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Chapter 71 Secondary Assesment

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 A few more days flew by and it became Saturday

 This day should have been an optional class as usual, but at the end of the morning HR, the homeroom teacher told Chihiro something that changed his schedule

 ”Izumi-kun, please go to the secondary assessment after this”

 The note handed to him directly after the HR session indicated the location of a separate building on the school grounds, far away from the school gate

 ”Good luck, Chihiro-kun”

 ”Well, why don’t you just relax and go?”

 ”Thanks, both of you”

 Chihiro exchanged such words with Aika and Riko, and after a brief glance at Maria, he left the classroom. The note said to bring a change of clothes, so he took his gym clothes and jersey

 While the students are going to their classes, he changes into his shoes at the school gate and goes outside

 As he followed the note, feeling the air become much cooler, the hustle and bustle gradually faded away and became quiet

 Soon, the road is no longer a paved one, but a mere leveling of the soil

 This is an area he has never been to before

 The school, located in the Tama district of Tokyo, has a wide area for the number of students. Thanks to this, the schools can be used as a strolling course… which Chihiro knew, but this is his first time to actually use it

 (It seems like I won’t get caught “playing” outdoors in a place like this… No, no, stop thinking about it)

 As he walked along with his thoughts heavily poisoned by Maria, he finally came across a building. It’s a one-story log cabin with a window, but it’s frosted, so he can’t see inside. Near the entrance, a signboard read, “This is a school facility and no one is allowed to enter”

 ”Uhh, this is the right place…?”

 Chihiro checked his note again, but it was correct

 So, he walked up to the wooden door and knocked. But no answer

 And fearfully, he put his hand on the knob, but luckily it was unlocked

 ”Excuse me”

 He walks in and closes the door

 The room beyond the door is like a living room. There is a large wooden table surrounded by four simple chairs for two or three people, a small cupboard and a refrigerator

 (…It’s almost as if I’m on vacation)

 In the building, there is no one. He can see some doors, so there must be other rooms, but the note doesn’t give detailed instructions

 ”Umm, excuse me”

 Chihiro called out several times in a loud voice, still there was no answer

 So, he gave up and walked a few steps into the room, where he noticed a note on the table. He then walks up to it and take a peek

 [It took you long enough, you idiot]

 That’s all it said


 A prank? Just as he tilted his head, he heard a click


 Chihiro turns around. And it seems the sound is coming from the doorway he had just entered – or rather, the door, for sure

 But, when he ran up to it, he found that the door is still locked from the inside

 (…Well, as long as it’s locked from the inside, I can just open it, but…)

 The problem is not that he was locked in, but why the door locked by itself in an empty room

 Besides, the door is not the type capable of complicated tricks

 Nor is there any sign of a trick used as in a mystery drama

 …so it’s a trap?

 If that’s the case, why did the door lock for no reason? A warning? Doesn’t that mean they don’t want to deal with Chihiro right now?

 He was startled by the sudden situation, and thinking swiftly, but then――

 ”Don’t move”


 A cold hand is placed on Chihiro’s neck from behind


 As demanded, Chihiro stood still, exhaled, and turned to the person behind him

 ”What are you doing all of a sudden, Suzu-san?”


 The person behind him exhaled

 ”You caught me, as expected of Chihiro-kun. You remembered me”


 The person who hugged him from behind with a cheerful voice is Suzu, the mysterious woman who had given Chihiro a service the day they had met by chance

 And with the feel of her ample breasts came over his back, he thought back to the day they first met

 Not that many days had passed yet. So the tone of her voice and the touch of her hands are still vivid in his mind

 (…Well, with her ability to tentatively call herself a [Cognitive Obstruction], this phenomenon is possible)

 It’s not that no one was there, it’s just that Chihiro didn’t notice her. It’s a very peculiar situation

 ”Fufu. Is your “that” getting bigger?”

 ”No, it’s not”

 Well, Chihiro is actually starting to react subtly, but he was afraid that if he followed her pace, she would just keep pushing him around, so he answered firmly

 Fortunately, Suzu quickly moved away from Chihiro

 Then, the two of them sit down together on a chair. For some reason, Suzu sat next to Chihiro instead of facing him

 And today, he saw Suzu not wearing a suit but a sweater with open shoulders and a short skirt. Her black bra strap is clearly visible at the shoulder. It’s s*xy, but rather loose

 ”So, umm… is Suzu-san the one in charge of the secondary assessment?”

 ”Oh, how did you know? Onee-san haven’t even told you yet”

 ”Well, yeah”

 When they met before, Suzu told Chihiro that her role was to observe people

 She also said that she remembers the data of all the students at Shibahou Academy

 Considering the significance of her appearing here, wandering around unnoticed while gathering information on [Lost Item], it’s a natural conclusion

 ”So, that’s how it is”

 Suzu nodded, simply

 ”Yeah, in addition to the abilities we talked about before, I have the ability to examine such things. That’s why it’s my job to do secondary assessment”

 Normally, Suzu will call the person into an empty room or have someone else handle it while she observes them

 Suzu said this without any particular emotion

 ”I see. …. Then why this time?”

 ”After all, I was curious about Chihiro-kun. You have a color that interests me”


 Chihiro ask back

 But instead of answering, Suzu just babbles on

 ”Besides, you’re my first”

 ”Don’t say that as if I took your virginity!”

 ”So do you want to take it now?”

 ”Don’t say that so easily, even if it’s a joke..”

 ”I’m not kidding”

 Suzu mumbles in regret


 Exhaling, she tightened her expression there. She must have switched her mind to work mode

 ”Then, let’s finish the work first, shall we?”

 Thus began the second assessment with Suzu’s ability

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