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Chapter 17 Riko’s Pledge

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 When they entered the room, Maria, who was talking about her training, proceeded to make other preparations. Chihiro, on the other hand, changed his clothes and threw them into the washer and dryer, and brought in another chair for the living room table, which had only two chairs

 He then poured a glass of iced tea and had a strategy meeting

 ”Maria, are you feeling okay?”

 ”Yes. I’ve told you many times that I’m very good with pain and that it goes away while I’m doing this. In fact, I’m more worried about you”

 ”Don’t worry. Kamishiro-kun took it easy on me”

 There’s no need for either of them to take a break so soon

 After all, the question is what to do about Riko, though Maria agreed that there is no need to think about it

 ”Since you already have the trump card, all you have to do is to make her stronger in mind and body, right? So just train her without thinking about it”

 ”You say that so easily”

 Maria had never been in a situation like this before

 ”I’m used to reading and watching this kind of stories”

 ”…I don’t think it’s something to brag about”

 In the end, it’s decided that the relationship between Chihiro and Maria should be “Master and slave”, and Riko should be forced to admit that she is a slave

 After waiting for a while, Riko arrived at the entrance of the apartment

 Maria welcomed her, and she came into the room carrying a heavy shopping bag

 ”Thanks for your help, Nishizaki-san”

 ”…Really, why do I have to do this?”

 Apparently, she had recovered somewhat while she was shopping

 Riko put the bag down, glaring at Maria, who gave her a word of thanks

 ”By the way, what did you write in your note?”

 ”Oh. You’re naturally ignoring it. It’s okay”

 Maria told her that she had ordered all the ingredients: meat, fish, vegetables, eggs. No wonder it’s so heavy

 As for the results of her errand..

 ”Hee~… nothing to complain about, perfect”

 Maria rolled her eyes and looked at Riko when she opened the bag and saw the items inside

 ”What do you think I am?”

 ”The type who only eats out and eats convenience store lunches”

 ”Ugh, I want to punch you. I cook for myself too”

 …To tell the truth, Chihiro is also surprised, but it would be better not to say that

 ”Well then, Nishizaki-san, have a seat there for now”


 Riko nodded her head while giving Chihiro a look

 She does as she is told and sits down on a chair. She sat down on the far side of the corridor, facing Maria. This has been Chihiro’s position until now, but he is now sitting on the third chair

 Maria, on the other hand, is in the kitchen with a bag

 Chihiro feels uncomfortable as he hears the sound of food being put away in the refrigerator

 Because he doesn’t know how much to say to Riko now

 ”Hey, Izumi”


 ”Is it true that you and Fukami-san have that kind of relationship?”

 She asked with a sense of fear

 She sat like a shrinking cat, glancing at him as if she is curious about his situation. However, she seems to be afraid of eye contact and turns away when Chihiro looks at her

 It is kind of cute, and he couldn’t help but smile


 Riko shouted, startled

 ”Sorry. It’s totally different from when I was talking to Maria earlier”

 ”Oh, that’s because…”

 She shrugs

 ”I don’t want her to think I’m a big deal. But Izumi is… well, different”

 She said something to that effect

 …Maria had said that she needed to be trained, but he wondered if her rebellion had already been nipped in the bud

 But still, answering her question

 ”It’s true. I’m supposed to be Maria’s Master”

 It’s a little embarrassing to say it out loud again

 But it’s true

 Riko seemed stunned by Chihiro’s answer. Then, she muttered, “It’s true”, and glanced toward the kitchen


 ”Why, you ask…”

 It’s hard to explain, both emotionally and in terms of history

 So, answer it in a plausible way

 ”Why do I have to answer so much to Nishizaki-san?”

 ”Oh… sorry, sorry.”

 Riko immediately distorted her face and turned down

 Such a gesture still kind of cute to him

 After a few seconds of silence, Riko slowly looks up

 She is afraid again

 ”…But… You do that to me, too, right? You’re going to do that, aren’t you?”


 Indeed, that’s what will happen

 Chihiro wanted to dominate Riko. That was done yesterday, but it’s better to have an ongoing relationship if possible

 That is, to make Riko a slave of Chihiro, as Maria had said

 ”That’s right. You will be Master’s slave”

 Maria came back with a glass of iced tea in her hand

 She placed it in front of Riko and sat down

 ”To be held by the Master, to serve him, to obey his commands. That’s what you’ll be… or maybe it’s more accurate to say that you already are”

 The hand that is about to reach for the glass on the table stopped immediately

 ”Am I becoming… a slave?”

 ”Yes. You came to see the Master because you wanted his orders, didn’t you?”

 To Chihiro, Maria’s words sounded like coercion

 But Riko didn’t try to deny it. On the contrary, she closed her mouth as if thinking and then said quietly

 ”…Well, maybe. I didn’t know what to do on my own”

 She wanted Chihiro to decide

 After all he’d done to her, after he’d destroyed everything about her

 But she woke up and there was no one, nothing left

 What happens now? She said she was afraid because she didn’t know what to do

 …so Riko was constantly checking on Chihiro

 Maria was right, that must be the temperament of a slave

 She must have been forced to develop such a temperament in a short period of time because her identity was destroyed. Of course, if she had something solid in her, it would not have been so easy

 Now that she had nothing, it was natural for her to look to others for a reason


 Chihiro nodded

 He looked at Riko and told her clearly

 He’s not used to this kind of situation. He wasn’t strong enough to give orders to others, but this is a situation where he should make a firm decision

 ”Nishizaki-san. No, Riko. You will be my slave. You don’t have to think about anything else. Just do as I say”

 Riko’s eyes are very beautiful if it looked closely

 They had a different texture than Maria’s eyes, which seemed to be absorbing. They are pure and seemed to take in everything

 It’s hard to believe that they belonged to a girl who had behaved so wildly, but at the same time, it seemed to be for that reason

 Riko’s mind wavered

 And so, her strong sense of loneliness is replaced by an obsession with Chihiro

 ”Can I?”

 A clinging voice

 ”Of course”

 She nodded, and her obsession turned into trust

 To the one who had taken her virginity

 Riko let out a sigh

 ”…I’m sure you’re saying very strange things, but why can’t I refuse it?”

 The trust grew

 Eventually, Riko nodded her head

 ”Okay. I’ll be Izumi’s slave”

 As soon as she said this, the girl’s cheeks turned bright red

 At the same time, her eyes became luminous, and she began to wear a certain scent

 ”…What should I do?”

 Even the voice that followed sounded somewhat sweet

 Submissive. Maybe he can’t say he’s expecting it

 But then, Maria glanced at Chihiro

 Chihiro noticed, but did not react and ordered Riko to do the same

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