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Chapter 9 Lynching

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 Blonde hair, red jersey… Riko is standing near them before they knew it. She is looking at Chihiro, but her eyes are slightly averted to avoid eye contact

 ”What’s your need?”

 Maria reacted before Chihiro did

 Riko then glared at her lightly

 ”I’m sorry, but I don’t have any business with Fukami-san. It’s Izumi I want”

 Chihiro had a bad feeling

 He is afraid that he would be abused or ridiculed again

 And that premonition is not far from coming true

 ”Izumi, train with me. One on one, anything goes, real combat style”

 Riko said what she wanted. The faint smile that would normally be on her face is not there now. There is something out of the ordinary about her

 ”…Why, with Izumi-kun?”

 Maria’s cold eyes glanced at her

 ”What’s it got to do with Fukami-san? I’m talking to Izumi”

 Maria frowned at her words

 She narrows her eyes as if to change her perception of the other girl

 ”It’s relevant. I was the one who offered to train him first”

 ”Yeah. So?”

 Riko’s attitude is curt

 She cuts her off as if she doesn’t matter, and says to Chihiro

 ”It doesn’t matter if he hasn’t said yes yet. Hey, Izumi, which one do you want to train with You’re not going to say you don’t like either of us, are you?”

 The air is strangely tense

 ”Do you want to train with me, or do you want to run away and play house with Fukami-san?”

 ”That’s… Izumi-kun, you don’t have to take it”

 ”Shut up”

 It was an obvious provocation

 If Chihiro accepted the invitation, Riko would definitely try to mess with him

 Now is the time for basic training

 There is no problem to train in a real battle style if the students agree, but there is no reason to complain about avoiding unnecessary injuries and fatigue

 It is not “escape” for a student or an ordinary person to worry about their own safety


 Chihiro’s mind drifted back to his conversation with Maria this morning

 [Good luck, my Master]

 So, Chihiro decided that he would do his best

 When the dust piles up, he’ll work as hard as he can

 …Besides, even yesterday he was able to face Riko head-on

 He then clenched his fists and nodded

 ”Okay. Let’s do it”

 ”Izumi-kun, you…”

 ”I’m fine”

 Good grief

 Even though the chances of success are slim, Chihiro told Maria that


 Maria let out a breath and looked back at Riko

 ”Do you mind if I watch?”

 She would probably refuse, Chihiro thought

 After all, Riko must be planning to torture him even harder than usual. So, there’s no need for more people

 Or so he thought

 ”Do what you want”

 Riko readily agreed to accompany Maria

 After that, the three of them moved indoors to the private training room. On the way, they told the teacher in charge where they are going, and Riko announced that she would continue the training without attending the HR class at the end of the day

 If she does this, she will be able to continue her training even after the class is over

 ”…She’s going that far?”, Chihiro’s thought

 And after they arrived, he looks around and saw the private training room is about the size of a kendo match plus more


 Riko, the last person to enter the room, closes the entrance with a bang. After locking the door, she silently turned around and pulled out a wooden sword from the toolbox in the corner

 She had never used a weapon in a fight with Chihiro before. It might be her first time

 That being the case, Chihiro did the same and picked up a wooden sword

 He had returned the one he had just used outdoors, but this wooden sword is exactly the same. The feeling was still there, and when he grasped it, it felt comfortable in his hand

 ―― The wooden swords used at Shibahou Academy are covered with a rubber-like cover to reduce the power of the blade. Even so, one must be careful with it, though a single hit is not likely to cause serious injury

 Maria, who watch the game, stood in the middle of the room, near the wall

 ”I’ll at least give you a signal to start”

 ”Hmm, thanks”

 Riko replied in an absent-minded voice

 She took off her jersey and threw it against a random wall

 In her dark yellow outfit, her body lines are clearly visible. Although not as voluminous as Maria’s, her shapely breasts and buttocks are attractive enough

 However, now is not the time for leisurely observation

 Chihiro adjusted his breathing, switched his consciousness, and faced Riko. His stance is Chūdan-no-kamae because he did not know any complicated kendo kata, and could not use them


 Maria’s quiet voice echoed through the practice hall

 Immediately after, Riko kicked straight to the floor. Chihiro doesn’t step forward, but tries to follow her gaze

 However, Riko’s eyes and face are suddenly covered by black sunglasses

 This is an application of the illusion ability. Chihiro’s ability to read minds is now blocked, though her vision becomes a little narrower. Also, he could not predict Riko’s actions from the movement of her eyes

 ”Are you surprised?”

 Riko’s cold voice startled him, but she is almost there

 Then, a horizontal blow hit him. He managed to defend himself with his wooden sword, but it was flicked wide in return. Moreover, his left hand, and his right hand became numb. Apparently, he had been hit very hard

 The next blow is a big one. He can’t defend himself in time and retreats. But as he dodged, it grazed his chin


 The impact made his head spin

 If Chihiro hadn’t dodged the attack, where would it have hit?

 While shivering at the thought, he readied his wooden sword and thrust it at least once


 Riko snickered and hit him hard with the wooden sword

 As if pulled by the impact, Chihiro’s stance collapsed. Chihiro’s body fell back as if pulled down by the impact, and he is hit by another blow to both hands holding the wooden sword

 With a sharp sound and pain, Chihiro dropped the wooden sword unintentionally

 It fell to the floor with a clatter, and Riko kicked it away, sending it tumbling to the edge of the room. It is not practical to pick it up and hold it again

 ”I knew it”

 Chihiro look up at Riko’s voice

 The girl’s face is tinged with amusement

 ”Yesterday is just a fluke. Izumi, you’re making a fool of yourself. Even today, you’re happily talking with Takatsuki-san and the others”

 Her expression is one of ecstasy, not from s*xual pleasure, but from a sense of superiority in tormenting the weak

 Even though Chihiro is taller than her, he felt like he is being looked down upon from an absolute height

 This girl does not recognize Chihiro as a human being. She thinks of Chihiro as a lowly being, an insect to be ridiculed

 It seemed like madness

 ”You should reflect on that”

 With that said, Riko swings her wooden sword but Chihiro quickly blocked it with his left arm

 The wooden blade naturally pierced his arm, making a light creaking sound

 And he thought that if he didn’t fight back here, he would be killed


 Chihiro let out a gasp and took a step forward

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