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Chapter 85 Restraint Training ★

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 Clink! the sound on the dining table is the clattering of dishes

 There is a chili prawn, fruit salad with shrimp and yogurt sauce, and an oversized omelet filled with bacon and potatoes. The rice is cooked in a large rice cooker, and the miso soup with tofu is made with a light flavor

 In response to Chihiro’s request for a larger portion, Riko, Aika, and Hana prepared a menu that tasted great

 However, the reason why no one talked is because of what Chihiro had announced earlier

 After that, everyone showed their agitation at the sudden talk

 [Chihiro, are you serious?]

 [Of course, I’m serious]

 Riko, who first asked him, seemed to sense something in Chihiro’s answer. So, she just said, “Okay”, and left everything to him

 Aika appeared to be rather worried

 […Chihiro-kun, are you okay?]

 [Yeah, I’m fine. It’s not like I’m desperate or anything]

 [Well, okay…]

 She still made a show of thinking about something, but proceeded to prepare the meal

 And Hana was the one who showed the most antipathy

 [I’d welcome Izumi-kun to leave, though]

 After making her typical preamble, she throws some sharp words at Chihiro

 [If you’re planning to do something terrible to Maria-chan, I won’t approve]

 [Even if you say so… I can’t help it if she’s suffering from full-blown training]

 After all, it’s the same training Hana had before

 Since the body and mind are tortured at the same time, the person being trained will inevitably experience a certain amount of suffering and pain

 Pain, shame, and, of course, pleasure – rituals that expose and release the mind of the person being trained through pressure that they are not usually exposed to

 That’s what Chihiro thinks “training” is

 The experience he had when he scribbled on Maria has made him think so

 [Are you going to do that to Maria-chan?]

 [No… Maybe worse]

 He could have lied, but he answered honestly

 And Hana gave him a hard stare

 [Please tell me what you’re planning to do]

 Depending on the situation, she would do everything in her power to stop it

 But Chihiro shook his head

 [Sorry, I can’t do that. Because I don’t want Maria to be unprepared]

 The jet-black girl remained seated in her chair in silence

 It’s not as if she hadn’t heard Chihiro’s declaration. Her eyes, which not long ago had seemed to have some sort of power of will, now were blank and reflected nothing

 ”Depending on the results, I’ll release Maria”

 It seems the words are working, that she’s feeling something

 [What if I say, “I won’t let you”?]

 [Well… maybe I should train Hana first. Until you are willing to listen to me]

 That’s what he said

 He didn’t make fun of it this time like Riko’s time. If necessary, he would do whatever it took, and the “him” that he used to be when he was prepared to do that kind of thing came out of the depths of his heart

 Although Hana’s training had once ended half-heartedly

 But now, he was confident that he could corrupt this girl to a deeper level now. Hana’s body had developed differently since then, and Chihiro had the ability to read her desires

 Fortunately, Hana agreed to the standoff this time

 [I understand. But be sure to tell me what you’re going to do after dinner. As long as Maria-chan doesn’t ask, right?]


 After the conversation, Maria went back to her room to rest

 [Chihiro-kun, is training really that hard?]

 She must have been listening to what Chihiro and Hana were saying

 But Aika, who had stopped preparing the meal, quietly asked it. In front of her, he had only trained her as a part of play, so she probably couldn’t imagine what he meant by “training” Maria

 When he was wondering how to explain it, Riko helped him out

 [It’s hard. When you’re trained, your mind and body get messed up. I don’t know what’s going on, and sometimes I feel like crying]

 Riko, who had actually experienced and witnessed the training, had a real sense of reality in her voice

 [Is it that hard?]

 [It’s hard. But something changes afterwards. I can’t really describe it, though…]

 [I see…]

 [And by the way, it must be hard for Chihiro too. It takes a lot of energy to train someone]

 After saying that, Riko went back to the kitchen

 [Chihiro-kun says things like that and trains Maria-chan because you care about her, right?]

 [Yes, that’s right]

 Maria is important to Chihiro

 He never thought of her as an object of love, but she is certainly a necessary part of his life

 What he said to Maria before hasn’t changed

 [I might be a little jealous]

 Aika muttered quietly at the end


 In the end, Maria did not say a word during the meal

 He told her that she should eat as much as possible, so she ate to some extent, which is a relief

 ”Maria, I’m going to ask Riko and the others to clean up, so can you go clean yourself up? I don’t mind if it takes a while”


 Purification before the training

 He won’t tell it what he’s going to do, but he needs time to calm down. He needs to be prepared to accept whatever is done to him

 While Maria was purifying herself in the bathroom, Chihiro explained to Aika, Riko and Hana the details of the training

 As expected, the girls protested

 However, Chihiro has no intention of giving in

 ”…Are you really going to do that?”

 ”It’s too much. Is it really necessary to go that far?”

 ”Yes. I want to know how Maria really feels. I want to hear how she really feels”

 Though, he’s not sure if they’re convinced about the details

 Still, one girl nodded silently, another asked all the questions they could think of, and a third stared at Chihiro and questioned him about his true intentions

 Each of them must have had different feelings inside

 There are times when they almost shouted at each other

 However, the girls finally swallowed the idea of the training, and they all went to work cleaning up after dinner and preparing for the training

 A few tens of minutes passed, and the preparations were all done

 ”…Sorry to keep you waiting”

 Maria appeared in front of everyone, wearing a black collar, completely naked and wearing only a towel

 Her hair was dry and carefully combed. It was a wise decision, considering what was about to happen

 Her expression is much better than before she ate. Her stomach was full of food and the hot water had calmed her down

 ”Maria, are you ready?”


 Maria choked up as she checked to make sure

 There was no turning back now

 She must have realized that once this training was over, the relationship between Chihiro and Maria might be over

 But still..


 The girl nodded stoutly

 ”…Good. Then let’s go to the bedroom”

 Maria and him moved to the usual bedroom. Riko and Aika followed behind

 Hana was already waiting for them inside

 Maria opened the door and walked in, stopping near the entrance

 ”This is…”

 On the oversized bed was Hana in her monotone underwear and several toys, including vibrators, dildos and rotors. Then there are the chic black restraints

 Maria could tell at a glance because she knew so much

 She knew she would be trained with these tools

 Most of the tools had been given to Chihiro by Hana, but Chihiro hadn’t used them much

 It seems that most of the time he used them to blame Hana, the original owner, but this time he’s going to make full use of them

 But if he really wants to blame Maria, no matter how much he does, it won’t be enough


 The dark-haired girl shakes her knees, and the towel falls from her hands to the floor

 Did she get excited?

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