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Chapter 156 Interval 2

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 Kamishiro and Chihiro exchanged a look at each other at Hana’s venomous remark

 Well, they couldn’t argue with her

 ”Anyway, I can’t overlook the fact that there was a clear threat to your life. No matter what Izumi-kun himself says, I can’t change my mind”

 ”…I understand”

 ”If this is what you really want, use the effect of [Domination] on me”

 Seeing Yotsuba’s implicitly, Chihiro nodded his head

 So, he went to the nearest staff member and told him what had happened in the previous competition

 And Kaede, his sister, was chosen as Chihiro’s partner

 ”…I don’t think he is lying. He doesn’t seem to be under the influence of any mental manipulation abilities”

 Kaede’s eyes shot through Chihiro, and she paused for a moment as if she was assessing him

 ”I understand. I will give a warning and penalty to Ibusuki Kaname of Shibatsuru Academy. The contents are, let’s see――”

 After exchanging a few words with another staff member, Kaede handed down the following: “No weapons in the fourth event” and “If there is excessive violence again, he/she will be disqualified from the competition itself. In addition, the school will also be asked to take some measures”

 ”The third event was held in a closed space, and it was impossible to monitor the competition completely because each student moved separately. However, the rest of the events can be monitored. If anything goes wrong, the staff will warn them on the spot”

 ”That seems a bit light. Izumi-kun, what do you think?”

 ”Good enough. Thank you”

 Chihiro thanked her sister, feeling a bit uncomfortable using honorifics with her own sister

 Kaede smiled, nodded lightly, and turned on her heel

 Considering the time it took to accept the offer and the time it took to warn her, the interval was extended long enough

 Now, Lucille pats Chihiro on the shoulder and says

 ”Then, let’s hurry up and change our clothes and have a strategy meeting. This outfit is too flimsy and hard to move around in”

* * *

 They take off their outfits and put on their training wear only, and put on their gym clothes and jerseys again

 ”We don’t have to worry about hacking in the next event, do we?”

 Shibahou Academy members do not need to use smartphones

 Also, other schools would not be able to keep in touch with each other so much in a gun battle running around the grounds

 ”Then, should I borrow [Illusion]?”

 Riko’s [Illusion] is also useful, but it depends on familiarity and imagination. If so, the simple effect of becoming invisible to others is more stable

 Then, Hana decided to borrow Suzu’s ability, and everyone all moved to the ground


 ”This is amazing”

 The ground, which was lower than the school building, had been completely transformed for the competition

 First of all, there were a total of four spaces set aside for each school to take their positions. If two of the four positions are connected by a line, they seem to intersect each other at right angles

 There are also obstacles in various parts of the field. There are triangular drums, brick walls wide enough for two or three people to hide behind, pillars thick enough for one person to hide behind, and simply piled up dirt on the ground

 The fourth event, paintball, is a gunfight in which players shoot paintballs at each other with gas guns

 The players approach the enemy position while making good use of obstacles and deal with any enemies they encounter. The main objective of the game is to aim at the flag of the enemy team somehow

 The audience seats were located above the field, where Chihiro and his team members are now. Both the seats and the obstacles on the field must have been made by the staff’s “Abilities”

 Now, without going down to the ground, Chihiro and his team have a strategy meeting with [Telepathy], looking over the field

 [This way, it seems less likely to become a melee]

 [Yes. However, it seems to be difficult to get a clear view of the field of play]

 From the audience seats, the distance is a little far, so they can’t read detailed gestures and facial expressions. And it will be a little difficult for Aika and the others to tell them the status of the battle via [Telepathy]

 Besides, this battle will almost certainly require them to be on the lookout for “invisible enemies”

 One of the focuses of the battle will be how to overcome Saki’s invisibility. Since this is a melee battle in the open space, it is difficult to distinguish the enemy by sound as in the first event. If he/she is targeted, they are almost out of the game

 [But, we can use similar abilities]

 In terms of stealth, Suzu’s [Cognitive Obstruction] can even be said to be better

 Since their trump cards are not the type to cancel each other out, the one who cuts first almost always wins

 [Mishuku-san will be aiming for Shibatsuru Academy… right?]

 [Yes. We could destroy Shibaryuy first and be at ease… but if they target us first, we’ll be out of luck]

 It’s best to have Hana attack Shibatsuru Academy’s flag at full speed. Though she has to avoid getting hit by stray bullets on the way to the enemy’s position

 But if all goes well, it will be a terribly short battle

 [Fortunately, they are girls, too. Also, during the third event I was able to take a break and I’m in a good mood, so I’m probably faster

 Speaking of fast, be careful of Shibakkou Academy’s Minamoto

 His fast movement can be a trump card, though not as good as Saki’s invisibility. Still, if he target Chihiro and his team’s flag with evasive maneuver, they cannot be sure that they can intercept him

 In addition, there are still many students whose abilities are not yet known

 There is a good possibility that they have other deadly abilities. Although they cannot assume all of them, it is too dangerous to take the challenge without preparation

 Anyway, they have to defend themselves and attack precisely

 For a few seconds, Lucille thinks silently and raises her finger

 [Plan A, the entire attack team, including Hana, will aim at Shibatsuru Academy. Plan B, Hana is left to finish Shibatsuru Academy and the rest will attack other schools at the same time. In either case, at least one player must remain behind]

 Chihiro and the other three members were torn between the two plans

 Should they try to defeat Shibatsuru Academy for sure, or should they take some risk and play a short game – trying to win the game before the other schools have time to get ready?

 [I prefer “A”. That Shirahama-san is not good if left unattended]

 [I choose “A” too. There’s no need to gamble here]

 [I’ll go with “B”. We’ll lose speed if we’re all lined up. If we lose the competition, there’s no way to win]

 [I’m “B” too. Ibusuki-san and the others could be waiting for us with all of them]

 If it becomes a group fight, Hana might be out due to a misfire by one of teammates

 Therefore, it is better for Hana to win the game by being quick and stealthy first, which will give them a better chance of winning against Shibatsuru Academy

 [I think “B”, too. I’d like to settle this one by surprise if at all possible]

 With this, Plan B is adopted by a vote of two to three

 After discussing some more detailed plans and preparing some tools, Chihiro and his team went down to the field

 They were gathered at the edge of the field, and the staff-led briefing and preparations began

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