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Extra Edition Her Choice – Maria Fukami

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 With that, Chihiro and Riko are gone from the apartment, and all their belongings have been moved out.

 All that remained are their duplicate keys, a card with Hana’s contact information, and a duplicate key to Chihiro’s dorm.

 ”…I didn’t know this room was so big”

 Now, in Maria’s hand, is the first key that Chihiro originally had.

 And the key, which she gave back to Chihiro, is a new copy of the first key. But because of that she forgot to return it.

 …and realized it. Even though she realized it, she deliberately kept the original key.

 Now that even the collar had been returned, she wanted to have at least one connection with him.

 Is it too sentimental?

 But Maria is that kind of person to begin with.

 She can’t control her overly violent impulses. In order to control them, she seeks the illusory existence of “Master”.

 That’s why.

 That’s why it was so hard for her to stay in the room where she was alone.

 ☆   ☆   ☆

 Maria decided to contact Hana in about a week.

 Because if she waited that long, the sports festival and the closing ceremony would be finished. During the summer vacation, there would be no need to go to school, and inevitably students would have more freedom of movement.

 ――Even if Hana was locked up for several days, the chances of being traced would be greatly reduced.

 And now, Maria found out that Hana lived alone and that she was her classmate from elementary school. Maria got this information through her brother, who has a wide range of connections and can easily get some information.

 …For emotional reasons, she tries to avoid situations where she has to ask for his help.

 Anyway, the preparations are now complete.

 She just has to wait for the right moment.

 Over the next week, she’ll try to convince Hana that Maria and Chihiro have parted ways.

 Nothing difficult about that.


 However, the next day after leaving Chihiro and the others, class was difficult.

 The reason is clear. She missed her daily “routine”.

 …A slave who betrayed his master has no right to feel good.

 She thought so, but this was more painful than she was prepared for.

 Chihiro is not with her. She couldn’t do the things with him that had become the norm. Just thinking about it makes her feel crazy.

 Therefore, she couldn’t concentrate on her studies, and had to do her best to keep up appearances.

 And then…

 On Sunday night, Maria was called by Chihiro and the others.

 ”You and Mishuku-san have known each other for a long time, right?”

 Apparently, they’d found out about Hana and Maria’s relationship.

 And it made her surprised at how quickly they had done it, and at the same time she wished they hadn’t had to go to such lengths.

 Then, Chihiro and the others said, “I want you on my side”.

 ”Then? Is there anything I can do to help?”

 It’s all right.

 She just wanted them to be quiet. So, she says some words that will convinced him to give up.

 But Chihiro wouldn’t give up.

 ”…I’m sorry. I can’t agree with that. After all, I really, really need Maria”

 ”Then you’ll have to convince me by force. If you can’t beat me, I’m going to Mishuku-san right now”

 If Chihiro doesn’t understand her with words, she has no choice.

 She’ll force him to stay quiet.

 After all, she had already decided she’ll handle this alone. That’s why she hurt Chihiro and the others.

 So she can’t back down even though she knows it’s a contradiction.


 Chihiro didn’t give up even though she hurt him with Retaliation’s ability.

 He continued to fight against the unfair odds and continued to press Maria’s joints to the very edge of his limits.

 ”…Izumi-kun. Whatever it is, you stink. You can hold Nishizaki-san all you want, but if you’re going to meet people, at least take a shower”


 Chihiro’s body odor, which she hadn’t smelled in almost two days, mixed with Riko’s. It’s embarrassing that her body, which was frustated, reacts to it.

 If she smells something like this…

 She wants to do it with him right here and now. But――

 ”…Please, just give it up”


 …In the end, Chihiro didn’t give up.

 She was happy that he wanted her so much.

 However, it was hard for her to hurt him like that.

 So, she avoided his legs, which could make him unable to walk, and also avoided his crotch, which was very important to him, but that didn’t make her feel any less guilty.


 She must capture Hana and offer her to him.

 And then she’d take whatever punishment she could get.

 She left the place thinking.

 ☆   ☆   ☆

 After parting ways with Chihiro and the others, Maria immediately got in touch with Hana. She couldn’t wait until the end of the school year to see Chihiro’s determination to do something on her own.

 She asked Hana to come to the apartment, and she agreed with two words.

 So she prepared quickly and Hana arrived at her apartment in less than an hour.

 ”I swear my loyalty to you. Hana-san”

 ”From now on, you’re mine. Maria-chan”

 ”…Yes, onee-sama”

 All that’s left to do is a little playacting.

 Hana, so elated by her victory – by having the Maria she had always wanted – was not alarmed at being invited into the soundproof bedroom.

 So, the trick was easy.

 Her body, aroused by several days of abstinence, was easily aroused by Hana’s inexperience, and she come again and again.

 She was not happy about being made to cum by someone else’s hand, but when she says…

 ”I want onee-sama to make love to Maria with your fingers…”

 Thanks to this, the last bet was easily won.

 Hana lost her composure when Maria’s ability to give her unexpected pleasure, and also to look into her eyes, caused her to lose her composure due to too deep lust.

 Maria restrains Hana, who has lost her ability to resist, and sends an email to Chihiro after using her as a tool.

 After that, she offered up Hana and herself to the coming master.

 ☆   ☆   ☆

 Chihiro forgave Maria.

 The punishment he and Riko had devised together was the most painful and pleasurable thing she’d ever done.

 He scribbled all over her.

 Maria come repeatedly as he forced her to say obscene words, and in the end he brought her to the verge of going truly mad.

 And when she woke up in the morning, he was asleep beside her.

 ☆   ☆   ☆

 Hana’s training and the cleanup.

 The accusation and the punishment.

 The next morning after everything was over, Riko asked her.

 ”…Hey, Maria…was your attempt to betray Chihiro really all an act?”

 She couldn’t answer that question well.

 After all, it was awkward and embarrassing.

 And she wasn’t going to tell anyone, not even Chihiro.

 ”…I don’t know. The truth is, I don’t know what I’m really thinking, even to myself”

 So, she said.

 ”But I was happy. That he wanted me to be there, that he said he needed me. …that he forgave me and hugged me”

 Maria was really happy.

 And to be with Chihiro and Riko again.

 And that he could wear that collar again.

 And that Chihiro did everything in his power to stain Maria and control her.

 ――Thinking so, she hugged her body tightly with one hand.

 The collar, the scribbles… Maybe even this mark.

 They’re proof of control, but they’re also proof of a bond.

 They may be very distorted and strange to ordinary people, but to Maria they mean more than anything.

 ”…I guess I’ve got more rivals… It’s a little complicated”

 Maria doesn’t know.

 If she’s only looking for a Master as a slave. She wouldn’t have thought Riko as a rival.

 Just like that.

 The girl, who had not yet fallen in love, objected to the words of her friend, with whom she would have a long relationship.

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