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Chapter 56 The Promise of the Closing Ceremony

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 ”…Are you going to do the same thing to me that you did to Riko-chan?”

 Those are the decisive words

 Fortunately, so far, the noise in the classroom has not changed. No one seems to have enough time on their hands to pay attention to Chihiro and the others

 It’s only a matter of time, though

 ”Takatsuki-san, if people hear that…”

 Chihiro is going to say, “They’ll get the wrong idea”

 ”Shut up!”

 She let out a sigh, not even trying to hide her annoyance

 ”I can’t be bothered by that right now”

 ”Takatsuki-san, what’s the matter with you?”

 Riko says, rather happily, and Aika glares at her

 ”You don’t understand, Riko-chan”


 The blonde girl cowered lightly, and Aika turned her gaze to Chihiro again

 ”What do you say, Izumi-kun?”

 This is what Takatsuki Aika is like

 This is what she looks like when she’s truly lost her composure, when she’s dominated by frustration and anger. She doesn’t care about her surroundings, she only wants to achieve her own goals

 …Well, there’s nothing wrong with that

 She can be kind to others because she can afford to be. Aika is a human being, and she cannot be so pure as to think only of others when she is in pain

 Chihiro, who pushed her into a corner, has nothing to say about it

 He just felt a little happy that Aika had shown him the ground

 But then, he takes a light breath

 And after making sure that no one around him is paying attention, he says to Aika in a voice just loud enough to reach her

 ”Yes. I want to hold Takatsuki-san”


 Aika took a small gulp

 She turns over and squeezes her fist against her chest

 Then she looked up and said something even more outrageous

 ”Okay. Then… I’ll go with all the girls around Izumi-kun. Whenever at the beach, in the mountains, at the pool”

 Chihiro felt that he is losing track of the girl named Takatsuki Aika

 ☆   ☆   ☆

 ”…Huh. Well, that’s tough. Wouldn’t it be better if you died?”

 While tipping her glass of iced tea, Mishuku Hana, a literary girl with black-rimmed glasses and twin ponytails, spoke up in an extremely cold voice

 She is dressed in a neat dress

 A small bag filled with items for going out is placed beside her, and she supports her glass with both hands. At first glance, she looks very pretty

 But her inner emotions are very hard to imagine from her appearance

 ”How many girls do you have to hold before you’re done? You rapist”

 Her outspoken words and actions――their intensity and sharpness surpassed even Riko’s in her prime. Despite the lack of physical threats, she is relentless in her abuse

 Chihiro listened to Hana from a position leaning against a nearby wall. Well, the table in the living room of the apartment is too small for the four of them, and Hana does not want to share it with Chihiro

 As soon as Chihiro and her friends arrived back at the apartment and took a rest, she came to the apartment and behaved like this. Thinking that he was partly responsible for this, Chihiro could only laugh

 ”Well, you’re the only one who’s been raped so far. Mishuku-san, right?”

 Riko, who was holding a glass with one hand, said casually, and Hana glanced at her

 ”That’s correct, but why don’t you stop asking when you remember it so well? I mean, Nishizaki-san… did you want to be this man’s slave?”

 Hana seems to be a genuine lesbian

 If that’s the case, then Riko, who is the same s*x as Hana, and with whom she’s been in contact many times, shouldn’t be as repulsive as Chihiro, but the fact that the two of them are complete opposites makes Hana uneasy

 In fact, there seemed to be a sense of danger in their conversation, as if they were treading on thin ice

 ”That’s right. He was rough with me at first, but now I’m okay with it. That’s why, if anyone asks me, I’ll say it’s a mutual agreement”

 Riko’s reply echoed what Chihiro had said to Hana: “If I rape someone and make them obey me, it will be a mutual agreement”

 Hana probably didn’t feel good about being shown what she might have become if she had made a mistake, or what her future would be like

 ”You’re crazy. You’re all crazy”

 ”Including you. …Aha. I’m looking forward to the time when Mishuku-san gives in to Master and begs with your sweet voice”

 ”It won’t come, that’s for sure”

 Hana cut off Riko’s provocation and looked at Maria, who had been sitting in silence for some time now

 ”…So… Maria-chan, are you going to support Izumi-kun’s love life?”

 The jet-black girl looked up and looked at Hana as if she had just realized something

 She smiles and nods, clearly

 ”Yes, of course”

 ”Why? Why don’t you just leave this guy alone and be mine? I will love only one person, and it’s you, Maria-chan. There’s no need to be obliging to the first Master”

 ”Hey, Hana-san”

 A quiet voice interrupted Hana’s words

 ”No matter how many times you say it, it won’t change my answer. I’ll never be yours. Well… yeah. Unless Master gives me an order”

 ”I’m not letting go of Maria”

 ”Yes. I surely hope so”

 Chihiro replied, and Maria nodded happily

 When Hana saw the two of them, she spat viciously

 ”…It seems that the only way to get Maria-chan is to get rid of Izumi-kun”

 ”It’s so disturbing”

 Chihiro chuckled

 As expected, controlling her would be an extremely long road

 Well, just take it slow and try not to get killed

 ”So, Mishuku-san, why don’t you come and have fun with us?”

 ”Why do I have to accompany Izumi-kun out?”


 The girl’s “why?” is very deadly

 ”I mean, I’m not included in the list of girls who are with Izumi-kun, am I? I don’t remember being close to this person, right?”

 Hana has a valid point. But,

 ”No, you are included”

 Riko cut it short

 After all, the girl Aika mentioned was, in context, the girl Chihiro held, in other words, the slave. If Hana was excluded and introduced later, Chihiro’s credibility would be completely destroyed

 And Chihiro agreed with this

 Of course, if he added Hana to Maria, Riko and Aika, there was no telling what would happen. In the first place, he doesn’t understand why Aika made such a request, but even so, he can’t think of an option not to ask for Hana’s cooperation

 Hana nodded deeply at Riko’s explanation

 ”I see”


 ”But I don’t want to”

 She firmly refused

 Well, even if Chihiro was in the same position, he would probably refuse

 ”Hana-san, it’s for me too, please”

 ”…It can’t be helped. I’m willing to consider it for a little while”

 ”Aren’t you weak!?”

 Riko shouted, and Hana stared at her

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