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Chapter 73 The Ability of [Desire Exposure] ★

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 ”Then, please”


 With that, Chihiro turned his body around and looked into Aika’s eyes

 And then, after a moment of embarrassment, he switched the switch and an image appeared in his mind

 ☆   ☆   ☆

 A two- or three-story building with large windows on all sides

 In the center of the room is a large canopied bed. On top of the bed is Aika in a pure white dress and Chihiro in a clean suit

 The time seems to be evening, and the sea outside the window, stretching as far as the eye can see, is tinged orange by the setting sun

 [Chihiro-kun… no, dear. Please love~ me a lot. I want to have a child with you]


 They kissed each other on the bed with pure white sheets, and eventually their bodies locked together until the night is over


 ☆   ☆   ☆

 The image is cut off

 Then Aika’s face turns redder than ever, and she stands up and closes in on Chihiro

 She stopped just in time, judging that it was dangerous to look Chihiro in the eye

 ”N-No, it’s not like that!”


 ”I-I mean, it’s more like… It’s more like a girl’s dream…!”

 She groans and sits back in her chair, then turns her head in the other direction out of shame

 ”Hey, Chihiro, what did you see?”

 ”Eh, well. After the wedding, Aika and I had baby-making s*x…”


 Chihiro is about to say what he saw, but Aika stared at him sharply

 Apparently, she was quite embarrassed

 ”…This is quite”

 ”Yes, it looks very destructive”

 The remaining two nodded to each other

 Then, Riko turned to Chihiro

 Her expression is quite serious

 ”I’m next”

 ――At first, Aika, Riko, and Hana all seemed to be implying that they didn’t want to do it

 It was only natural that they did not want to do it, because it would be a shame play no matter how they tried

 That’s why this exchange of glances seemed to be a difficult one. But then――

 [Why don’t everyone get a look anyway?]

 Maria said so and continue to say “If we die, we die together”

 With that, everyone got a chance to taste Chihiro’s ability after deciding the order by rock-paper-scissors

 Now, the second one, Riko’s desire is..

 ☆   ☆   ☆

 A long jet-black one-piece dress with puffy sleeves and a white apron

 On her head is a headband decorated with white frills, and on her feet are white stockings and black dress shoes


 Riko, with her long black hair, bowed respectfully to Chihiro, who sat on a chair

 Chihiro, on the other hand, is wearing something like a bathrobe and is smiling comfortably with his legs crossed arrogantly

 Looking at them closely, the place they are in is a library full of books

 [How shall I serve you today…?]

 In a rather clumsy tone of voice, Riko politely asks her Master. Her eyes are faintly moist with anticipation

 Chihiro looked at Riko as if licking her whole body, and then said

 [Okay. Then, I’ll have you do it orally]


 Riko took a few steps toward Chihiro and knelt on the floor while lifting her skirt. Then, the hem of her long skirt spreads out softly and creates a shape of beautiful flower on the floor

 [I’ll serve you]

 The girl’s hand unties the bathrobe and opens the front, and her face and tongue come close to the exposed crotch――

 ”Hello? Aren’t you finished yet?”


 ☆   ☆   ☆

 When Chihiro turned his head, he saw Hana’s dumbfounded face

 Apparently, he had gotten carried away with the image

 ”Ah, even though it was a good moment… eh, forget what I said!”

 Riko’s expression also somewhat absent-minded. She muttered something cute, and immediately shook her head and spread her hands in front of her body

 (…So, it must have been Riko’s desire)

 ”Chihiro-kun, how was Riko-chan?”

 Chihiro, who had recovered from the shock, asked by Aika, and he answered with one word

 ”…A maid”

 ”Maid? You mean Nishizaki-san, like those mini-skirted, mass-produced imitations often seen in Akihabara?”

 ”No, she was a rather classical type”

 Is that the point of the problem?

 ”…Speaking of which, Riko was reading a manga about maids the other day”

 ”W-Wait, Maria!”

 Riko screamed and tried to cover Maria’s mouth. But Maria licked her palm from the inside, and the restraint is quickly released

 ”Um, C-Chihiro?”

 Riko glanced at Chihiro awkwardly

 ”Riko, do you regret dying your hair again?”

 ”Eh? No, I don’t think I’d look good with that kind of hair…. I mean, forget what I said before, please”

 ”Uh, okay”

 Smiling and nodding, Chihiro wondered how much a maid outfit would cost


 Hana leaned forward

 ”Well, it’s me last. Let’s do this quickly”


 Probably because she’s been put last, her desire to escape is at its peak. She must not be able to do without momentum

 And so, he made eye contact with her, who was looking unusually tense – just in case, he cut the image just before five seconds

 It’s a short time, but it seems that the passage of time in the image does not match the real time. To some extent, he is able to read the content

 ”How was it, Chihiro?”

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