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Chapter 2 A Sweet Proposal

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 Yes, that was when he was preparing for the entrance exam to Shibahou

 He read it in a textbook or something when he was learning about [Lost Item]. The nature of the ability tends to reflect the mentality of the individual


 If that’s the case, when Chihiro got the ability to read minds

 ”You’re having a hard time understanding people, aren’t you?”


 Her sudden question made his heart ache

 It’s probably because she is right

 He didn’t know what the other person thought. What they thought of him. If he didn’t know, he would feel anxious and crushed

 He also made a lot of unnecessary and bad imaginings. Especially if it’s someone like Nishizaki Riko

 But, for some reason, Maria looked at Chihiro with a benevolent smile as Chihiro looked away with a clouded face

 ”My ability was also born from my desire. I want pain. I want humiliation, a shame. I think it’s the greatest pleasure of all, and I want others to understand that”

 From her words, it’s basically a masochist

 And her two abilities are both the result of this tendency

 If the body regenerates, more pain can be obtained. If she shares her pain with others, she can pass on her pleasure

 That’s why she has this power

 Maria’s words rang true. There is no reason to deny it, and in fact, the feeling Chihiro had just experienced was unusual


 ”It’s crazy, right? That’s what you’re trying to say, isn’t it?”

 ”Oh, no”

 He tried to deny it as soon as he could, but he couldn’t come up with any clear words

 And while Chihiro felt guilty for some reason, Maria kept smiling

 ”It’s okay, I know what I’m doing. But that doesn’t mean I can’t change it and I don’t intend to. Because this is who I am”

 Maria drains her glass of tea and hugs her body with her free hand

 Her ample breasts are pressed by her arms and deformed

 An exasperated sigh escapes from her lips

 No doubt, she is doing this to show off to Chihiro. If it’s not an elaborate prank, it’s a pleasure for her

 Thinking about it, she is not an ordinary person who sticks a pen into her hand in the classroom. No matter how much she can heal, pain is pain. As she says, it is not an act that a high school girl can do unless she wants the pain itself

 Then, within a dozen seconds, her arm was free from her body

 And Maria continued as if nothing had happened


 ”We’re getting off topic. I mean, a strong desire creates an ability. It’s the same for those who already have abilities. They can be enhanced by desire or they can be acquired”

 Her right hand reached out and touched Chihiro’s chin

 His face is gently turned so that he was looking directly at Maria

 Naturally, Chihiro’s mind reading is activated

 And what comes in is, after all, that emotion. Before, it was too intense to understand, but this is not longing, but lust

 A raging, deep, intense desire for pleasure

 ”With your power, you can understand my desire. Make a contract with me, Izumi. I will give you what you want in exchange if you will be my Master. You can have my body, my mind, everything”

 A sweet whisper shook Chihiro’s heart

 ”If I do that, will I have the same abilities as Fukami-san?”

 ”It’s Maria. Well, okay… but I don’t think you’ll have the same powers as me. Because all I want from you is to understand me, to dominate me”

 Instead of having the same experience and the same desires, he understands Maria’s desires and ravages her

 It means to have the desire of the one doing, not the one being done to

 Pain, humiliation, shame. The desire, the power, that comes from “giving” Maria pleasure will be worth it

 ”Have you ever imagined? That girl who makes fun of you, twisting you down with her power and humiliating you to your heart’s content. Have you ever wished to enslave her to your will so you can torture her to your heart’s content?”


 He’d be lying if he said he didn’t

 Althought, Nishizaki Riko’s “flirtatious” appearance and daily behavior may not make a good impression on him, but her appearance itself is rather good. Moreover, Chihiro is a boy of his age. It would have been impossible for him not to have a lewd imagination about her

 He even fantasized about having Riko or Aika call him “Master”..

 ”It’s okay, you can do whatever you want with me. Whatever you think you want to do, try it on me”

 Her eyes, her words, her fingers, lured Chihiro lewdly

 At this point, there is no doubt in his mind that she was telling the truth. The most important feeling she has is her s*xual desire for herself and Chihiro. And that feeling is…

 –I want you. I want you to fuck me. I want you to pound my skin, thrust your blade into me. Because it all, all turns to pleasure

 Chihiro realized he had an erection

 His body is hot. Not in his p*nis, but in his lower abdomen, where the uterus is located in women

 He wondered if the body of an extremely excited woman would look like this

 ”It’s raining outside anyway, and you live alone, don’t you, Izumi? Then, let’s stay here all night, together”

 Maria’s lustrous limbs wrapped in black clothes, the girl’s fragrant body could be violated at will

 Maria herself, of all people, wants Chihiro to do that


 –There’s nothing to hesitate about, is there?

 He thought that. So..


 Chihiro reached out, half unconsciously, and grabbed Maria’s hand touching her chin. And with one hand he held her wrist, and with the other he ran her fingers between them

 Maria’s eyes narrowed and she let out a light breath

 ”…Nnn, fuu. Ah… it’s a little awkward, but it’s nice like this”

 Maria pulled his hand with a nudge

 Then, Chihiro stood up and followed her. Maria led Chihiro down the corridor with a strained connection

 ”Let’s go to my room”

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