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Chapter 81 Suzu and Aika

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 Suzu said behind Chihiro’s troubled face

 She reached out her right hand and touched Aika’s shoulder. The contact with Suzu caused the ability of [Cognitive Obstruction] to affect Aika as well, and she began to see Suzu’s figure

 ”Kya…eh, a woman?”

 From Aika’s point of view, a person appeared out of an empty space one after another

 ”Hello. I have been taking care of Chihiro-kun”

 ”Eh…huh? What do you mean by “taken care of”?”

 Blinking her eyes, Aika stepped forward

 Because both of them have to touch Suzu, Chihiro is sandwiched between the two of them

 Really, both sides of the room smell good, and it’s like a different space

 When Aika saw Suzu’s face and her appearance, she muttered in fear

 ”…Are you by any chance “Suzu-san”?”

 ”Yes, that’s correct. Chihiro-kun told you about me, didn’t he?”

 ”…Yes, I heard it”

 Almost everything about what happened with Suzu has been told

 That she was in charge of the secondary assessment, and that she had s*xual intercourse with Chihiro on two separate occasions

 ”But, why all of a sudden?”

 Aika’s voice sounded a little stiff as she asked

 Suzu, on the other hand, spoke loosely

 ”Because I wanted to do “that” with Chihiro-kun”

 ”…in a place like this?”

 Aika almost shouted, but then she stepped forward to get closer to Chihiro

 ”It’s okay. I have the ability to make sure no one else notices”

 ”Oh, I see… but that’s not the point”

 Things are not going well

 And it would be difficult to talk to her if she released her hand, especially because of Suzu’s clothes

 So, taking advantage of the fact that no one would notice, they continued to talk

 ”I’ve been going out with Chihiro”

 ”It seems so. But I don’t really want to be Chihiro-kun’s girlfriend. I just want to see him sometimes and play with him”

 ”…Saffle, is that it?”

 ”Oh, that’s a good word. Something like that”

 Aika sighed when she saw Suzu laughing softly

 It seems that Suzu and Aika are not compatible with each other. Neither of them is the type to get into a fight easily, but there is a big difference in their fundamental way of thinking

 Aika is probably more comfortable talking to Maria, who is the same age as her and who, on the surface, leads a normal high school life

 ”Is it bad?”

 ”…I’m not saying bad, but… not right now”

 ”Why not?”

 Suzu tilted her head, but Aika told her firmly

 ”Because Chihiro has something to do after school. He has to attend the school festival committee meeting to help the student council”

 It didn’t matter if he couldn’t make it to the HR on the way back, but he had to attend the committee meeting. If he were to be late or absent from the first day of the festival, he would be greatly disappointed with the members of the student council, especially Lucille

 At the same time, it would cause trouble for the committee members and many others

 ”…I see, a school festival, huh? I guess you’ll just have to do it then”

 Maybe the content of the statement is effective, or maybe it reminded her of her own high school days. Suzu nodded, looking somewhat nostalgic

 Aika looked at her with a strange expression, as if she had been surprised that Suzu had withdrawn so easily

 Suzu gently moved her body away from Chihiro and Aika, keeping her hands on them

 ”So, Chihiro-kun, I’ll come see you again sometime”

 ”Yes. …I’m sorry, Suzu-san”

 ”It’s okay, don’t worry about it. Festivals like that are important”

 Suzu smiles

 Then, she asked Chihiro as if she suddenly remembered

 ”…By the way, do you know who the current student council president is? Or her name?”

 ”Eh? …It’s Kurohane Yotsuba, she’s a calm and gentle person”

 ”I see”

 Suzu nodded casually, and muttered something small

 The words disappeared in the wind, and it could not be heard clearly

 ――It felt as if she said, “I knew it”

 But there was no time to check, no time to think back, because the fickle girl quickly turned around

 ”Well, good luck, Chihiro-kun”

 With that, she let go of her hand

 And without being able to see her off, Chihiro and Aika parted ways with Suzu

 ”You’re right, she is strange”


 ”Yeah. But maybe she’s not a bad person”

 Aika muttered with a complicated expression

 ☆   ☆   ☆

 Aika and he ran quickly, just in time to make it to the HR on the way back

 And it seems as soon as HR was over, Maria disappeared somewhere. She said she had something to do

 Then Chihiro parted with Aika and left the classroom to attend the executive committee meeting. It seems that Aika is going to help out at the medical office again today, so everyone is going home separately today

 Originally, there is one member (?) from a different class

 As he is moving to the empty classroom of the second-year class designated as the meeting place and thinking so, he saw a familiar black-rimmed glasses girl


 A literary girl who was walking in the same direction as Chihiro turned around and made a disgusted face


 It’s a reaction that brings back memories

 It has been a few months since Riko had frowned at him every time they met

 ”Why are you here, Izumi-kun? I don’t think you were forced to be a member of the committee”

 By the way, did he forget to tell Hana about the student council?

 ”Well… Mishuku-san too, how?”

 ”I applied for the position. It’s also important to get good grades”

 ”I see. Maybe that’s just like Mishuku-san”

 ”What’s that? I don’t understand”

 He meant it as a compliment, but..

 As they were arguing, they reached the classroom

 As soon as they arrived at the classroom, Hana turned her head away and started to walk faster. It seems she doesn’t want people to think they’re good friends

 Oh well, it can’t be helped

 As he walked forward, Hana stopped just as she entered the classroom, and he almost bumped into her


 He asked and looked at her, but she looked at him strangely

 ”Izumi-kun, I thought there is only one committee member for each class”

 The girl in her line of sight is a female student

 A beautiful girl with partly grown out black hair, Fukami Maria, is sitting quietly in her seat

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