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Chapter 14 Shattered Pride – Nishizaki Riko, Part Two ★

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 ”You’re becoming a little more honest”

 Chihiro chuckles

 He doing that while looking down on her

 Apparently, he’s looking at Riko’s bra

 ”Say it more many times. And so, I’ll go easy on you while you say it. If you stop talking… I’ll kill you”


 With that said, Chihiro pulls something out of his pocket again

 It’s not a phone. It’s long and thin, a special blade with a sheath and blade all in one

 It’s a cutter knife, and the blade is extended snappily and placed to the center of Riko’s bra

 As soon as he did, her mind went blank

 ”I-I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry”

 Riko knew if she didn’t say it, if she didn’t keep saying it, she would be killed

 She too doesn’t want to die. No matter what happens, saying that is better than dying

 ”You are a good girl, Riko”

 Chihiro called her first name instead of her last name

 Still, she closed her mouth in response, but then she caught a glimpse of his cold stare. Unconsciously, her body trembled, and her mouth opened again of its own accord

 ”I’m sorry, I’m sorry”

 As Riko’s saying that, Chihiro’s gaze went elsewhere

 And this time the cutter sliced through her panties. Riko is now completely naked except for her socks and athletic shoes

 Then, the cutter is put away and the phone appears in its place. He took another picture. All the while, Riko kept saying “I’m sorry”


 The phone went back into his pocket

 Chihiro’s hand then reached out and squeezed Riko’s breast. Although mediocre in size, Riko is proud of her breasts, which had a nice shape, but the man’s fingers are squeezing them

 It’s not the first time she’s been touched. But this is her first time she is forced to do so

 Chihiro squeezed her breasts for a while, and then took her nipples in his mouth. He covered her nipple with saliva and rolled it gently with his tongue

 ”I’m… Nnn… I’m sorry”

 She shouted but she felt a different sensation from the chill. Even though she is in this situation, Riko’s true feelings are being drawn out

 Rape. And yet the torture is strangely gentle

 The gentle caressing of her nipples made her body tremble as Chihiro sucked on them. A further bite on the nipple also made her body jump lightly

 The other nipple is given a similar bite to bring out the pleasure

 ”I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

 And when Riko endured Chihiro’s torment, she gradually losing track of what she was apologizing for

 ”What will happen to me now?” In a corner of her mind, she had a hunch

 And then, the premonition came true

 Chihiro’s fingers stroked around her nipples, gradually making her whole body more and more sensitive. When the fingers crawled along her neck and armpits, she felt a thrill of pleasure, and once her body began to seek the sensation, it began to tingle even when the fingers merely licked my skin


 When Chihiro placed her fingers between her legs, Riko heard a faint, but definite sound of water

 Apparently, she’s wet. This fact heightened her shame and sensuality, and she couldn’t control herself as Chihiro’s fingers stroked and rubbed her vagina

 Moreover, when Riko’s erect labia are pinched, she cried out with her body cowered

 ”I’m sorryy!”

 ”I’m sorry”, took the place of her moan

 Her breathing becomes ragged as she climaxes lightly, but she continues to say she is sorry

 ”Lick it”

 ”I’m sorry…”

 Riko nods apologetically and runs her tongue over Chihiro’s p*nis. She had imagined it to be of a cuter size, but it’s surprisingly of a decent size

 ”I’m sworyy…”

 She used her tongue, sucked his p*nis, and used all the knowledge she had acquired from the magazines to serve him, while continuing to apologize without caring if her voice muffled

 ”I’m going to cum”


 Riko almost pulled her face away reflexively, but Chihiro grabbed her head and held it in place. And against her will, she gulped down all the semen that was spewed out

 When his p*nis is pulled out, a foul-smelling gasp escaped her lips

 She had kissed a man before, but she had never had a blow job. In the first place, her only s*xual experience was masturbation and handling a p*nis with her hands. And because she didn’t want to be thought of as a cheap woman, she had never sold her body cheaply

 But now she’s being played with for free

 ”I’m sorry…”

 And yet, she doesn’t know why

 Why she’s not angry? Even though, the fear, resignation, and a feeling akin to reverence dominate her mind. Perhaps, the apology she had been forced to say so many times, and the pleasure she had been given so carefully made her feel that way

 Riko didn’t know for sure, but she obeyed even when Chihiro’s hands split her legs open

 Chihiro didn’t ask if he is going to penetrate her

 He just glanced at her and nodded his head. Then the tip of his p*nis is placed at the entrance of her vagina, and he thrust it in at once


 She felt a sharp pain as if her stomach is being ripped open

 The feeling of deflowering, she never thought she would experience in this way, but Riko’s virginity is taken away like this

 ”Ah, haha…”

 For a moment, a dry laugh escaped from despair, and Riko quickly resumed her apology

 From that point on, she was truly at her own mercy. Regardless of whether Riko is a virgin or not, Chihiro moved his hips and at the same time played with his nipples and navel with his fingers

 He ejaculated inside her without any contraception, and without removing his p*nis, he turned her over and poked her from behind. When he ejaculated again, he returned to the missionary position and scrambled around inside her vagina

 The pain of deflowering is gradually relieved by the stimulation of sensitive parts and the increase of lubrication by semen, and instead a faint feeling of pleasure begins to emerge. It’s probably mostly an illusion, but it’s still a pleasant feeling for Riko

 Riko, who feels that, accepted the pleasure with open arms

 If she obeyed, she would not be killed

 Instead, she will be made to feel good

 If there is nothing else, she can do, just obey him

 ”I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

 Not only did he ejaculate in her vagina, but he squirted semen all over her body and smeared it on his fingers

 Then, he put his fingers in her asshole and caressed it

 Finally, after the last s*x and ejaculation, Riko climaxed

 By the time it was all over, her voice is muffled and only her mouth is moving

 ”That’s enough. Thank you, Riko”

 When Chihiro whispered this and patted Riko’s head, she felt a sense of happiness

 Riko closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep, listening to the sound of the shutter clicking in the room again


 About an hour later, Riko is awakened by such an electronic sound

 She is alone in the training room. And there is no sign of Chihiro. As she stopped the alarm clock blaring beside her, Riko noticed that the semen had been wiped from her body and she is now dressed in her uniform

 The wooden sword had been put away, and there are no traces of s*xual activity left on the floor. The torn buttons and blouse also gone

 In other words, to the casual observer, Riko had simply slept through her alarm on the training grounds

 Who did it?

 Riko have a rough idea, but since there is no evidence, she can only guess


 Still, she can feel the pain of the wooden sword and the discomfort of the deflowering

 What happened here today is not a dream

 Riko was raped by Izumi Chihiro

 There is no proof that she can report to the teachers or the police, instead, he has material to blackmail her. She can try to get the proof even on her own, but..

 [You can’t win. Nishizaki-san]

 Her body shuddered

 ”Ah, haha…”

 Her mind is empty, and she could barely contain her anger

 And then, Riko stood up unsteadily, took her bag, left the training room and returned to the dormitory

 It was while she was taking a hot shower that tears finally came to her eyes, but she no longer understood why she was crying

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