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Chapter 47 Hana’s Blunder – Mishuku Hana, Part 1 ★※

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 Hana――Mishuku Hana has always been a girl who is obsessed with “other people’s belongings”

 When she was in kindergarten

 She was jealous of her friend’s dolls and would borrow them to play with when her friend was away. However, soon after, she was found out and a big fight broke out

 On the other time, when she saw her friend’s lunch box, it looked so delicious that she begged her friend to exchange side dishes every day

 Once she entered elementary school, Hana’s interest shifted from mere possessions to human relationships

 She was strongly interested in girls who were liked by everyone or who were always close to a certain person. In such cases, she attached herself to them and followed them around. To the point where nothing else mattered

 As a result, there were many times when she was isolated from others, but even so, Hana’s personality did not go away

 And her interest in Fukami Maria started out as “other person’s interest”

 This person is popular, liked and loved by everyone. While paying attention to this person, she noticed the person beside her, Maria

 It seems that she is the target’s favorite

 So, Hana approaches Maria as a means of gaining access to this popular person

 However, after becoming friends and talking with her, she became more interested in Maria herself than the target. She had a doll-like beauty, a beautiful voice, but most of all, she had a special kind of spirit

 Fukami Maria doesn’t let anyone in her heart

 It’s not that she doesn’t get along well with others, or that she is isolated in class. But her heart always seemed to be lonely

 In a real sense, she never really belongs to anyone

 She had no interest in anyone but herself, and that made Hana want to keep her all to herself

 ”Stay with me, please. Maria-chan”

 And one day, Hana told Maria that

 It was a light promise between kids, but Hana was serious. But at the same time, Maria had no need to know how serious she was

 ”I’m sorry”

 Maria casually declined

 When Hana asked her why, she quietly said

 ”Because you can’t be my Master”

 Hana didn’t understand the meaning of the word “Master” at the time, but she knew that she had been rejected

 Being rejected made her feelings burn even stronger

 Hana kept on trying to get Maria. She wanted her desperately. She didn’t care what the other children thought of her

 But then her parents died

 That event changed Hana’s world forever

 Her relatives fought over Hana’s future and her inheritance, and she heard adults yelling at each other over and over again. Even as a child, she knew that they were discussing “taking something that belongs to someone else”

 Then she realized

 (Yeah, I should have taken it)

 Steal what she wants. It’s stupid to borrow it, or just envy it, or try so hard to be around it. Just take it from someone who has it

 That’s when her ability, [Looting], was born

 With the emergence of this ability of high rank certainty, the conflict between relatives changed from the struggle for inheritance to the struggle for Hana. At that time, a wealthy family in Tokyo took notice of Hana and offered to adopt her

 The relatives quickly agreed to the offer, and Hana became “Mishuku Hana”

 The new parents demanded only one thing of Hana: that she attend a school for training [Lost Items]. Hana agreed, and after graduating from middle school, she went to Shibahou Academy

 She did not use her abilities, and kept it to herself as much as possible

 In order to use it effectively at the most critical moment. To take what she really wanted

 …And then, she appeared in front of Hana again

 Fukami Maria, she had moved into the school as a C-rank [Lost Item]

 Then, Hana thought, “This is it”

 And using every means at her disposal, she decides to make Maria hers

 She followed her and gathered information with the help of her informant, Maisaka Shuu. However, when she found out about Izumi Chihiro, she felt like going crazy with anger and jealousy

 That Fukami Maria is letting such a dull man sleep in the same room with her?

 In other words, she gave her all to that guy?

 It’s unforgivable

 She must dominate Maria and humiliate that man at the same time

 So, Hana decides and carries out her plan. She took Chihiro’s mind-reading ability and demanded Maria in exchange for it

 The plan worked

 Only a few days after she approached Chihiro, Maria contacted her herself

 The chances of it being a trap are slim to none

 She had been watching Maria and the others as closely as she could, but there was no sign of collusion between them. At least Izumi Chihiro was seriously upset and resentful of Hana

 Relieved, she went to Maria’s apartment

 ”I swear my loyalty to you. Hana-san”

 Those were the words she had wanted to hear for a long, long time

 After that, Hana stepped into the bedroom with the big bed and ordered Maria to strip naked. She looked down at Maria as she sat on the floor and talked to her

 Her relationship with Chihiro

 What he had done to her

 After hearing everything, she kissed Maria’s forehead

 ”From now on, you’re mine. Maria-chan”

 ”…Yes, Onee-sama”

 Her jet-black eyes stared at Hana’s neck

 Her smooth and sensual body secreted pheromones from her entire body, conveying her excitement

 She was both surprised and delighted that this girl had such lust in her

 Then, Hana began to restrain Maria, giving her pleasure relentlessly. With her eyes, ears, mouth, hands and feet sealed, Maria obediently climaxed over and over again

 She took a video of the scene and sent it to Izumi Chihiro

 It was the best feeling

 But feeling like she was about to climax, Hana untied Maria’s restraints and asked her

 ”Then, what do you want now, Maria?”

 ”I want onee-sama to make love to Maria with your fingers…”

 ”Good girl”

 She did as she asked, so she reached out and touched Maria’s embarrassed parts

 She hugged the soft, beautiful skin and Maria hugged her back. And the moment she fingered the sensitive part of Marias genitals, and stimulated it hard..


 A sweet, sharp numbness ran through Hana’s body

 It was as if Hana’s own clitoris had been intensely stimulated

 The situation made no sense at all, and Hana became confused, stopping her thoughts for a few seconds

 However, in the meantime, Maria had swapped positions with Hana and picked up a vibrator lying on the edge of the bed

 ”Here, onee-sama. Please hold this”


 Maria grabbed the vibrator and turned it on, then took Hana’s hand and led her to Maria’s breast

 ”Ah, ha…!”


 Another sensation

 Sensing that something unknown was happening, Hana tried to get rid of the vibrator, but …

 Maria’s hand, squeezed tightly, prevents her from doing so, and Maria presses her whole body against the vibrating vibrator

 And with that, a pleasant sensation runs through Hana’s entire body

 ”What, what…?”

 Hana says in a muffled voice, looking up at Maria

 And then their eyes met

 Immediately, Hana regretted her actions


 Suddenly, a violent tingle shot through her body. It was so strong that, for a moment, she thought someone had hit her


 She couldn’t even speak

 She wants to play with her nipples and clitoris right now. She wants to stick her fingers in and out of her vagina. She wants to cum like that over and over again

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