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Chapter 146 The Morning of the Decisive Battle ★

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 The next morning

 Chihiro woke up and felt someone moving around his lower abdomen


 He opened his eyelids and saw a dark-haired girl sitting down with her legs spread


 Maria let out a gasp as the p*nis was swallowed by her wet secret

 ”Good morning, Chihiro-sama”

 ”Good morning. Aren’t you a little earlier than usual today?”

 He says, somehow guessing from the way his body feels. It’s not that he hasn’t slept enough, but rather that he has more than enough energy thanks to the [Sleep Enhancement]

 If anything, what he wanted to say was about the morning service

 He looks at the girl’s secret part and it’s slightly wet. It is a sign that she has already ejaculated once during fellatio. This is something she does every morning, so it’s fine

 ”Yes. I was just feeling a little restless”

 Maria said with a mischievous smile

 With Chihiro’s p*nis in her vagina, she lightly rocked her hips for loose pleasure. The idea was to make each other feel good without interfering with the conversation

 ”If that’s the case, I would have gone out with you last night as much as you wanted”

 Last night, Chihiro had s*x with Riko and Suzu as usual

 They shared pleasure and climaxed many times, but the time he spent penetrating each of them was short. That may be the reason for the lack of satisfaction

 Maria, however, shakes her head with a smile on her face

 ”No. That’s all I need”


 ”Yes. Because today is a special day”

 ”…Hmm, you’re right”

 After the encounter with Fukami Kaito, Chihiro and the others returned home and immediately told everyone what had happened

 Maria, who heard the story, just nodded her head “I see,” and did not blame Chihiro and Hana

 But Riko and the others were very upset because of her unconcerned attitude

 [It’s all right. Chihiro-sama will definitely win]

 When she was asked how she could be so sure, Maria just smiled and said, “It’s just a hunch”

 [Besides, it’s natural for a slave to trust their master, isn’t it?]

 Her smile was beautiful and radiant

 She was beautiful from the first time Chihiro met her, but she seemed even more beautiful now than then

 She’s a far cry from the Kaname whose face was distorted as she tried to avoid being abandoned by Kaito

 As expected, that man’s way of doing things was wrong

 ”So, this is just a selfish slave begging”

 ”Hahaha. I’m more than happy to oblige”

 ”Fufu. Thank you very much”

 They laugh at each other, and when words are cut off from either side, they change their movements to more serious ones

 Maria moves her hips up and down, while Chihiro thrusts from below. It’s a normal, unexceptional cowgirl s*x

 Too much work in the morning can be tiring, and the p*nis is more sensitive after ejaculation. Besides, Maria’s vagina moves aggressively to give Chihiro pleasure, even without any special action

 After a while, Spurt! Spurtttt! Chihiro let out his cum, and Maria’s familiar vagina greedily and firmly took Chihiro’s cum

 ”…I love you, Chihiro-sama”

 Maria, who also reached her own climax, whispered to Chihiro in a breathy tone

 ”I love you, too, Maria”

 Chihiro also casually moves his right hand, and Maria intertwines the fingers of her left hand with his

 They remain holding hands, and their lower abdomens are united

 After a while, Maria sits down beside Chihiro, who is still lying down, and says in a calm voice

 ”Today, we will be there to cheer you up. With everyone”

 ”What do you mean, everyone?”

 ”Well. Me, Riko, Aika and Suzu-san – unfortunately, Nanase-san can’t come because of her work”

 ”Well, she lives a bit far away”

 This reminds Chihiro of a woman who has recently become his second saffle

 She lives in Tokyo and is also an OG of the school, but besides the travel time, it seems that entering the school on holidays without permission is also a bit tricky

 ”But she said she supports us”

 ”Yeah. Thank you, very much”

 Because even when they’re apart, Chihiro and Nanase feel connected

 ”Please look forward to the lunches too. Riko and Aika are playing a central role in making a grand meal”

 ”I’m looking forward to it. I’ll have to make sure I don’t eat too much and get stuck”

 Then, the two enjoyed a brief conversation with the lingering afterglow of their climax

 As always. Even though they said so, they understood each other well. If Shibahou Academy falls behind Shibatsuru Academy today, Kaito will certainly fulfill his promise

 Maria will never be returned to Chihiro’s hands


 If she is taken away from him, Chihiro will take her back

 And with a smile on his face, Chihiro secretly makes up his mind to do so

 Of course, before he does, he plans to win the matchup

* * *

 ”Well, I guess we’ll go later. There’s probably a meeting or something”


 With a nod at Riko’s words, Chihiro stood up with Hana

 They were both dressed in their school uniforms. For the competition, they would wear their training wear, but this was a matter of mood and formality

 Riko hands them their bags as they walk through the hallway to the front door

 Thinking that this was a strange and great thing to do, Chihiro took the bag

 ”Chihiro-kun, go out with your best!”

 Aika came out from behind Riko

 Normally she would have told Chihiro to take it easy, but this time her words were a little different

 Perhaps it was because of the promise about Maria that he had made to Kaito

 ”Even if you get hurt, I will heal you later”

 ”Thank you, Aika”

 She smiles at him and he smiles back

 ”Also, I’m sure I’ll be a nuisance to you during the competition, but…”

 ”Don’t worry about it. In fact, if anything, if you can help us, we’d like to see you do more of it”

 ”Of course, so are we”

 Suzu and Maria also arrive

 It’s just a school event――not that this changes anything, just a normal event――so they all see Chihiro off to end the day

 Maria announces calmly

 ”It is perhaps fortunate in that sense that Aika and I were excluded. This way Chihiro-sama can use the abilities without hesitation”

 ”Go all out, Master”

 ”Yeah. I won’t let them beat me”

 Chihiro nodded in agreement with everyone’s thoughts, and answered

 (Nii-san, of course I will do my best)

 (Hmm. I’m counting on Chisato, too)

 Hana, who had finished putting on her shoes before Chihiro, hurried Chihiro along

 ”Come on, Izumi-kun, let’s go”


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