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Chapter 40 Information Gathering

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 Though, the cafeteria should be fine if they’re just talking

 But deciding that Maisaka didn’t want to be in a crowded place from here on, Chihiro nodded obediently. After cleaning up the dishes, the two of them left the cafeteria

 The destination is the private training room

 It’s true that this place is soundproof, and if the entrance is locked, there would be no disturbance

 ”Wow, this juice didn’t shake. It’s a failure”

 Maisaka, sitting down on the floor of the training room, read the description of the juice Chihiro had given him and exclaimed. Apparently, he was also concerned about the fact that the juice was not evenly mixed

 And he shook the can with all his might, drank it down and nodded in satisfaction

 ”Well. I’ve agreed to your request for now. I’ll try to get it to you as soon as possible. I’ll charge you extra depending on the information about the reward, okay?”


 Chihiro nodded and answered

 Then Maisaka took out a piece of paper from the bag he brought with him. He scribbled something on the paper, and held it out to Chihiro

 It’s a contract

 ”Please read the contents, then sign and seal it”

 It sounded serious

 Maisaka said that he was afraid of what he might say or do if Chihiro didn’t do this. So, Chihiro agreed to do so, and signed and sealed the document after reading it carefully

 He made sure that there was no difference between the contents of the contract and what they had exchanged verbally. He also checked that there are no small words written in the corner or on the back of the contract

 It is natural to be skeptical when students go to such lengths for a mere request

 And after the contract was signed, Maisaka took a picture of the completed document with the camera of his smartphone and handed the original to Chihiro

 ”OK, then. Give me the information”

 ”Yes. Mishuku Hana-san’s ability is [Looting]”

 Chihiro told him everything he knew about Hana’s ability, as he had experienced it himself and had been told by Hana

 After listening, Maisaka let out a deep sigh

 ”I see. She won’t use those things all the time, and she’ll hide it if she can. In terms of the degree to which she will be wary of people if someone find out, your reading mind is nothing to sneeze at”

 The problem with Hana is that her ability requires five seconds of eye contact with the opponent. So, once her ability is known, people won’t be able to make eye contact with her so easily

 …Well, this restriction was only explained verbally by Hana

 Perhaps, Hana is telling the truth. At least for this restriction, she doesn’t need to lie to Chihiro at the risk of being known by him

 As for the limit on the number of abilities, if the information Chihiro researched during the information processing class is taken into account, it becomes more plausible

 ”So, now she has your mind reading. That doesn’t sound like a lie. In fact, I haven’t had my mind read by you today.”


 ”Well then. Juice money plus the information you just gave me will clear your fee. And, when she told you about her ability, she probably already knew it would spread around the school. But I also owe you”


 Chihiro tilted his head, not knowing what Maisaka was talking about

 Maisaka narrowed his eyes apologetically and told Chihiro

 ”Well. I’m the one who sold your information to Mishuku”

 Hana’s request was for information about Chihiro’s personality, hobbies and other private matters… similar to what Chihiro had asked Maisaka

 ”Then, that photo too?”

 ”The photo? No, I don’t know about that. Well, that’s why I can’t say I had nothing to do with your ability being taken away”

 ”I see. Thanks for telling me”

 The fact that Hana was looking into Chihiro might be important information

 Maisaka looked at Chihiro with a strange expression

 ”You’re not angry? But I sold your personal information without your permission”

 ”…Well, it’s not like I kept it a secret. At least, I can talk about it in small talk”

 Besides, even if Maisaka hadn’t told Hana, she would have gathered the information some other way. After all, she was the kind of girl who would play tricks on Chihiro just to catch him off guard

 ”I see. …You’re a strange one, aren’t you?”

 With a laugh, Maisaka stood up from the spot

 ”I’ll email or call you with the results of my investigation. Just leave it to me”

 ”Yeah, thanks”

 After that, Chihiro waved Maisaka off and pulled out his smartphone. It was to check if there was any news from Riko

 As there is no news, he goes to class room and as soon as HR was over, he texted Riko that he was going to collect information and that he would finish his lunch. Sure enough, there was a reply message

 [Okay. Well, I’m going back to the dorm. Please call me when you’re done]

 (A phone call, huh?)

 Thinking about it, they exchanged contact information, but he had never made a call. If Riko is going to the trouble of asking him to call her, then it’s not urgent, but something is going on

 So, he should call her

 As Chihiro was wondering if he should drop by the school library, there was a light knock at the entrance of the training hall. Before he can answer, it opens and a female student walks in

 ”Has there been any progress?”

 It’s Hana

 She still looked like the same literary girl as yesterday, but with a piercing atmosphere

 Perhaps she is wary, or perhaps she simply didn’t want to get used to each other, but she stood near the entrance and asked Chihiro

 (I want to strangle her and kill her)

 Such an urge suddenly came to him, but he held it back

 ”How did you find me?”

 ”If I search the terminal by ID, I can see if it’s being used. Just to be sure, I came by and got a hit, so I decided to show up”

 (I see)

 So, she doesn’t really care about Chihiro enough to follow him, but is eagerly waiting to meet him

 ”I’ve talked to Fukami-san. She said she’ll go herself when she’s ready”

 Chihiro said so and a sly smile appeared on Hana’s quiet face

 ”I see. Thank you for talking so quickly”

 That’s all she said, and she turned on her heel

 Chihiro could not help but notice her figure, wrapped in a white blouse


 ”…What is it?”

 Hana asked, turning around in disgust

 ”How long are you going to keep my ability? There are more useful abilities, and if you return it to me, there will be no reason for me to obey Mishuku-san”

 If not for the hostage of his ability, Retaliation is possible

 Hana shrugged her shoulders as she said this half threateningly

 ”If you mess with me, Maria-chan will get involved too, don’t you think?”

 ”I don’t care what happens to the things I throw away”

 Of course, he lied. In reality, it’s not that simple

 However, Hana was more than a little intimidated by Chihiro’s strong attitude

 ”… It doesn’t matter to you. As long as I achieve my goal, it doesn’t matter”

 Chihiro did not stop her this time as she left the training grounds

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