somehow, people seem to be trash”


 She made a joke that was chilling in many ways

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