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Chapter 62 First Time with Aika, Part One ★

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 ”It’s really beautiful”

 Aika’s expression suddenly softened

 And it seemed to have served to ease her nerves a little. Seeing so, Chihiro slowly but unstoppably walked over to the bed

 ”Oh, uniform, should I fold it?”

 ”I think it’s fine. I don’t think we’ll step on it here”

 ”Yeah. But it’s a little awkward…”

 Aika didn’t bother to pick up her uniform

 A little bit of immorality is the spice of the act

 So, when she came close to Chihiro, she stopped

 ”What do you want to do?”

 She gave the initiative to Chihiro

 And so, Chihiro sat down on the bed and let Aika sit on his lap. They are not facing each other, but facing the same direction

 ”Am I heavy?”

 He smiles and shakes his head as she asks, turning her head only

 ”Not at all”

 The weight of a person is not light, but Aika’s physique is quite average. Besides, there’s no wayshe’d feel bad about the weight of someone he loves

 ”I’m glad”

 She smiles and Chihiro kisses her lightly again

 ”Ah… jeez”

 She protests with her mouth, but her expression is sweet

 Seeing that there is no resistance, Chihiro gently cuddles Aika’s body with his arms and kisses her again and again

 It might have been the first time for Chihiro to put his lips together so many times just to express his affection

 But, it was important for Aika, who had never done this before, to raise her spirits like this

 Fortunately, Chihiro, who had never held a girl for the first time in a normal way, could understand that. Take it slow and easy. He has to make sure that he doesn’t overdo it and cause too much pain or embarrassment, and if possible, he has to finish the act in a dreamy state

 ”Aika, can I touch it?”


 Chihiro waited for her answer, then lifted his hand from her stomach

 He then touch her bra-covered breasts

 He gently wraps his hand around her breasts, which have never been touched by a man before. With little effort. He just puts his hand on it, conveying only the faintest touch


 Still, Aika lets out a ticklish sound

 It’s understandable. No matter how prepared she is, it is natural for her head to be filled with nervousness when it comes time to actually do it


 ”Don’t worry”

 Chihiro whisper in her ear

 And with gestures, with voices, with their bodies touching

 He conveys his love and relaxes her mind

 After that, he slowly caresses the surface of her bra, her breasts behind it

 Many times. Just as he cares for puppies and kittens


 Occasionally, Aika lets out a breath

 It seems that her body, which was tense at first, gradually leans firmly against Chihiro. And he can feel that her trust and security are growing

 *kiss* *kiss*

 Chihro then looked into her eyes and continued to kiss her, feeling the sweetness in her eyes

 After a long time, he increases the force of his fingers a little and sinks them into her bra



 Aika’s body jerked slightly

 ”Aika, I wonder if you can feel easily”

 ”That’s… I don’t know”

 After all, she has no experience in comparing herself to others

 But at the same time, Chihiro was glared at lightly for suggesting a relationship with another girl. Regretting his mistake, he moves his finger in acknowledgement

 He sinks his finger slightly and then returns it

 The sensation is more like a tickle than a pleasant one. But that’s okay

 Ticklishness is also a kind of pleasure. When it is given by a friend or someone whom he loves, the reaction is “laugh”. In other words, it does not produce dislike, but rather it belongs to the pleasure or discomfort category

 ”Don’t worry about being touched”

 By imprinting on her the idea that there is nothing to be afraid of, she will be able to open the door to the future

 And watching Aika’s reaction, he adjusts the amount of force, and soon his fingers begin to clearly change the shape of her breasts

 ”You’re so good at this, Chihiro”

 Aika whispered quietly


 He shook his head with a smile as he wondered if he should say sorry

 ”No, no. I don’t blame you. I’m just really happy that you’re so kind and warm”

 ”…Thank you”

 With that, he put all his feelings into his caresses

 He fondled her nipples over her bra. And started with a feather touch, he rubs it with his fingers, and when Aika gets used to it, he gently scratches it with the tip of his fingernail

 ”Oh, Chihiro, you…”

 ”If you can’t hold back, you can let out your voice”

 Aika has been twitching and shaking for a while now

 Maybe she’s starting to get aroused. But it’s ironic that the techniques Chihiro learned in training have come in handy

 However, now, to love her, he’ll use everything he’s got

 He caresses other places besides her breasts. And while kissing her, still avoiding her private parts, he slides his hands and fingers down to her stomach, sides, arms, and neck

 Well, a girl’s skin is sensitive, so it is even more so when she is aroused

 He can give her pleasure even in places that are not generally known as s*xual zones. In fact, since it is less likely to lead to lewd images, it can be accepted with open arms

 ”Bra, let me take it off”

 Chihiro move his body slightly away from her, put his hand on the hook, and remove her upper body underwear

 Aika’s cheeks stained with the sight of her exposed breasts, but then he hugged her again from behind to reassure her

 After a few tens of seconds, he confirmed that Aika had leaned back again

 He then put his hand on her chest and caressed her directly

 With the cloth no longer separating them, the feeling on his fingers changed dramatically. And it must be the same on Aika’s side

 Chihiro stroked, squeezed, and pinched it

 Even such a casual action turns into a stronger pleasure than before


 Chihiro took the opportunity to play with her nipples, and Aika let out a loud squeal

 ”Does it feel good?”

 ”Uh, umm”

 ”I see. Then I don’t have to hold back”

 With that said, he kisses her again

 And he continues his finger movements, keeping his attention on her lips. While holding her body, which is bouncing repeatedly, he gives her the pleasure she deserves

 He likes her

 And to convey this, he wanted her to feel good


 Aika’s lips parted, and she cried out unbearably

 Her body jerked dramatically

 Seeing this, Chihiro removed his fingers from her nipples and gently stroked Aika’s skin. He did not want the wave of pleasure to rush out too quickly. He wanted the sweetness to last as long as possible

 More than a minute passed

 Aika said quietly

 ”Just now, I…”

 Did she just come?

 Figuring out what she meant, Chihiro smiled and nodded

 ”Yes, I think you did”

 ”I see…”

 She turned her face down in embarrassment

 ”I was just, in the middle of something. I’m sorry”

 …Sorry, huh?

 ”There’s nothing to apologize for”

 Chihiro reaches her right hand to Aika’s head and pats her hair

 ”It’s okay. I did it because I wanted you to feel good. …And…”


 ”If it’s okay with Aika, we can keep going”

 There’s no rule that says it’s over when one of them climaxes

 Rather, Chihiro thought, the girls could climax as many times as they wanted

 Just touching their soft, warm skin and listening to their sweet voices is a man’s greatest pleasure


 Aika said to Chihiro after thinking for a while

 ”Can we… continue, please?”

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