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Chapter 135 Chihiro and Chisato

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 Chihiro also thought that it might be better to introduce this case to his mother, but he decided to hold off on that

 And, whether Chisato should take the name “Misumi Chisato”, which Chihiro used as a pseudonym, or “Izumi Chisato”, is also pending

 ”By the way – Chisato helped me in the fight against Kamishiro-kun, right? Thank you. If you hadn’t done that, I probably would have lost”

 ”No. I just helped a little. Nii-san was the one who did most of the work”

 At this time, on the balcony of an apartment building, a brother and sister look up at the moon and have above conversation

 Chisato is standing next to Chisato in an illusion. She is wearing women’s pajamas and sandals

 Her semi-long hair is swaying in the wind, and she looks beautiful, as his sister. Even her facial features do not look the same as Chihiro’s own face which he has seen in the mirror several times

 ”…What’s wrong? Is my face not unusual?”

 Chisato noticed Chihiro’s gaze and lightly stained her cheeks

 It seems that the changes in her hair and cheeks are all due to the [Illusion] ability she borrowed from Riko. It is said that the clothes cannot be changed without conscious effort, but those parts of the body move spontaneously

 Although she was his own sister, Chihiro was a little nervous because he couldn’t activate his [Mind Reading] since she was an Illusionist

 ”Oh, no”

 Because Chihiro doesn’t know what to say, he scratches his cheeks

 And in the end, he couldn’t think of anything witty to say

 ”Chisato is cute. Even from my point of view”


 Chisato blinks and looks down at her own body

 ”Then, I’m glad. I’m not so sure…but…does this mean I’m humiliating my brother’s face, too?”

 ”When you put it that way, I guess you’re right”

 And by the way, admiring someone’s looks is narcissistic

 So, the two siblings were at a loss for words as to what to do

 But soon, the little sister’s voice came out

 ”Hey, Nii-san. Can you embrace me?”

 ”Eh? Embrace you?”

 Chisato is the personality inside Chihiro

 Even if she is in Illusion, she cannot be touched

 In that sense, there is no way to embrace her

 Even so, Chisato’s cheeks puffed up

 ”That’s not what I mean. If I were a real girl, would you want to do it?”

 ”Chisato, you know something about that, too”

 ”Yes. As much as you, Nii-san”

 What a strange conversation

 Still, they both look at each other and laugh

 After a short laugh, Chihiro looks up at the moon again and says

 ”Well, I want to hold you. After all, it’s hard not to want to when there’s such a pretty girl around”


 ”Isn’t that a bit harsh?”

 ”Hahaha, I’m just kidding”

 Chisato said calmly, her voice rising slightly

 ”Chisato, why did you say that?”

 ”Hmm… because I want to be embraced by Nii-san too, maybe?”

 Without looking at Chihiro, she mumbled something to him

 ”Even though we’re siblings?”

 ”We’re not really siblings… we’re one person. I think it’s normal for two people to be together when they have one body”

 If so, Chihiro may have such a feeling

 The reason why he could easily believe that he can embraced his sister who looks almost the same as him may not be only because of the short time they have spent together

 It was because they were originally one, but now they are divided

 It is possible that there is an instinct that tries to bring them back together once again

 ”Oh, I heard that twins are compatible with each other”


 Suddenly, Chihiro heard a voice behind him and turned to see a woman with long hair

 She was standing near the entrance of the balcony, bare skin and sweatshirt, with her coat unzipped

 Maybe, Suzu was here because she had been eavesdropping from the door, which was opened. Well, Chihiro didn’t intend to stay long, so, he left the the door like that but before he knew it, Suzu did that

 ”From where were you listening?”

 ”Around whether or not to embrace her”

 ”So, you’ve been listening to us quite a bit”

 Chihiro asked, Suzu answered, and Chisato exhaled with a nod

 Well, it’s not something that would bother him to be asked. So, it’s okay

 ”What are you talking about?”

 ”Umm, Chisato-chan wants to be embraced by Chihiro-kun…”

 ”At least talk with everyone inside!”

 Riko came by, and Suzu, who was starting to talk happily, was hurriedly driven back inside the room by her

 She shut the door properly, returned to the living room, and finally took a breather

 Suzu, the initiator of the conversation, doesn’t seem to be bothered by the conversation and giggles

 ”By the way, about what you said earlier. I don’t think Chisato-chan is attracted to Chihiro-kun only because they are twins”

 ”What do you mean?”

 Suzu turned and stared at Aika, who tilted her head

 ”I think Chisato-chan’s personality is influenced by us. Even if Chihiro-kun’s personality is the base, a sample of a girl is needed to create a girl’s mind, right?”

 ”Ah. I think you are right”

 Chihiro himself had a memory

 At first, when he played the role of “Misumi Chisato” for his date with Hana, Chihiro used Aika and the others as a reference for his behavior. So it seems so

 Then, Suzu speaks again

 ”Besides, Chihiro-kun and we are connected by [Domination]. I think a part of us is also in Chisato-chan, as she can use Riko-chan’s power”

 It is a direct reflection of the minds of Aika and the others

 This is why Chisato is attracted to Chihiro. Because of this, she does not feel any resistance to s*xual intercourse between siblings, and in fact, she even desires it actively

 ”I thought Chisato liked Kamishiro too”

 ”Well, Kamishiro-kun is cool. I kind of admire him, but… he’s kind of an idol. I can just look at him. I think it’s the most fun to watch him”

 ”Kamishiro-kun has been rejected, huh?”

 ”Aika. Kamishiro-kun didn’t confess to her right now”

 ”But if he knew about Chisato-chan, he might want to”

 Hearing this, Chihiro thought it was unlikely, but he could not say for sure

 And then Maria came in

 ”I thought you liked women too, Chisato-san”


 Hana’s voice reacts sensitively

 Chisato chuckled at her too easily, and then answered

 Aika and the others looked around

 ”Uh…yes. I like girls too. This must be because of Hana-san and my brother. So I’m looking forward to watch him with everyone”

 She seems to have no intention to have relations with men other than Chihiro, so she is more bis*xual than lesbian

 But because of this, Chihiro decided to consider her more like Hana in terms of her s*xuality

 ”…well then, since we’re here, let’s do this. Actually, I’d like to try out my new ability to see how it feels”

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