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Chapter 134 Little Sister

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 The abilities that [Lost Item] possesses are a reflection of each heart

 It may be a muddy desire or a straight hope. Or it may be a desire that is deep in a person’s heart and of which he or she is unaware. If it is expressed from early childhood, it often shows the essential part of the individual

 For example, Chihiro’s [EmotionMind ReadingReading] is a desire to know the human mind. Maria’s [Retaliation] is her desire to share her craving with others. And Riko’s [Illusion] is the desire to make others feel powerless and to show herself to be strong

 Although they have various origins, they all have one thing in common: they are based on their own heart

 However, Suzu mentioned that [Stimulus Amplification] and [Stimulus Sharing] are based on her and Yotsuba’s, in other words, “other people’s desires”

 According to the law of capabilities, this is essentially impossible

 ”Then, does Izumi-kun have a kind of copying ability or something like that?”

 Hana asked

 Since she has [Looting], it must have been the first thing that came to her mind

 But after she said this, her expression twisted and she muttered

 ”…But even so, whose ability is it?”

 ”Well, Chihiro-kun doesn’t have the ability to copy or anything like that. If he did, I would have noticed it when I tested his ability before”


 ”This is the effect of his [Mind Reading]”

 A quiet voice answered on Suzu’s behalf

 Then, Maria, a beautiful girl with jet-black hair and eyes, continued her words calmly

 ”Or, a phenomenon caused by Chihiro-sama and by our way of being, a special case. It could be that…”

 ”Hmm. Maybe that’s right. Did Maria-chan know?”

 ”I’m not sure. But it was part of my purpose”

 Being in touch with Maria’s intense desire may awaken new abilities

 This is what she told when she met Chihiro and offered him a contract

 ”I see,” Suzu nodded lightly

 ”I’ve been thinking it’s strange, too. There must be a reason why only Chihiro-kun has more and more abilities, right?”

 At last Suzu was almost sure about the reason

 ”Chihiro-kun is a boy who knows deeply. In other words, he empathizes with our hearts and minds, and makes our desires and thoughts into his abilities”

 [Sleep Enhancement] is a downgrade version of Maria’s [Self-healing]

 [Domination] is a manifestation of Riko’s dependence

 [Pain Reduction] is Aika’s wish for Chihiro not to feel pain

 [Stimulus Amplification] reflects Yotsuba’s S-ness

 [Stimulus Sharing] is Suzu’s desire that everyone wants to feel good together

 ”When we think of it that way, the numbers fit together, don’t they?”

 Since [Emotion Amplification] and [Desire Exposure] is originally a variation of [Mind Reading], it can be considered as a pure proof of Chihiro’s growth

 ”…everyone, give me strength…”

 ”I’m a little embarrassed. But it’s not that we are unilaterally cooperating with you. Chihiro-kun accepted us and thought of us, and that’s why this was possible”

 The girls think of Chihiro as if he were their own

 And Chihiro tried to understand them

 Then, a miracle was born, that is, turning another person’s thoughts into power

 ”That’s something neither my brother nor Chihiro-sama’s sister could have done”

 The ability to receive the other person’s emotions

 It might have been what precisely people call “understanding” or “sympathy”

 This is Chihiro’s unique ability


 Chihiro felt a drop of water on his hand, which was resting lightly on his knee

 He notices that his eyes are brimming with tears. He wiped them away, one after another, but he could not wipe them away


 He is not sad. But he is happy

 Because he is rewarded

 The bond he has with Aika and Maria and everyone else has been proven to be real

 ”Hahaha, I’m sorry”

 Chihiro, who did not want to show his tears, turned his head down on the spot

 But then, he heard someone moving near him

 Soon after that, Chihiro’s body was hugged

 Chihiro was hugged not by one person but by several people at the same time

 And at this time, Aika whispered to him

 When he saw around, he could see Riko, Maria, and Suzu smiling at him

 ”Congratulations, Chihiro-kun. You did a great job”


 Chihiro could not answer well because his voice was hoarse

 However, everyone could understand Chihiro’s feelings

 That his heart was filled with emotion and gratitude

 After crying for a while, Chihiro and the others separated themselves and sat down

 In the somewhat awkward atmosphere, he heard a reserved voice

 ”Excuse me, in all the excitement, aren’t you forgetting one person?”

 It was Hana

 At the sharp look from behind Hana’s glasses, Suzu tilted her head and responded her

 ”Oh, sorry. I forgot”

 ”Aren’t you terrible!? Well, I don’t like to think that I’m thinking of Izumi-kun, but lately, I’ve been doing my duty as a slave”

 It is rare for her to speak out loud

 Even so, Suzu wouldn’t really mean what she said

 Sure enough, Suzu chuckled and continued her words

 ”I’m just kidding. Hana-chan is also connected to Chihiro-kun, so don’t worry”

 ”…Eh. I’m sorry to hear that, but…”

 ”Isn’t Hana saying some rather awful things?”

 ”It’s just your imagination, okay?”

 Hana answered Chihiro’s protests without hesitation and turned her attention back to Suzu

 ”And I thought I heard that Izumi-kun has third ability beside the two new abilities”

 ”Yes, I said that. But there was no point in telling them about abilities that had nothing to do with the battle”

 At the MissCon, Chihiro kept silent about the existence of the [Third eye]

 Because it might have been confusing for him to talk about it before the fight with Kamishiro


 That means Chihiro is connected to all the girls with whom he has had relations, and that he has received their abilities

 So, what is it?

 ”Suzu-san, what is this ability?”

 ”Well, I don’t know. I’m not so sure myself, or I don’t really understand what’s going on”

 Suzu stares at Chihiro

 And the emotion he received was curiosity

 ”I think “Chisato-chan” knows the details better than you do, don’t you?”


 ”Why is Suzu calling me by the name I used when I was dressed as a woman?,” Chihiro thought

 And she doesn’t think it’s to make fun of him. If Chihiro possesses the ability, why not he himself understands it better?

 Although he was not aware of it at all

 As he was about to say it, Chihiro felt his mouth move by itself

 ”Yes. I think that’s “I” is the ability”

 A tremendous shock ran through Chihiro’s mind

 His voice sounded slightly different from him

 It was close to the back voice in the cross-dressing “Chisato mode”, but it sounded more natural and stable by itself

 Although Chihiro’s vocal cords should have been used

 A calm part of his mind analyzes that it must be the result of the difference in the inner voice, which sounds almost like a girl’s voice

 And it’s a phenomenon that is hard to believe

 At the same time, he could figure out what was going on rather easily

 ”…dual personalities?”

 Someone’s mutterings are exactly in line with Chihiro’s understanding

 Dual personalities, or multiple personalities

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