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Chapter 82 Executive Committee

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 Looking at her, Yotsuba smiled, “You’re starting to sound like a bad boss” and looking at Chihiro

 ”Luu is easily misunderstood… Thanks for your help, Izumi-kun. Do you have the record of the meeting?”

 ”Oh, yes”

 He takes a notebook out of his bag and hands it to her across the table

 Yotsuba gives the notebook to Lucille and explains it verbally while Lucille looks at the contents

 First, that the meeting proceeded without any special problems

 Then, the contents of the meeting. Since the meeting ended with self-introductions and an overview of the school festival, the detailed report was skipped, and the attendance and participation of the students on the committee was added briefly

 Thud! the notebook was closed

 ”Well, it’s not bad”


 He hurriedly caught the note that had been thrown out to him

 ”Looks like Luu likes you”

 ”Well, that’s how it goes when you’re running errands. Keep up the good work”

 ”Yes. Thank you very much”

 After the report, he was forced to sit down on a chair for a break

 Although the timing makes him feel impatient, he doesn’t have to leave right away

 Besides, he had confirmed that the immediate danger is low, and he had contacted Riko and the others

 Rather, it seems that Riko and the others might be able to find out better without him

 While thinking so, Yotsuba made coffee, and Lucille added a lot of sweets to the plate on the table. Chocolates, pies, marshmallows, cookies, biscuit… They’re all quite ordinary, but they’re spectacular

 ”It’s all sweet treats”

 ”Isn’t it good to have something sweet when exhausted?”

 Yotsuba said as she elegantly popped a marshmallow into her mouth. Since it was a good opportunity, Chihiro also took a few

 ”Well, it’s mostly to replenish Luu’s sugar supply”

 ”Sugar? Is that the price of her ability or something?”

 He thought of Shuka, who had [Heat Manipulation]. She too must have consumed a lot of calories due to her ability

 And Lucille nodded, surprisingly unconcerned

 Then, she threw chocolates and cookies into her mouth as she talked

 ”My ability is based on calories, but especially on a lack of sugar. That’s why I compensate for it this way. But half the time it’s just a matter of taste”

 Normally a girl would be concerned about her weight, but it seems that Lucille’s ability allows her to eat as many sweets as she wants

 That makes everyone feel jealous

 ”Can I ask what kind of ability you have?”



 ”I said [Genius]. That’s my ability”

 Lucille said, “I don’t mean to speak for myself”

 But her [Genius] is the ability to display extraordinary talent in all fields, athletics, academics, art, music..

 Even if she uses it, it doesn’t mean she can do things she doesn’t know. However, it is extremely useful for remembering and applying what she knows, and for learning what she has been taught

 Hearing one thing and knowing ten things, an all-round ability

 It is ranked A

 ”I thought you knew it because it’s rather famous”

 ”…Haha. I’m not very knowledgeable about such things”

 ”But, Luu’s reputation is something that most of the students are afraid of or avoid, or on the other hand, respect, so I was wondering why you don’t know it”

 Yotsuba said this and nodded her head in agreement

 ”Is Lucille-senpai that great?”

 ”Yes, she is great”

 Hmph! Lucille sniffed

 ”You see, being able to speak three or four languages at the same time, or learning kendo, karate, and judo just by looking at it, those are things that would be “normal” for her”

 ”…That’s great”

 In fact, it’s amazing that she’s still in high school

 ”But it’s troublesome”

 ”Troublesome, huh?”


 Lucille sips her coffee and reaches for more sweets

 ”Who would want to skip high school and become a grown-up? You know, every person can only enjoy their youth while they’re still a teen”

 She said as if she were a grown-up


 The privileges of being a teenager

 …something Chihiro had never really thought about

 ”Fufu. Luu, it’s unusual for you to say something like that”

 ”What is it? It’s okay, sometimes”

 ”Yes, of course”

 They say it peacefully

 As he watched, Maria and the others’ faces came to mind

 As expected, he’s curious

 So, Chihiro picked up the cup of coffee and drank the liquid inside

 ”I’m sorry. I’m afraid I’m going home early today”

 Yotsuba turned around and blinked

 ”Really? …Oh, then can you spare a moment?”

 Yotsuba stood up, walked around the table and stopped beside Chihiro

 Her hand gently touched Chihiro’s right hand and lifted it

 ”Open your hand”

 Holding Chihiro’s hand with her left hand, she slides her right index finger into his palm

 She drew a figure of eight (八) several times, and now drew another figure of eight (八), which intersected the first one

 This tickles him

 At the same time, he feels something ritualistic and mysterious

 ”Yes, that’s it”

 ”Um… what was that?”

 After a minute or so, Yotsuba released Chihiro

 When asked, she smiled and tilted her head

 ”It’s a charm. For Izumi-kun to have good luck”

 ”…Thank you”

 Although he was no longer old enough to believe in childish tricks, he was able to accept Yotsuba’s words with open arms. Then after bowing his head, he picked up his bag

 ”Now, if you’ll excuse me”

 ”Hmm. Have a good day”

 ”See you later, Izumi-kun”

 He leaves the student council room, leaving the president, vice president, and the two senpai behind

 He was tempted to go back to the apartment right away, but he thought better of it and stopped by the infirmary

 He peeked through the entrance into the room, which had nearly ten beds and was much larger than a normal school

 Although one or two beds were occupied, there seemed to be no recent injuries. And beside a cupboard, a female school nurse, Koiwai Noriko, was working on something

 ”Hmm? Oh, Izumi, Takatsuki has already left”

 That’s what she told him as soon as she saw his face

 It was obvious that he was looking for Aika and had come to see her. But she had finished her work about thirty minutes ago and was done for the day

 He thought she might still be on school, but he was too late

 ”Thank you very much”

 He thanked Noriko and left the infirmary

 As he had nothing else to do, he left the school and walked towards the apartment. When he was almost there, he received a call on his smart phone

 It was Riko who was calling him

 ”Hello, Riko?”

 [Oh, Chihiro, I’m sorry, can’t you come home right now?]

 She sounded panicked and scared, so there was something wrong

 ”What’s wrong?”

 [Maria and Takatsuki-san are fighting. Maybe they’ll get their hands on each other]


 Chihiro just replied, “I’ll be right there”, and hung up the call

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