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Chapter 148 Strategy Meeting – Battle Preparations

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 ”Do you like it transparent?”

 ”It’s not bad, but I don’t like it if it’s too obvious”

 She replied without changing her expression. As expected of Hana, she never wavers

 As for Chihiro, he can’t say much about it, because it makes him feel complicated when he thinks that it must be Kaito’s taste..


 A voice came from the edge of the training area

 Aika and the others were among the crowd of students and teachers who seemed to have come to watch the games, as well as some unfamiliar people in suits, perhaps on a tour of inspection. Suzu was in a suit and the others were in uniform

 When Aika waved her hand with a smile, Riko, who was standing beside Aika, looked as if to say, “Oh, no, not these guys again”


 ”Oh, the girl from before!”

 This time, the voice came from a different direction

 It was Shibakkou Gakuen in black wear, not far from Chihiro and the others. Among the black group, there was one face that had not been seen at the opening ceremony

 He was about 170 centimeters (5,573 ft)tall. He is a boy with impressive double teeth and a positive expression on his face

 He is holding something long on his shoulder

 ”A spear, huh? That’s a tricky one”

 It’s a weapon

 Then, he must be Shibakkou’s trump card

 ”Thanks for what you did back there. You saved my life!”

 The boy is talking to the audience while Chihiro is thinking. He is looking at Aika

 And Aika is looking at him with a troubled smile on her face

 Is there something wrong with the girls on their way to the school?

 ”Katsuya. Is that the girl you were talking about earlier?”

 ”Oh, she’s cute. But I prefer the girl next to her”

 ”Aren’t you confessed your feelings to her and she rejected you?”


 Chihiro heard the words that made him even more curious about what had happened

 But he couldn’t question him about it… However, as he was thinking that, the boy called Katsuya took a step forward and raised his voice

 ”One more time, please go out with me!”


 Chihiro stiffened in surprise

 He wanted to know if he would be disqualified if he got angry and punched him

 ”I’m sorry. I’m in a relationship with someone”

 Fortunately, Aika immediately declined

 She takes a few steps out of the audience and bows to him

 ”Damn, my angel is so defensive. Then at least tell me what kind of guy you’re dating”

 ”…No, what an angel?”

 ”An angel in white, that’s not so wrong”

 ”That guy is obviously using it in a different sense”

 Hana mixed up and gave that Katsuya guy a puzzled look when he replied seriously

 Then, followed the reply, Hana said, “It’s Takatsuki-san, so Izumi-kun, you don’t need to worry about it”

 ”That’s him”

 Aika’s finger pointed at Chihiro’s figure

 Then the boy’s gaze turned toward Chihiro and pierced him like an arrow. He looked at him with hostility or rivalry

 ”Oh, it’s you. You look weak”


 How could he respond?

 Chihiro, who was called “weak-looking” to his face, wrinkled his brow, feeling annoyed as expected

 But when he replied, “I’m sorry,” he was in full fight mode

 ”Please don’t ask my girlfriend out without my permission”

 The actual words may not have made much difference

 But the boy’s eyebrows twitched at Chihiro’s sharp remark

 ”Are you going to participate in this event too? If so, I’d like to fight with you”

 ”I’m sorry, but I’m the one who is going to compete in this event”

 Then a tall boy interrupted

 It was Kamishiro. He looked at Katsuya, whose eye level was not so different from his own, and his mouth fell into a smile

 ”I was hoping to fight that guy, but I guess I’ll enjoy it this way”

 ”That’s good to hear. I don’t intend to fight in an embarrassing way either”

 ”I see. Then let’s fight fair and square”

 Kamishiro quickly took the boy’s hand and returned it, and they parted

 Maybe the boy is simple-minded

 Aika smiled at Kamishiro and said, “I’m sorry,” as she indicated with her hand, and then thanked Kamishiro for his help

 ”No. Even for me, I don’t like to intrude on lovers”

 His fresh smile did not reveal any other emotion in his face

 But hopefully he doesn’t still have feelings for Aika, either

 As Kamishiro return his gaze to the audience, he sees a petite girl

 ”Kamishiro Yuuki? I won’t forgive you if you lose!”

 ”Kamishiro-kun also has someone who supports him enthusiastically, doesn’t he?”

 ”Haha. I’m very thankful for that”

 Kamishiro laughed and lifted up his arms

 ”Now, we will start the first event of the four schools’ joint inter-school competition”

 The staff member in charge of the event announced, and the participants closed their mouths

 First of all, they explained the rules of the competition. In addition to the basic rules, such as the prohibition of aiming at the vital points, the important element was that the first round would be played by two pairs at the same time

 ”The first round will be a combination of Shibahou Academy and Shibakkou Academy, and Shibaryu Academy and Shibatsuru Academy”

 It seems that the “absolute aces” will play each other in the first round

 However, Kamishiro’s eyes were not filled with concern. He moved with the boy to the indicated booth. Chihiro and the others took up a position a little farther away from the booth, out of the way

 ”Kamishiro Yuuki from Shibahou Academy vs. Minamoto Katsuya from Shibakkou Academy”



 They nodded and faced each other a few steps apart

 The boy – Minamoto Katsuya was carrying a wooden spear, just as shown earlier. The tip of the spear is round and covered with cotton, so there is no danger of serious injury from a direct hit

 The referee was also a member of the management staff of the tournament. This is probably for the sake of fairness

 The possibility that the staff members are being held by Kaito is not known, but at least the conditions for winning are clearly set in this fight. The referee’s decision to favor one side over the other should not affect the outcome

 ”Let’s begin!”

 As if on cue, the two boys started to move at the same time

 The next moment, their figures suddenly disappeared

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