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Chapter 139 Time Between Men

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 (I do warn her if she has more than four cans. I do caution her)

 (…but before speaking about other people’s inactivity, this guy, he himself got fat…)

 (Stop. Let’s not go any further)

 A man’s personal life is a private life

 In Principal Ootori’s case, he is probably busy with his work, and since he is engaged to Yotsuba, of course he does not have a wife, so it is difficult for people to look at him

 Besides, it is inevitable to be concerned about a beautiful woman who is leading a self-indulgent life, although she may not be concerned about herself. It is even more so when it is one of his relatives

 In Chihiro’s case, he has given up on his sister’s private life

 ”Principal, are you like that when you complain to Suzu-san?”

 Principal Ootori sniffed when Chihiro asked

 ”If I don’t tell her, she won’t get better. Besides, since she doesn’t use the log house anymore, we have less chances to talk than before”

 ”…I see”

 ”This is no good,” Chihiro thought

 (Hmmm. I guess different people care about different things)

 (Yes, I know. I wouldn’t have cared so much if Chisato hadn’t been there)

 (Nii-san is dense)


 Despite being somewhat annoyed, Chihiro opens his mouth

 ”Principal, why don’t you pay more attention to Kurohane-senpai?”

 He knows it’s meddlesome

 He understood that it was not his place to say so, since he had taken her virginity

 But when asked to focus on his fiancée instead of his childhood friend, Principal Ootori’s reaction was, surprisingly, a twinkling of the eye

 ”Huh? Yotsuba doesn’t need any extra attention. She is perfect”


 Chihiro held back the urge to let something slip out of his mouth


 Instead, Chisato spoke for him in his inner thoughts

 No, well, Chihiro understand how he feels. It is true that Yotsuba would not lead an indolent life, and she has the help of servants and parents since she lives at home

 Suzu, who is a working adult living alone and away from her parents, is more dangerous

 ”But you two are engaged, aren’t you?”

 ”Yes, but we should be independent of each other because we are engaged. I should respect her personality and not twist it by my selfishness”

 ”I see”

 Chihiro nodded

 It was clear that there was a definite difference in their way of thinking

 Principal Ootori’s point is also understandable. Especially, Yotsuba, who is more mature than her age, is his partner. There may be a way to accept and respect each other

 (But I think girls get anxious when they are left alone)

 Because anxiety creates instability

 This unstable state of mind can eventually affect one’s personal life as well. In fact, Yotsuba’s S-ness may have been caused by the frustration that had accumulated without her realizing it

 ”But if that is the case, please talk to her at least a little bit more. I think there are parts that cannot be conveyed unless you put into words how you feel about her”

 ”…in words, huh?”

 A heavy murmur escaped from Principal Ootori’s mouth

 ”You have a decent point of view”

 Chihiro did not feel complimented

 Then, having finished his soba noodle, Principal Ootori returned to his katsudon and said

 ”I might have misunderstood you a little. I thought you were just a child with no second thoughts”

 ”…No. I think you’re right”

 ”Don’t be modest. At least you got Suzu back to work. There are a lot of things I don’t agree with, though”


 Not knowing what to say in reply, Chihiro fell silent

 He finishes his lunch as he quietly proceeds with his chopsticks and he sipped tea from the water bottle he had brought along

 ”I heard that you are joining for the student council”


 The period for accepting candidacy applications had begun, so Chihiro submitted his entry

 ”…I didn’t expect you to be the vice president…”

 ”I said I wanted to be in the behind the scenes, too, but there were people who wanted me to be vice president”

 It is Lucille

 She is a candidate for student council president and says, “I need someone to help me”

 She also said that Ayase, who is in charge of general affairs, could be the vice-president, but “she” said that “she” is suitable for the current position of the general affairs and—

 [You see, the popular Chisato-chan should be well received rather than me. In addition, I think she’s a good candidate for the vice-president position]

 [Then Ayase-senpai is better]

 [Shut up. Just take care of the greetings and all that for me]

 It was so outrageous

 In short, Lucille seems to intend to continue the same stance as now even if she becomes the student council president. And Chihiro will take her place where she used to be

 Thinking that it would not be so different from now eve he would be a quieter person and talk a little at each event, he decided to accept the position

 ”Well, you should give it a try. I won’t support you, but I won’t complain either”

 ”…thank you very much”

 ”You don’t seem happy”

 ”No. It’s just, you know, I wasn’t expecting it”

 ”Hmm,” Principal Ootori uttered again

 Before long, the bowl of rice was empty. Chihiro wondered if the cause of Principal Ootori’s body shape could be due to overeating

 ”Personal feelings are not the same as my evaluation as Principal”

 ”…I’m sorry?”


 ”No, it’s nothing”

 He did not understand the meaning of the apology

 So, Chihiro gave a vague smile to Principal Ootori, who tilted his head

 Maybe he had misunderstood him somewhat. Thinking of that, he felt like apologizing for making Yotsuba a slave

 Of course, it is not forgivable by apologizing, and he does not intend to return the apology now

 So, he pretended that the apology that leaked out of his mouth had never occurred to me

 ”Excuse me”

 Soon after, Chihiro left the principal’s office

 ”I’m looking forward to the inter-school competition. As a Principal, I’ll be glad to see our school’s success”

 ”Yes. If I am selected, I will do my best”

 These were the last words exchanged

 Chihiro wonder what Principal Ootori would think if he knew what he did to Yotsuba

 But the past cannot be reversed

 It is his fault that Principal Ootori did not have enough trust with Yotsuba. If he had not, Yotsuba might not have become Chihiro’s property

 Anyway, what he should do from now on is the only way to win if it is meaningless to talk about “if”

 Yotsuba and Principal Ootori

 Their relationship is ultimately a matter between the two of them

 There is a limit even if Chihiro tries to go deeper into it, and if Principal Ootori will change his actions and Yotsuba will respond to him, it is understandable

 (Nii-san, you even sent salt to the enemy)

 (We’re not enemies. For now, anyway)

 The doorbell rings in the hallway

 Chihiro hurried back to the classroom, talking with Chisato in his mind

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