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Chapter 26 The Days of Lust and Training ★

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 After dinner, Chihiro started to “study” with Maria

 Since there is no TV in the room, it’s inevitable that they would use the computer to watch DVDs. Maria generously provided her own laptop for this purpose

 ”Izumi-kun, I’ll give you the password, so you can use it whenever you want”

 ”Yes, thank you”

 Today’s lecture is a minimum one, so Chihiro asked Maria to tell him what he could use from the software and browser bookmarks on her PC

 ”The bookmarks are categorized into movie, literature, manga, and CG. For movie, I’ve also created subcategories such as live-action and anime for your reference. Games are also good for familiarity. There are not many, but I recommend them all. Also…”

 Movies, manga, and games can be purchased from download sites. It’s easy to buy them with electronic money, etc

 And now, Maria explained to Chihiro, who is sitting on a chair, covering him from behind

 The expression on her face is probably the most vivid so far. She seems to like this kind of thing a lot

 As he is shown various sites and games as examples, Chihiro’s mind gradually became dizzy from the many types

 At the same time, Riko is watching them closely from a distance, as if she is bored

 ”It seems like a lot of work to try to see everything”

 ”That’s true. But you don’t need to see everything, of course. Just start with the ones you’re interested in, and you’ll naturally expand the range of your interests”

 ”I see…”

 After exhaling, Chihiro stare at the screen again

 What’s on the screen now is an anime picture of a so-called 3P scene. A girl is lying on her back with another girl on top of her, both of them waiting for the man’s thrusts

 ”…I wonder whether this is physically possible?”

 Chihiro muttered, and Maria, who had followed his gaze, tilted her head

 ”Well, if we’re going to do this in real life, you’d probably have to insert it into both of us alternately. Or stimulate both of us at the same time with Sumata”


 ”Oh, you don’t know. Why don’t we try it anyway?”

 And so, a seductive voice lured Chihiro in

 ☆   ☆   ☆

 Maria moved her body away and urged Chihiro to pull up a chair

 Then, she turned in front of him, took out Chihiro’s p*nis from his pants, and straddled him, flipping her skirt softly

 They now faced each other, in a position where they could almost kiss

 ”First, just leave the shorts on, okay?”

 Maria’s weight is resting on Chihiro’s legs and chest. Her shorts are pressed against his p*nis, and her hips move slowly back and forth

 As her hips slowly moved back and forth, Chihiro felt the soft fabric and the elasticity of her flesh


 ”Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever served you in my underwear before”


 Even though the stimulation is indirect, the perverse pleasure makes Chihiro’s p*nis rise stiffly. Even with Maria pressing against his crotch, he tries to push it back

 That’s how hard she’s pressing against him

 ”Ah… It’s nice”

 Gradually, her shorts begin to get wet

 Every time it gets wet, the texture changes, sending a new stimulus to Chihiro’s p*nis. And when it became difficult to let Maria do it, Chihiro started to shake his own hips

 The wetness is so much that it makes a wetting sound, as if he is penetrating her vagina

 ”Got it? It’s Sumata, Izumi-kun…”

 Pseudo s*x

 The mysterious act of experiencing the pleasure of penetration without having it done

 ”But, you know, you don’t have to go to all that trouble…”

 However, Maria shook her head at Riko’s murmur

 ”No. It’s convenient to do it with the clothes on, and it feels different because of the way it rubs on me. I think it could be used to train little girls or virgins”

 Indeed. The sight of an undressed girl straddling him and swaying her hips gives him a different kind of sensuality than a naked

 Moreover, the immorality of holding a girl in the same clothes as he does in the day-to-day life gives him an extraordinary feeling

 And it’s thrilling

 It’s even more so when Chihiro lock eyes with Maria and are swallowed up by her deep darkness

 It’s suffocating

 And so, the subtle stimulation continues, and Chihiro unknowingly escalates the movement of his hips. Maria also did the same

 Their breaths and gasps mingled together, and they both reached the same peak

 ”Maria, I want to…”

 ”Yes, I’m coming, I’m coming too…!”

 *tremble* *tremble* *tremble*

 At almost the same time, Maria twitched and hugs her partner tightly. The p*nis, which is clamped down so tightly by her, spurted out a white slime, staining her shorts and skirt without mercy


 Maria exhaled and climbed down from above Chihiro

 Then, she looked back at Riko as she takes off her soiled skirt

 ”So? Do you want to try it too, Nishizaki-san?”

 ”I-I’m not really… into that kind of thing”

 Riko slurred her words and let her gaze wander. But Maria glanced at Chihiro

 And her eyes told him to give Riko a push

 ”Riko, come here”

 ”…What, you’re ordering me after all?”

 She grumbled, but she still walked towards him. Riko then sits facing him, just like Maria

 ”I’m going to kiss you first”


 Riko nods her head and closes her eyes

 Chihiro put his lips to hers and kissed her as slowly as he could, savoring it. As their tongues exchanged saliva, her body relaxed, and he held her lightly with one hand while crawling his other hand between her legs

 He then places his index and middle fingers under her skirt and shorts, and traces them with a gentle hand


 Riko responded cutely, and Chihiro kissed her lips again, stimulating her private parts and slowly increasing her s*xual sensations

 When her cheeks started to burn, he rotated her body around 180 degrees

 He then hugged her from behind and pressed his p*nis against her crotch, rubbing it against her pale-yellow panties

 ”Ah, this is too good…”

 Chihiro thought it would be easier to move this way than facing her, but apparently Riko liked it. She shuddered, shouting in a muffled voice

 Then, Chihiro opened her lips with the fingers of his right hand, and Riko began to lick his fingers unreservedly

 In addition, Chihiro also used his left hand to rub Riko’s breasts through her clothes and moved his hips back and forth

 *gurgling* *gurgling* *squelch* *squelch*

 ”Fuahh, aah, aah!”

 Riko’s sweet voice became louder and louder, and she started to use her hips almost unconsciously

 And so, once she is in the mood, the rest was quick. Both of them are engrossed in each other’s pleasure and eventually reached climax

 As the semen spewed out as vigorously as the first time, Chihiro presses his p*nis against her short, and Riko wriggles around as if tickled

 ”That, no…”

 The tone of her voice made it clear that she didn’t really want to

 Still, Chihiro stroked her hair slowly, loving her more and more each day as she developed into his slave

 And then Maria, who had taken off all her clothes before he knew it, whispered to him from behind. A black collar is also around her neck

 ”Well then, let’s try to simulate the earlier picture in question”

 The PC had long since activated its screensaver, but the picture is still in their head

 ”Ugh, it’s so slimy and unpleasant…”

 Riko stood up as she saying that. And Maria and Chihiro took off their clothes

 And after taking it off, they moved to Maria’s room and the two girls held each other with Riko on top

 ”Come on, Izumi-kun”

 ”If you’re going to do it, do it quickly”

 Chihiro inserts his p*nis between their overlapping crotches as they speak contrasting words


 While feeling the constant resistance of Riko’s weight, the meat rod is sandwiched between the woman’s flesh. There is no sense of fitting in as when it’s inserted into the vagina, but rather a strong sense of discomfort. Nevertheless, it’s strangely comfortable

 Maria and Riko also shouted in surprise

 ”It feels strange…”

 ”…Yeah. It’s so frustrating, I think I’ll go crazy if it continues”

 But it feels good

 Chihiro moved slowly back and forth, taking in the meaning of the words. He moves slowly back and forth, knowing that he might end up in one of them, so he is careful

 He rubs them both, using their love juices to add lubrication

 *Squelch, squelch, squelch…*


 ”Haa… Nnn”

 The two girls moan sweetly and writhe around. But Maria is being mounted by Riko, and Chihiro has her hands on Riko’s hips. They can’t move much, and their arms are entwined around each other, making it even harder for him to move

 Having s*x with two people at once

 As there is only one p*nis, it is physically impossible to simulate such an act. Even so, Chihiro continued to piston, torturing Maria and Riko’s vulvas over and over

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