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Chapter 3 The First Pleasure ★

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 To confirm their agreement, they pressed their lips together

 And as soon as Chihiro is intoxicated by the soft touch, Maria interrupts him with her tongue. Because in the first place, she didn’t intend to kiss like a normal high school student

 Chihiro did not resist, and stuck out his tongue

 Maria’s tongue intertwined with his own, and they pushed each other, sometimes invading the other’s mouth. It is an awkward, deep kiss, as if they were both new to each other, though they had some knowledge of each other, and are urged on by an inappropriate desire

 But it didn’t matter

 Chihiro is about to fuck her. The realization that he would fuck her was the most important thing

 So, he follows his instincts and just devours his partner. If he still wasn’t sure how to do it, he could just make eye contact with Maria. And she’ll show him the way

 Their desires coincided on opposite vectors

 It was the first time he felt that way

 A partner to whom she could expose everything to him. Someone who would tolerate everything about him

 As the act continues, all unnecessary thoughts are blown out of his head

 After more than thirty minutes of deep kissing, they remove each other’s clothes. They roughly, but not aggressively, removed the clothes from the other’s body and threw them outside the bed

 Once they are both in their underwear, they began to run their fingers and tongues all over their bodies, except for the lips. At first, they alternated, but then when the other is doing it, the other one starts to do it on the forehead, neck and sides

 Maria’s body is so soft and supple that he knew he would never get tired of tasting it. He never knew that a girl’s body could be so pleasurable until he had experienced it

 They continued until their whole bodies are sticky with saliva and sweat, and then they look at each other and breathe hard

 After a few moments, they each remove their underwear

 Chihiro’s face unconsciously looks down to Maria’s lower body, and as he about to runs his fingers over her modest bush, Maria begs urgently

 ”Wait, let me have some too…”

 Chihiro, who understand her words, lays down and Maria move to on top of his body, and now their bodies are in a so-called 69 position. Maria’s private parts are already wet with her love juices, and the lightest touch of his finger makes a watery sound. At first, he touchs it slowly but then he increases the speed of his caresses

 At the same time, Maria’s thin fingers crawled over Chihiro’s p*nis. She gently stroked the glans, the rod, the base, thrusted with her fingers, and then worked up

 They hardly talked to each other

 All that came out of their mouths are breaths and voices that could not be articulated into sentences. They simply kept moving, allowing each other to behave as they wished without reservation

 Their extreme arousal makes them even take their genitals into their mouths without hesitation

 They licked, sucked, and sipped the secretions. And as the sensitive parts of their bodies are stimulated, they both shuddered and shuddered with uncontrollable gasps echoing through the room

 But the first ejaculation is in Maria’s mouth

 ”Fufu, kufu…”

 She said happily with a mouthful of semen, flicking her tongue around the white slime in her mouth several times before gulping it down

 As soon as she let out a lusty sigh, Chihiro turned his body around and kissed her again, feeling as if he were drawn to her lips

 After a long kiss, they parted their lips, and saliva and other mingled substances are drawn into a thread

 ”May I?”

 That was all he needed to say to get his point across

 Maria answered with a nod, her cheeks flushed and her eyes moist with pleasure

 His p*nis is already recovering. But, if he’s not careful, he’ll cum quickly than the first time. Still, he’ll try to thrust it into Maria’s secret place

 But it doesn’t go in well because it’s slippery with fluid. So, Maria stopped Chihiro with a look

 She places both hands on her crotch and gently opens it

 She looked very shy and happy

 Then, Chihiro had no choice but to respond

 This time, he carefully placed the tip of his p*nis and penetrated Maria’s body with all his might


 Maria’s body jumped with a scream. Looking up at her with convulsing eyes, she seemed to have climaxed lightly from the pain of losing her virginity

 ”You really like pain, don’t you?”

 ”Yes, I do. I love it. Didn’t I tell you so…?”

 Chihiro had heard that, but he hadn’t expected it to go this far

 Still, he swallowed those words and thrust his cock into her instead. Maria didn’t resist, but rather began to wriggle her hips in an attempt to match his movements

 The only sounds are the sizzling of mucus and the slapping of flesh against flesh

 The soft flesh envelops, handles, and entwines with his p*nis. Chihiro’s whole body now erupted with the pleasure of not being able to do what he wanted, which was completely different from doing it herself

 And so, it didn’t take long for him to ejaculate for the second time

 *spurt* *spurtt* *spurttttt*

 As he waited for the throbbing sensation to subside and tried to pull back, Maria grabbed Chihiro’s waist and switched positions

 Then Maria whispered in his ear while Chihiro is lying on the bed

 ”Is it the end of the world if you just come inside me once…?”

 Chihiro’s p*nis immediately recovered from the lewd words of the girl who had been a virgin until a moment ago

 Maria’s hips then started to buck as she rubbed his sensitive genitals

 And so, his third ejaculation came at the same time as Maria’s climax. After that, he pulled out, and the fourth time from behind. Once that is done, the two of them intertwined, no longer thinking about positions

 They pulled out and in, or licked and kissed each other everywhere

 In the latter half, they are so absorbed that they didn’t even realize what they are doing. Chihiro ejaculated at least five times, and Maria climaxed more than twice as many times

 And finally, Chihiro lost consciousness in the embrace of the girl, and before he knew it, morning had fallen

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