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Chapter 7 Oral and Cowgirl Position ★

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 The menu for dinner is Western food

 The main dish is salmon meuniere, along with boiled potatoes, carrots and broccoli. The soup is consommé with low saltiness. It would have been good with bread, but since it’s a breakfast and lunch meal, rice is the main dish

 ”…It’s delicious”

 ”Fufu, thank you. If you have a preference, feel free to let me know”

 ”Uh, yeah”

 Chihiro answered Maria while subtly looking away from the front

 After that, Maria fixed her hair and put on her nightgown. So, she was no longer in her underwear, but the nightgown she wore is the problem

 A black negligee. And it’s a rather thin one

 To be honest, in Chihiro’s opinion, it’s not much different from the underwear she was wearing earlier


 ”Do you think it doesn’t look good on me?”

 ”No, it’s the opposite”

 ”Well, I know. I’m sorry, I just wanted to make fun of you”

 Maria’s attitude is nonchalant, but Chihiro can’t look at her directly

 ”But you’re going to have to fix that reluctance little by little. I think it’s just a matter of time”


 Chihiro made a contract with Maria and became her “Master”. So, even if it’s not exactly what she wants, he has to learn to behave a bit like a Master

 Even though he has no idea how to do so

 ”I’ll do my best. I don’t know how far I can go”

 As he says, if Chihiro keep doing it, it may gradually improve. Surely, it’s all a matter of feelings

 And then, when Maria saw Chihiro stopping to eat, she smiled at him

 When their eyes met, her passion seared his body. But the words that escaped from her lustrous lips were, on the contrary, very gentle

 ”I was right to choose you, after all”

 These words are so familiar

 Chihiro wanted to look away again, but Maria extended her left hand to stop him from moving his face. This made it impossible for him to look away even when she pulled her hand away

 In the end, he spent the rest of the meal talking to Maria while looking at each other

 This made Chihiro’s body hotter and hotter, and by the end of the meal, his s*xual desire had reached an uncontrollable level

 For the next ten minutes, he is left to die until Maria finishes washing the dishes

 ”Shall we do it then?”


 Chihiro nodded to the girl’s invitation, this time unable to take his eyes off the body covered by her nightgown and underwear

 ☆   ☆   ☆

 ”…Ah. There’s a little bit of your smell on the bed”

 As soon as they entered the room, Maria knelt down on the bed, put her face to the sheet, and sniffed. It’s embarrassing for Chihiro to watch, but strangely satisfying to see the euphoric expression on her face

 ”Now, shall I undress you?”

 Satisfied with the smell, Maria reached for Chihiro’s body in a kneeling position

 *Puchi* *Puchi*

 The buttons of his shirt are slowly unbuttoned with an unfamiliar touch. Once all the buttons are undone, the shirt is pulled out of his arms with a slight rustling sound and thrown to the floor

 Now for the pants

 Maria, sitting upright, puts her hand on the belt and carefully unfastens it

 Suddenly, an unhappy voice came out of her mouth


 ”What’s the matter?”

 ”No, I was just wondering if it’s really possible to remove this with my mouth”

 ”What, what are you talking about?”

 ”Well, it’s hard to say, but… something in a lewd novel?”

 Maria is thinking about something strange again. Now that she mentions it, Chihiro is not sure if he has ever heard of a story in which a person handles a belt or a pants fastener with their mouth or tongue

 However, the question is whether it is possible

 As she unhooked and undid the zipper with her slender fingers and pulled the pants down her legs, Maria continued to mutter

 ”If I do it badly, I might hurt myself. But, Izumi, you’d like to do it if you can, wouldn’t you?”

 ”…Well, yeah”

 He nodded his head, wishing he hadn’t brought it up

 ”Well, I’ll try my best …let me practice next time”

 As she was saying this, her hand went to the trunks and she took them off too. In this act, there is a perverse pleasure in the act of a girl taking off his clothes

 After that, Maria took off the socks as well, and when he was completely naked, she pulled him by the hand to lie down on the bed

 ”Oh, I can finally do it…”

 ”Did you hold back?”

 ”Yes. I’ve been holding it in since I woke up this morning. …All the time”

 The girl’s voice is rapidly melting

 Her self-control is slipping and her pent-up s*xuality is beginning to release

 Without touching her negligee, Maria puts her hand on Chihiro’s leg. Then, as if guided by her hand, she raises her knees and opens her legs into an M-shape, bringing the girl’s face closer to Chihiro’s crotch

 *Pant* *Pant*

 Saliva drips from her open mouth and soaks his p*nis

 Thickly, over and over again

 When she has secured enough lubrication, she closes her lips and kisses the glans lightly. Her tongue then reaches out and licks the tip, then sucks on it with her mouth


 Chihiro’s voice leaked out from the small stimuli that kept coming

 Maria’s eyes narrowed as she watched Chihiro’s reaction, and she continued her ministrations

 The succession of gentle stimulation seemed like she is playing with him, but in fact, she is changing the angle and direction of the stimulation little by little each time

 She is eagerly trying to find out how to make Chihiro feel

 Imbalance between skill and enthusiasm

 Her ambition compensates for her current poor movements, and she is improving rapidly

 At this rate, in the not too distant future, Maria’s services would become those of a refined female slave

 ”Oh, I’m cumming!”

 Chihiro ejaculated uncontrollably as Maria’s fingers softly stimulated his scrotum and her lips sucked on it

 The semen produced during the day is spewed out in a gurgling stream

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