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Chapter 53 Sports Festival, Mid

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 ”Izumi-kun, hurry up and get on my head”

 ”Uh, yeah. Oh, but I have to wear this headband, too”

 The two rushed to get ready, but couldn’t make it in time

 They fell to the ground together by the rush of the third year’s cavalry

 ☆   ☆   ☆

 ”Otssuu (Good job). Congratulations on second place, I say”

 When Kamishiro and Chihiro returned to their class seats, Maisaka greeted them with a smile

 ”Yes, you did well. You’re second place”

 ”That was great, Kamishiro-kun. You carried Izumi-kun all by yourself”

 ”Well, Izumi did pretty well too, didn’t he?”

 The rest of the classmates also commented on their performance. Since it’s the last event before lunch and there are no events to be held later, everyone seemed to be watching the competition rather seriously

 And, basically, Chihiro is treated as a bonus, but he did not feel bad about it

 ”Good work, you two”

 Then Aika walked up to them in her gym clothes

 Kamishiro squinted at her when he saw her


 But Aika, whether she cares or not, smiles and asks him

 ”You’re tired, aren’t you? Let me heal you a little”

 After this, Kamishiro continues to participate in the relay. But he used up all his energy in the cavalry battle. So, this is the best time for Aika to play her role of recovery

 Kamishiro, however, looked half happy and half apologetic

 ”Then heal Izumi-kun first. He must have hit his back when he fell”

 ”No, I…”

 Chihiro is about to say it’s no big deal

 Aika glanced at Chihiro and turned her head away

 ”Don’t worry about that. Izumi-kun isn’t going to play any more, and he’s used to getting hurt”


 Kamishiro is puzzled by the cold words

 Chihiro smiled as best he could and told him

 ”Takatsuki-san is right. I’ll be fine.”

 He said, taking his seat. Kamishiro then us pulled by Aika to the back of the class. He is probably going to be treated there

 Maisaka poked Chihiro in the side of his head

 ”Hey, Izumi, did you do something to upset Takatsuki-san?”

 ”…Uh, I don’t know”

 Of course, Chihiro is aware of what he had done, but he is reluctant to say it out loud

 ☆   ☆   ☆

 After the cavalry battle, they had lunch

 Students can eat the lunches they brought beforehand, or go to the cafeteria or purchase food, or talk with their parents if they are there. Students are free to do whatever they want as long as they return before the afternoon session starts

 ”…Well then”

 As the students began to move, Chihiro also left his seat. He grabbed his lunch box and started to leave

 ”Hey, Izumi, are you going somewhere?”

 ”Yeah. I just wanted to find a quiet place to relax”

 ”…Oh. I see. A broken heart is a shock, isn’t it?”

 He doesn’t know why but he agreed strangely

 …Well, in a way, it’s not wrong

 But the reason why he is alone was that Riko had strictly ordered him to eat as far away from the class as possible. And since it’s a sport festival, Chihiro’s lunch could not be neglected, but their relationship could not be discovered

 By the way, Aika seemed to have invited Maria and Riko to eat with her instead of Kamishiro. Also, Riko made lunch box for Maria today, didn’t she?

 (Now, where should I go?)

 Should he sit in the corner of the outdoor training area, at least out of the ground?

 As he’s walking and thinking, he feels a pair of eyes on him

 He then turned around and met the eyes of a female student with glasses. But she suddenly turns away from Chihiro and walks away at a speed that is neither too fast nor too slow

 After some thought, Chihiro followed her

 She left the ground and walked around the entrance. The surroundings become quieter, but she still walks further until she reaches a small bench

 *silence fills a moment*

 Then, after the girl sat down on the right side of the bench, Chihiro asked her while standing

 ”Can I help you?”

 ”Yes, well. It’s nothing important”

 Then, she continued, “Why don’t you just sit down”, in a matter-of-fact tone


 Although Chihiro is wary, he did as he was told and sat down on the bench. At least if they are sitting side by side, there is less risk of her unexpectedly using her [Looting]

 As Chihiro sits down next to her, Hana pulls out a melon-bread from a plastic bag in her hand. She seems to have bought it at a convenience store

 Hana, perhaps realizing that Chihiro was staring at her, said in a bored tone

 ”Thanks to someone, I was exhausted all morning”

 Then, she said “And I didn’t have time to make lunch too”

 ”…I see”

 Unable to say sorry, Chihiro just gave a small nod

 Hana didn’t seem to want to start a conversation, so Chihiro opened his own lunch box. It’s easy to eat, with onigiri and bite-sized side dishes. There is also a small towel in the box

 ”Is that Maria-chan’s homemade?”

 Hana said, glancing at him sideways

 ”No, it’s Riko’s”

 ”Oh… I see. Give me a bite”

 Well, she wants it after all

 With a wry smile, Chihiro handed her the bento box, and Hana picked up a handful of rice balls and a few side dishes, letting out a satisfied sigh

 ”It tastes so much better when I think I’m taking something that was made for Izumi-kun”

 ”…Don’t people often say you have a bad personality?”

 ”Onfortunately, I hide behind a mask when I’m out in public”

 Hana replied nonchalantly, and began to bite into the melon bread again. She didn’t seem to be willing to share the bread with him instead of taking a bite

 Giving up, Chihiro also started to eat

 ”…Thanks to you. I’ll never forget the humiliation you caused me”

 ”…That’s very polite”

 ”I mean, you’ve come inside me so many times. Are you going to take responsibility when I have a baby?”

 Hana, for some reason, doesn’t seem like she’s going to get pregnant

 So, Chihiro replied, with an unsure feeling in his head

 ”I’ll consider it if Hana is completely mine”

 ”That’s impossible”

 It’s a split decision

 ”That being said, can I visit you regularly during the summer vacation?”

 ”…Isn’t that a contradiction in terms?”

 ”No, not at all. My obedience to Izumi-kun is only temporary. It’s a condition for me to taste Maria-chan’s body”

 After all, her obsession with Maria is quite unusual. That’s why the deal was made, though

 ”…I don’t mind if Maria’s schedule allows it. In return, I’ll be happy to hold you”

 ”As you wish. Once, twice, a dozen times, it won’t make a difference now”

 ”I’m sure the pregnancy rate will change”

 ”I suppose so. But I’ll arrange for birth control pills then”

 That’s where the strange conversation ends

 Looking down at her half-finished lunch, Chihiro asked Hana

 ”…Don you hate me?”

 ”Huh? Of course I hate you”

 Hana exhaled as if to say, “What a stupid thing to say”. Then..

 ”I’ll kill Izumi-kun someday. But that’s not now. For now, we’ll just have to live with the fact that we’re all in this together”

 Like Riko, she’s trying to be tough… but it seems she’s not

 For better or worse, Hana is not attached to Chihiro in any way. She’s not bound by fear, so when she decides to do something, she’ll do it

 ”I hope that “some day” never comes”

 ”Then give me Maria-chan”

 …It’s natural to say, but the two of them didn’t have much of a conversation at all

 Hana is the one who finished her meal first. She got up without waiting for Chihiro, and turned to leave



 ”Good job at the sport festival. And do your best this afternoon”

 ”…Huh. Well, thank you”

 The voice that came back is as bland as could be

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