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Chapter 89 Whip Torture

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 ”Maria, get up”

 The girl did not respond to Chihiro’s command, instead sitting back in her chair

 She probably didn’t have the strength left to stand up knowing that she was going to be trained further

 It was understandable, but it was still a little painful


 He calls her name again

 And finally, the dark-haired girl looked up

 As she stared at him, trying to move her arms and legs with slow movements, someone other than Chihiro became impatient first

 It’s Riko

 She sighs and walks over to Maria. She then pushed Aika aside and looked directly into Maria’s jet-black eyes

 ”Hey, you know, Maria”

 Her voice is cold

 Riko is almost neutral in this matter – although she stood by Aika’s side in the discussion, she must have been more than concerned about Maria

 But now, in this situation

 ”If you treat Master like a fool, I’ll kill you for real this time”

 She was clearly angry and confronted Maria


 ”Nishizaki-san, if you’re serious, I’m not going to let you get away with this”

 ”Shut up!”

 Aika and Hana opened their mouths to speak, but Riko hit them both with sharp words

 She glared at Maria without looking back

 ”You told me sometime ago. “You can’t kill me”. But you’re not all-powerful either, are you? I can kill you with poison or by suffocating your face with something”

 ”Yeah, right”

 Maria replied quietly then she continued to speak

 ”…it’s fine, just kill me”

 ”Tsk. This idiot…!”


 Riko was about to reach for Maria’s neck but stopped when Chihiro stopped her

 At the sound of Chihiro’s voice, the blonde girl flinched, only to swoon back

 ”…I’m sorry”

 Chihiro shook his head at her

 ”No, it’s fine. But it sounds like Maria needs some discipline”


 Chihiro takes out a black lead from the SM training item

 He attached it to a metal bracket on Maria’s collar and pulled on it

 Maria’s body leaves the chair and her face hits the floor


 ”I didn’t pull hard enough to do anything about it. It was Maria’s carelessness in not supporting herself with her hands. Besides, the pain and injuries will heal with her own ability anyway”

 Regardless of Hana’s voice, Chihiro pulled on the leash

 If she didn’t obey, he would drag her in the direction, and Maria began to walk on all fours, staggering

 …But he didn’t expect to tie the leash to her collar like this

 Besides, Maria’s face was blank, and it made Chihiro’s heart full of pain

 Still, he moved her to the bedroom and threw her on the floor


 It’s a bit cramped, with the bed taking up most of the area, but as long as he can keep a straight, unobstructed space, there’s no problem with what “he’s about to do”

 With Maria left unattended, he took out a thin whip from the cabinet

 It’s a SM product, designed to be less damaging to the skin than a real one. Instead, the sound when he whips it is louder

 This is also the first time for him to use it

 ”…You’re going to do it, huh?”

 ”Yes. I will”

 The other three girls are already catching up

 And the one who muttered in a cold voice is Hana, who cares more about Maria than anyone else in this place, and is probably filled with a desire to stop Chihiro

 Before, she has been restrained and left in the room to instill a sense of shame and loneliness in her

 And after treating her carelessly with a s*x toy, he makes her spend half a day in a room where there is hardly any noise

 She will be made to feel thoroughly humiliated as something that is not even a person

 And today, physical torture

 The general plan had been explained to her at the beginning

 These are all Chihiro’s selfishness, but at the same time, they are a way to get Maria to be more honest

 At that time, Hana said something like this

 [To be honest, I don’t agree with it. If I were Maria-chan’s master, I would never do such a thing]

 No doubt

 Hana would pamper Maria to no end. She would constantly give her pleasure to the point of debauchery and continue to create a world just for the two of them

 She won’t change her attitude just because of this level of defiance, and in the first place, Hana wouldn’t create an existence equal to or greater than Maria’s

 [But at least I know that Izumi-kun is serious. Besides, if you’re going to destroy Maria-chan once and for all, it’s my chance too. If you fail and Maria-chan goes free, it would be a blessing in disguise. Well, it’s just that…]

 ”I’ll never forgive you if you kill Maria instead of destroying her”

 ”I will definitely kill you no matter what the cost”

 That’s what she said, and she agreed to the training this time

 ”You remember your promise, don’t you?”

 ”Of course”

 So, this is the last time Chihiro will train Maria

 As he watched Hana retreat to the bed, near the wall, he dropped the tip of the whip

 Aika’s hand softly wrapped around Chihiro’s

 She gazed at him with trusting eyes

 ”Chihiro-kun, I would never let Chihiro-kun down”


 Never wield the whip in anger

 This is just a training session

 So, after confirming this with himself again, Aika nodded once and moved to the window

 ”…Well, go ahead and give it your all. It’s a good opportunity”

 Finally, Riko said briefly and moved to the door

 Chihiro then took a deep breath

 Maria was lying on the floor some distance away, looking vaguely uncomfortable

 Her eyes were wandering in the air, trying to look at Chihiro’s face, but giving up and moving downward

 Seeing so, he quietly said to her

 ”Maria, I don’t care what posture you’re in, but it’ll hurt if you don’t protect yourself”


 Chihiro doesn’t know if she accepted it or not

 But his first and greatest slave staggered up and sat down on the floor. Her feet are lightly spread on the floor, and her hands are hanging limply

 ”Good girl”

 Chihiro said, raising the whip

 Swoosh! Crack!

 The first swing, accompanied by the sound of the wind, is almost empty. It only lightly grazed Maria’s body around her right shoulder

 But even so, Maria shuddered as the whip swung

 …It seemed that it didn’t matter whether the blow hurt or not

 But the sound of the whip is enough to scare the person being whipped

 Although the usual Maria would have welcomed this with pleasure

 ”As expected, I can’t use it well unless I get used to it”

 It would be fine if it didn’t have enough effect, but there was a danger of overdoing it

 But, of course, Chihiro had no intention of stopping

 Crack! Crack! Crack!

 He swung the whip lightly several times to check the sensation. And a few of those times it hit Maria’s body, but the small bruises healed quickly. This is the effect of Maria’s [Self-healing]

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