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Chapter 13 Shattered Pride – Nishizaki Riko, Part One

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 She turned around and saw Izumi Chihiro standing there. Somehow, he is wearing his school uniform. But, why now, after all, he didn’t show up until after school today?

 ”…What is it, Izumi? Are you going to apologize for being so cocky yesterday?”

 Riko made a lecherous smile while avoiding eye contact with Chihiro

 And although fear was something that she had instilled in Chihiro, he still approached her in a deserted place. Even she doesn’t know what he was thinking, it still a good catch


 Chihiro shows no sign of being shaken, and comes around so that his eyes meet Riko’s

 ”No. I came here to continue where we left off yesterday”


 Riko’s eyes almost met his, so she hurriedly averted her gaze

 …What the hell is this?

 Clearly, there is something different about Izumi Chihiro

 She doesn’t know why he’s acting so calm

 She doesn’t, but it’s a chance

 ”Heh? Even after all that, it still wasn’t enough for you? Okay, let’s do it. I’ll give you a lot more”

 Riko answered him with a smile

 Anyway, this is a sign of change. The fact that he didn’t go to school and came to see her probably means he’s in a state where he can’t do anything else

 So, she can push him now

 Once Chihiro is expelled, Maria is next

 ”Thanks. Let’s go”

 Nodding lightly, Chihiro turned around and began to walk with Riko following

 They are headed for the school. Shibahou Academy keeps its gates open for a long time after school to give its students a place to train. After all, if they want to conduct actual battle training, or rather “private combat”, it’s quicker to use the private training area in the academy, just like yesterday

 As they arrived at the academy, they checked the availability of the training rooms

 To Riko’s liking, the same training room as yesterday is available. That room is located in the back of the building, so there are few people passing by. It’s an environment where she can do whatever she wants to do, she thought

 ”So, Fukami-san’s not with you?”

 ”Yeah, sort of”


 Regardless of their relationship, they seemed to be getting along well. Even yesterday, Maria had gone out of her way to accompany Chihiro and had acted as if she was protecting him

 If she was not there today, she must have run out of love for him

 If so, it was worth allowing her to accompany him yesterday

 Then, after a short walk, they reached the training room

 ”By the way, I forgot to change my clothes, but it’s okay”

 After all, it doesn’t matter if it’s wearing a uniform or not because it’s just a one-sided attack

 Riko then starts to take off her jacket and puts it at the end of the room, and pulls out a wooden sword from the toolbox. If she’s wearing a blouse and skirt, there’s a risk that he will see her underwear, but when he has a disgusting fantasy, she can strike him a blow while he’s at it


 Chihiro, on the other hand, silently locks the entrance and takes off his uniform jacket. He also pulled out a wooden sword

 As yesterday, the two faced each other with the same distance between them

 ”…I wonder if they’ve taken any precautions”, Riko’s thought

 But what can he do in just one day? No matter whether he is honing his skills or training his abilities, there is no way he can dramatically increase his power overnight

 And so, just shatter that strange confidence

 ”What’s the signal?”

 ”You can do anything you want”

 ”Okay. Then let’s get started”

 After making sunglasses with her illusion, Riko stepped forward toward Chihiro

 At the same time, she created an illusion that looked exactly like her current self, and sent it towards Chihiro at a speed somewhat faster than her real self. The phantom also makes a large swing from the top. She thought there would be a huge gap if Chihiro tried to block it

 And If Riko sees Chihiro defending himself and removes the illusion, there will be no obstacle to his attack

 As expected, Chihiro seemed to have stopped in place

 Then, Riko took a large swinging stance and made the illusion disappear

 There, she thought that the stunned Chihiro had been struck and is defending himself, but..


 He wasn’t there

 Instead, Riko saw the tip of a wooden sword aimed straight at her throat with one right hand. Chihiro’s left arm is raised like a shield, and Riko could see that he is trying to catch the phantom’s big swing with his arm

 His thrust could not be defended. Her wooden sword also had been raised too high

 On the contrary, he is about to take a step to attack. And so..


 A direct attack hit her

 For a moment, Riko’s breath choked and her eyes flickered. The tip of the wooden sword is particularly well protected, but even so, the pain weakened her hands and feet, and it took her several seconds to regain her position


 ”Had I been read? Or was he prepared to stop the wooden sword with his arm, even if the illusion was real? That Izumi Chihiro?”, she thought. But before she could say anything else…

 ”There’s too much room, Nishizaki-san”

 Chihiro reposition his wooden sword and then hit her jaw

 ”Y-You’re annoying!”

 In desperation, Riko swung her wooden sword wildly. But there is no response, and the wooden sword simply sliced through the air

 On the other hand, Chihiro is calmly parried

 And at the moment when her arm is far away from the center of her body, he thrust into the center of her chest. The impact is so strong that she frowned

 She couldn’t do it. She’s going to lose

 To Izumi. To that Izumi. She’ll lose to him… in strength


 Riko screamed and raised her wooden sword

 But before she could bring it down, Chihiro took her right hand off the wooden sword, made a fist and punched Riko’s stomach with full force

 The impact reached her internal organs, and the wooden sword in her hand fell to the floor in a heap

 [A boy should never punch a girl in the stomach, no matter what!]

 When Riko was in elementary school, she remembered the words of her female homeroom teacher when Riko had a fight with a boy. Although the other boy was injured more severely, it was mainly the other boy who got upset because of the difference in gender

 It was the same on the middle school

 When the boys were told that they would be at a disadvantage if Riko punched them in the stomach or face, they were all scared. And if she kicked them in the groin, Riko would win regardless of the difference in strength

 Thus, she thought that boys are just small fry

 They’re just small guys with big arms. That’s what she thought until now

 ”Nishizaki-san, you’re being quiet today, aren’t you?”

 Chihiro grabbed her hair while saying that

 He pulls it hard at the roots and pushes her to the ground


 With a scream, Riko tried to roll on the floor, but a wooden sword is thrust next to her face

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