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Chapter 55 Two Slaves Competing with Each Other ★

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 ”Yes. My pussy is tingling, and I’m already at my limit. Please, please. Please fuck me quickly, quickly…”

 Her voice is sweet, half-exhaled. As expected, it was a good decision to show Riko’s affair first

 Maria, who tends to restrain herself because she’s afraid she’ll lose control, is now saying lewd words when she’s pushed beyond her limits

 Or, perhaps, the act of the day before yesterday has made her more susceptible to losing her control

 ”Well, let’s do it while standing up for a change”

 ”Ah, ahh… yes”

 Maria wobbled and staggered down to the floor. Chihiro made her stand by the window and ordered her to put her hands on the wall

 ”Like this…?”

 Maria obediently sticks her ass out

 She likes to be fucked from behind, and this situation seems to excite her to no end. More of her love juices are pouring out of her already wet pussy, dripping down her thighs and onto her legs

 …If she show him something like this, then――

 ”Maria, I don’t think I’m going to be able to stop today”

 ”Yes… no problem. Fuck me as hard as you want until I pass out”

 With that, Chihiro penetrated her from behind and Maria let out a squeal that echoed through the room

 At first she tried to shake her hips to match Chihiro’s, but soon she felt it too much and had to work hard to maintain her position. Eventually, her knees began to shake and her hands on the wall nearly went up in the air several times, but Chihiro continued to thrust her hips

 ”It feels good. It feels good, it feels good…!”

 As if asking for more, more pleasure

 Repeating only “It feels good”, Maria climaxed countless times, and Chihiro finally ejaculated into her vagina for the first time

 *spurt* *spurtttt* *spurttttt*

 After that, he ejaculated three times, and her body reached its limit and collapsed on the spot, but Maria is still conscious

 Still, Chihiro moved her over to the bed and continued the act, leaving her staring blankly into space

 The exhausted girl is almost like a doll

 He carefully but unreservedly embraced her soft body, which looked as if it would break if he put too much pressure on it. Even though she didn’t move voluntarily, the warmth of human skin is exceptional, and the unconscious twitching of her vagina is pleasant. And――


 …she is smiling. Her mouth tears up in happiness as her consciousness becomes muddled

 Relieved to see this, Chihiro keeps moving, and eventually ejaculates again

 When the sensation of spitting out semen subsides, he begins to move again

 He continued his masturbation-like but not masturbation-like activities and ejaculated several more times

 After an average of six ejaculations a day

 Before he knew it, Maria had closed her eyes and is breathing heavily in her sleep

 Apparently, she is satisfied

 Then, after looking at her happy face for a while, Chihiro lightly patted her head and pulled the rod out of her vagina. With a gush, more fluid than Maria could tolerate poured out of her

 ”Go ahead and sleep”

 Chihiro whispered softly and left the bedroom

 As he is about to go straight to the bathroom, Riko, who was in the living room, peeks out into the hallway

 ”Are you done?”

 ”Yeah. Maria’s asleep”

 ”I see. I guess I’ll make dinner by myself then”

 Then, Riko smiles kindly

 That means the conversation in the bedroom before was an act? Or was it a deliberate provocation for the play?

 ”Oh, then I’ll help you…”

 ”No. Chihiro, you go take a bath and take a nap until dinner”


 He thought it was okay since Maria is not here, but Riko does the same

 He doesn’t know why they are so stubborn about not letting him help them, but well, he was very tired too

 Then, when he took a shower, he almost fell asleep. Perhaps because of this, he spent more time in the bathroom than usual

 By the time he left, the dinner is almost ready. Apparently, Riko had already prepared the food in advance

 Since it is too late to go to bed, Chihiro dozed off in the living room, sitting on a chair


 He woke up to find a steamy meal on the table. The main dish is Chicken Nanban. Apparently, the main dish is meat, considering the tiredness from the sport festival. Even the tartar sauce seemed to be homemade, and he could see that there are plenty of vegetables

 ”Where’s Maria?”

 ”Hmm, she hasn’t woken up yet. That room is soundproof, so I can’t hear what’s going on inside”

 ”I see”

 Maybe he should wait a little longer. But as soon as he thought of it, the smell of sweet and sour sauce tickled his nose, and his stomach made a nice noise

 Riko chuckled and walked back to the kitchen

 ”It feels bad for her, but let’s eat first”

 With that, they eat first. The rice is freshly cooked and the chicken is richly seasoned. In addition to the rice, there is a radish salad, pickles, and miso soup. Chihiro is rather worried about eating too much

 ”Hey, Chihiro”


 Riko looked at him up and down as she ate

 ”Sorry, I forgot to tell you…”


 ”Takatsuki-san might have found out about us”

 He nearly spewed out his mouthful of food


 ”We had lunch together today, right? And she saw my lunch”

 As he recalled, Riko had made lunch for Maria today

 And Riko and Maria were eating lunch with Aika

 Trying to hold back a headache, Chihiro said as calmly as he could


 ”Ah, haha. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. I was just careless. But the other girls didn’t know”

 Aika didn’t seem to be prying too deeply

 She just said, “I see you two share a lunch box”

 ”…What do you think?”

 ”Well, I think she knows”

 ”Of course…”

 Chihiro and Riko, their relationship is already known. If Riko and Maria are found to have something in common, as if they were living together, it is natural for people to suspect their relationship

 ”Well, actually, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it didn’t affect Takatsuki-san’s attitude this afternoon”


 Maria, wearing only her underwear and clutching her clothes, appeared in the living room

 ”it’s okay. As for the scavenger hunt, my point of view is as I said. Like Riko said, eventually you’ll have to rape her. Rape, don’t you like it?”

 ”Please don’t say anything I don’t want to hear… but I’m not denying it”

 ”No, you should deny it. You know”

 Well, it’s not clear

 Maria and the others say they don’t know if Aika hates me. If they’re right, Chihiro might still have a chance

 ”…Either way, maybe after the vacations”

 ”Yeah. I hope it’s after the vacations”

 She may or may not be anticipating something

 Maria chuckled and went to the bathroom to take a shower

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