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Chapter 34 Lewd language service ★

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 ”How about this, Izumi-kun?”

 A free-time at night

 While Riko is playing with her phone, Chihiro is working on her laptop with Maria. Today’s subject is erotic novels on the web that Maria has collected

 In today’s digital age, it is possible to write long sentences without using a pen and paper. So, it’s only natural that there would be a flood of works that cater to people’s desires… Chihiro understood this in theory, but looking at them again, he is still surprised

 ”If it’s just text, it doesn’t have much visual impact, but there’s room for imagination”

 Unlike AV, anime, photography and manga, novels do not have visuals. Because of this, erotic novels use words in an imaginative way, and try to create a work based on the reader’s image. In a sense, it is the genre with the strongest fictional nature

 ”That’s the point. Another factor is the low cost of production. Because it’s so easy to get into, a lot of works are produced, and a variety of tastes and opinions are expressed”

 Art, animation, photography, video… the closer it gets to realism, the more accessible and acceptable it becomes, but the more freedom it loses

 This is a depiction born from free thinking

 Many lewd words are interspersed

 It stimulates the reader’s imagination and arouses sensuality

 ”…but I think these words are a bit too stimulating”

 For example, how many different words are there for genitals alone?

 There is no end to the number of ways to refer to it in other languages, metaphorical expressions, pronoun expressions, and so on

 And many of them are of a kind that should not be mentioned casually

 As Maria leaned into Chihiro’s shoulder, she said

 ”Ara, it’s okay. To say something so vulgar, so obscene… or arousing. Izumi-kun can understand that, can’t he?”

 ”Well, yeah”

 Asking a partner whether she feels something during the act… even soft verbal abuse like this is meant for shame and psychological arousal, which is the exact same thing

 However, he still feels uncomfortable with direct lewd words

 ”I mean, you don’t use it much either, do you?”

 Suddenly, Riko looked up from her phone and said to Maria

 That’s true

 Maria is a lecherous, s*xually active woman, but she uses words more carefully than expected. She uses words like “come” and “service” occasionally, but the rest of the time she prefers to use indirectly suggestive expressions

 It matches the impression Chihiro gets from her, which is that she has a graceful manner

 ”Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”

 ”Yes, I am”

 To Riko’s point, Maria nodded easily

 ”Rather than embarrassed, it’s more like “scared””

 ”? What do you mean?”

 ”It means that I’m afraid of losing control”

 Well, Riko hasn’t been told the details, but… originally, Maria wanted Chihiro because she wanted a Master who could control her s*xual desires

 Without someone to control her, Maria’s rampant s*xual desire would eventually go out of control, and she would be ruined in no time

 Likewise, she may have been hesitant to use lewd words

 ”So, I don’t dislike such things. In fact, I like it. I just don’t want to say it myself. I want to let Izumi-kun train me”

 ”…I see”

 In fact, the emotion behind Maria’s deep eyes is the pleasure of being tortured

 ”So, Master, what can I do for you?”

 ”Well… Now that you mention it, I think I’d like to give it a try”

 Chihiro replied, even though he felt like he was playing right into Maria’s hands

 Riko saw this and sighed

 ”You’re starting to say weird things again… Just so you know, I don’t want to do anything like that”

 However, Chihiro, and perhaps Maria as well, are well aware that Riko is slowly starting to prepare herself for the act

 After all, she also sat on the large bed in Maria’s bedroom

 Maria, in black lingerie, and Riko, in white underwear, are sitting side by side on the floor in front of Chihiro. Maria has a black leather collar around her neck, and Riko has a stylish choker around her neck

 Maria is sitting upright. Her cheeks flushed with the pleasure of submission, and her posture straight

 Riko is sitting cross-legged. Her hair is curled up in one hand in embarrassment

 Immersed in the pleasure of looking down at her classmate in her underwear, Chihiro opened his mouth

 ”How much do you know about “those words”, Riko?”

 Then Riko’s strong eyes flashed with confusion

 She looked up at Chihiro with a sideways glance at Maria

 ”Even if you say “how much”, I don’t know the standard”

 ”So it’s not like you don’t know anything at all?”

 ”No. Well, I know a little bit”

 Chihiro and Maria looked at each other and laughed at the success of their guide-interrogation

 ”I think I know more than most people, but this is the first time I’m talking about it out loud”

 ”I see. Then, Riko”

 Riko looks up at him, wondering what she’s going to be ordered to do

 ”I want you to beg me in your own words, as much as you know”

 With that said, a few seconds went by in silence

 And then, the blonde girl shouted, keeping her posture fixed

 ”Begging? What am I supposed to beg for?”

 ”That’s up to you too”

 Chihiro replied lightly and Riko kept her mouth shut

 It would be a difficult task for her shyness and undue pride. But that’s why he wanted to order her to do it

 It would be easy to ask Maria to set an example, but that would not mean that Riko acted on her own initiative


 Riko exhaled

 Without saying a word, she looked at Chihiro’s face, chest, and between his legs and spoke


 The whispered voice made Chihiro shudder

 Then, in a trembling voice, words of pleading, faltering, escape from the girl’s mouth

 ”Master… please let me serve your cock”

 It is the first lewd word Riko has uttered to herself

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