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Chapter 66 Suzu ★

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 A female student who seemed to be a third-year student appeared at the entrance

 She looks around, and without seeming to notice Chihiro and the others, walks to the entrance terminal

 ”Right? No one will notice, right?”

 ”Yeah, it seems so”

 Chihiro nodded cautiously

 Her ability, hypothetically called [Cognitive Obstruction] seems to be effective

 However, based on the previous explanation, the effect should not extend to the bags on the floor, so since his hands are restricted, he moves his feet to the bottom of the bench

 ”…Um, how did you know my name?”

 A woman suddenly appeared

 Chihiro doesn’t know her, but she knows him

 The situation reminds him of the incident with Hana, but the woman has already exchanged glances with Chihiro

 If she’s planning to deceive him, it’s normal to be careful and avoid the influence of his mind-reading

 ”Oh, yeah. I’ve seen your documents before”

 That’s what she’d say


 ”Yes, the document. I’ve looked over every student’s document again and again. So, I remembered it. It’s horrible, isn’t it?”

 ”…all of the students”

 Data for less than 200 students, huh?

 And that data will only be useful for three years, and will be replaced by a third of new data every year. Unless she had Maisaka’s [Accumulation] ability, it would normally be a very difficult task

 But then a voice comes down

 ”But, Chihiro-kun, you left a particular impression on me”

 ”Then you… came to see me?”

 Chihiro asked, and she denied it

 ”We met by chance. You just happened to find me when my powers were off”

 ”…I see”

 If the purpose was to talk, it would be better to call him in a deserted place even though she has the ability

 If the purpose is just to observe, there’s no need to get to know each other since she can do so unilaterally with her ability

 Thinking to that point, Chihiro relaxed her body

 ”Yes, good boy, good boy”

 The woman’s right hand reached out and patted his head

 And it made Chihiro’s heart swayed. When was the last time a non-family member, someone older than him, had done this to him?

 ”Does it feel comfortable?”

 ”Yes, it feels comfortable”

 It’s strange

 Her voice, her gestures, her scent… these things make Chihiro’s thoughts run wild

 Moreover, until now, he was so focused on getting ready to train, but now he finds himself relaxing

 ”I’m glad. I feel good too. Chihiro-kun is so cuddly, after all”


 Hearing that, Chihiro felt his face heat up

 He had never heard anyone say that before

 …as he thought, she’s weird

 ”Um, could you tell me your name?”

 ”Oh, I forget to tell you. …I’m Suzu. I don’t want to tell you my last name”

 ”Suzu, san”

 The fact that she won’t tell him her last name is quite meaningful

 Is it a pseudonym or her real name?

 ”Can I ask you something?”


 Suzu nodded

 In any case, Chihiro doesn’t feel like fighting her off in this state. Even if he escaped from Suzu, he wouldn’t be able to concentrate on his training, and he would have to wait for Aika

 Then, an unexpected question came to him

 ”Why do you want to be strong, Chihiro?”


 This is a question that every student at Shibahou Academy must face at least once

 To begin with, many would hesitate to enroll in a school with many combat and athletic classes. Nevertheless, there must be some reason for each individual to enter and continue attending this school

 In Chihiro’s case, it was her older sister’s influence at first

 So, after graduating from the middle school, he followed her to become a [Lost Item]

 However, he was soon discouraged by the presence of strong players such as Kamishiro and Riko’s attacks

 But after meeting Maria and changing his mind, the reason he stayed was

 ”Hostility, maybe. I wanted to look back at someone who was strong and unbeatable”

 Riko, Kamishiro, maybe even Maria at the time

 He wanted to show them that the current power structure was not absolute

 That’s exactly how he felt when he asssault Riko. But――

 ”Is it different now?”

 ”Yes. I think I want to take responsibility now”


 ”I want to protect them. I have people I have to protect”


 Maria, Riko, and… Hana, for the time being

 Even though they are different in the sense that they are both lovers and slaves, they are the ones Chihiro reached out to and desired

 So Chihiro has a responsibility to repay them

 And he also has a responsibility to behave unrestrainedly

 If he wants to push through his desires, he must have the strength to push through and carry them into the future

 Such twisted selfishness

 It’s a completely different aspiration from what is normally called “protect”

 ”I see. I understand…”

 She then pats him again

 Her hand was still moving on his head

 (…Even though I couldn’t understand her intentions, in a way, it was as if she was confessing her love for me)

 ”Why do you know my reasons?”

 ”I told you. I’ve been curious about you, Chihiro-kun”

 If Chihiro could ask one question at a time, the answer would be something like that

 He felt like Suzu was being evasive, but at the same time she wasn’t lying

 Anyway, now it’s Suzu’s turn to question him

 ”Okay, next question. Do you like breast?”


 ”Ufufu. Your thing gotten a little “bigger” since a while ago. I thought you might be excited by onee-san breasts”

 (…Well, that’s what boys are like, isn’t it?)

 ”Um, where’s the serious talk?”

 ”I think it’s too formal if we keep talking about it. It’s too much trouble for me too”


 This person is no good

 If she’s acting, Chihiro can’t understand her because of their different life experiences

 If it’s not, it means that the first time he saw Suzu, his impression was correct, and it’s useless to try to figure out exactly who she is

 ”…I like them. Big ones, small ones”

 Still, Chihiro has no choice but to answer honestly

 Feeling as if he was being completely swallowed up by her pace, he spun his words in return

 ”Do you like this kind of talk, Suzu-san?”

 ”Dirty talk? I like it”

 Suzu replied again, more matter-of-factly

 ”Though, I’m young woman with a lot of superficial knowledge about naughty thing (耳年増). Yuu-chan is so annoying that I don’t get a chance to practice”


 (…I wonder who’s Yuu-chan)

 ”Are you good at that kind of thing, Chihiro-kun?”

 ”Well, I don’t know if I’m good at it, but I think I have some experience”

 ”I see. That’s nice”

 As she says this, Suzu extends her left hand, the one not patting his head, to Chihiro’s crotch. She crawls her hand up his pants, feels his p*nis, and grabs the zipper

 ”H-Hey, wait a minute!”

 ”Don’t worry, no one will notice. Onee-san will take care of it”

 What a bold move, especially with the occasional student still coming and going

 Still, in a flash, Suzu unzips Chihiro’s zipper and thrusts her hand into it, exposing his rod

 It’s nice to have an erection exposed to the open air, but …

 ”You know about this kind of thing, right?”

 ”Yes, I know it. But I’ve never done anything like this before”

 But Suzu seems to have no hesitation in her actions

 She grasps Chihiro p*nis with her fingers, and moves her arm lightly

 The action itself is certainly faltering. That’s why the gap between the boldness and the lightness of the action spins a strange excitement

 ”I didn’t know a boy’s p*nis could be like this…”

 Chihiro noticed that Suzu’s voice had a hint of heat in it

 ”I’ve been longing for this. I’ve always wanted to do something naughty like this”

 What kind of reaction would she get if Chihiro told her that she was going to play with a younger boy and expose him in public?

 He wonders how she would react if he told her. He had a strange feeling that she would just say “Well” and that would be the end of it

 ”Why me?”

 ”I don’t know. But I felt that Chihiro-kun would accept me”

 ”No no no, I don’t think most boys would reject you”

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