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Chapter 132 Various Changes

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 No resistance came from her

 Rather, she squinted her eyes pleasantly and let him do what he wanted

 ”Hehehe. This makes me feel at ease”

 ”Yes, me too”

 It is a feeling similar to that of dealing with an animal, although it may not be the same as dealing with an equal partner, even if it is supposed to be a saffle. Just as Suzu said that Chihiro “accepts her”, Suzu also willing to be unconditionally sweet to Chihiro

 To have such a partner makes Chihiro feel relieved

 It is really comforting to know that they don’t have to worry about each other

 ”How is your work?”

 ”Umm. Well, it’s a hassle. But I’m used to it”

 Suzu had recently returned to work at the school

 She had talked to the principal himself, Principal Ootori, and had received permission to return to work

 Though she was given permission, it seems that the discussion went in Suzu’s favor

 [Let’s see… First of all, I apologized to him for abandoning my work on my own]

 Principal Ootori, who did not expect that he might get the upper hand, lost control of the conversation because of Suzu’s words

 To begin with, Suzu’s insistence that she would work hard and be allowed to work again was not a bad thing. In fact, it is what Principal Ootori wanted, so there is nothing to complain about

 However, the question is why

 [I said to him that Chihiro-kun persuaded me]

 Suzu then said, “It is not good to cause trouble about work”

 This point was unexpected for Principal Ootori

 And because of this, he was puzzled and yet pleased with the situation that had started to turn out the way he wanted, and when he was about to start a sermon on Suzu’s behavior—

 [I told him that don’t say anything about my private life]

 Principal Ootori was unable to continue to speak because of the change in Suzu

 Following this, the rest of the details of the meeting proceeded smoothly

 It seems that Suzu’s resignation had not been processed in the first place, and it was more like a vacation than a reinstatement

 However, she has been pressed with a lot of work, and it seems to be a bit difficult

 Still, she will not return to the log house, but only to her job. The result is what Suzu and Chihiro had hoped for

 These actions of Suzu were decided after discussion with Chihiro and Yotsuba

 The main objective was to reduce Chihiro’s disadvantage against Principal Ootori. It is simple, but it makes it difficult for Principal Ootori to say anything about Suzu

 After all, they are just childhood friends

 He can’t force her to do anything about her love life or personal life, let alone her work life. Especially if Suzu is serious about her work

 And, in a sense, Suzu has been rehabilitated(?). Then, Chihiro also gets a little better reputation

 ”By the way, what happened to your address?”

 ”It’s exactly what we talked about. I’m going to sign the contract soon”

 Chihiro asked her while he feels her breasts through her clothes, and Suzu answered in a cheerful voice

 Yes, in order to do her job, she has to tell the school where she live

 But if it is not a log house, where will she live?

 Of course, she can stay in this apartment with Chihiro and the others

 However, it is not a good idea to put this address on the paperwork. On the other hand, it is even worse to write the address of Chihiro’s dormitory

 Because of this, they all had a hard time

 But then, Maria’s unexpected comment was the key to solve the problem

 [I think there is a room available on the top floor of this apartment]

 Due to its location in the Tama district of Tokyo, it is a little difficult to find a place to live. It is said that there are not many tenants because of the high price

 Yes, in fact, not many people would move to this area, and not many students of the school would buy an apartment because of that reason

 It is a sad story, but it is convenient for Chihiro and the other

 So, with this in mind, they checked it out and there were two rooms available on the top floor, adjacent to each other

 [Okay, since we’re here, let’s rent the room]

 The young lady Yotsuba then declared, “This is very convenient”

 [You know, I originally planned to live on my own when I went to college]

 At that time, Suzu hadn’t decided where to live, but now she wanted to be near Chihiro. In that case, it would be best to move near Maria’s apartment

 Besides, since the current apartment is in Maria’s name, there is little danger of her parents finding out about it

 [But if I decide to move in with my sister, it would be more persuasive]

 A daughter is still a daughter, even if she has been disowned

 So, if the second daughter is the strong one to take care of the first daughter who is a prodigal, the parents will have no objection

 In addition, this apartment is close to the station and also close to Suzu’s office, which is a perfect location

 The Kurohane family will pay the loan from March when Yotsuba graduates, so Suzu’s pocketbook can afford to postpone the payment for a few months

 With this, they decided to sign a contract for “two rooms” in Suzu’s name

 The reason why they occupy two rooms is because Maria joined in the conversation

 Besides, as the number of people has increased, it has become a little cramped. So, it would be more convenient to have one more room

 [Especially the number of beds. There is an option to put a single bed in the room that is currently used as a storage room, but even so, I think there is a limit to that]

 [But I like to sleep in a big bed with everyone else]

 [I don’t mind, but didn’t we have Chihiro-sama take a nap on the floor the other night?]

 Plus, Suzu wants a more formal training room

 Hearing none of these reasons, Chihiro discussed the cost of the project. As a result, they decided that they could make it work if they all pooled their resources together

 The government’s subsidy for the [Lost Item] would be quite large for seven people

 Even so, they have to depend on Suzu’s income and Yotsuba’s savings, if they include furniture and interior decoration

 As for the mortgage and living expenses for one room, it is quite manageable

 Moreover, they can save money by doing the meals and laundry together as much as possible, and they can also try to work part-time during the long vacations as much as possible, or buy lottery tickets with Yotsuba’s [Luck]

 Therefore, Suzu and Yotsuba will live in one of the two rooms

 The other room will be renovated based on everyone’s requests and opinions, and then some of them will make a short move

 ”It’s going to be fun, isn’t it, our new place?”


 Standing near the front door in the hallway, Chihiro hug Suzu and think about her

 But then, a girl named Nishizaki Riko with dyed blonde hair and a choker around her neck, who wondered why Chihiro didn’t come to the living room, came over to them in a fit of anger

 ”Hey Chihiro, how long are you doing this?”

 ”Riko-chan, your tone, your tone”


 Riko, who was dressed in a “maid’s outfit”, was so moved by Suzu’s remark that she corrected her manner and her tone of voice

 ”Master, since you are back, please relax in your room, not in the hallway”

 Chihiro thought the slightly awkward dialogue was conversely cute

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