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Chapter 92 A Deepened Bond

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 When he said it, he didn’t have a swarthy look in his eyes, but he had a strong look in his eyes.

 ”Uh, what’s that about…?”

 ”Who knows? Why don’t you just ask your heart?”

 The answer came back as a subtle whimper.

 When Chihiro asked Maisaka if this was interfering with his work, he tilted his head with a troubled look on his face.

 ”No, well. I’m not saying this is your fault, though. At any rate, you should explode”

 Also, with this commotion, Aika started to call Maria by her name.

 At the same time, Maria and Riko have also decided to call Aika by her first name.

 ”Maria… ehehe, it’s kind of embarrassing”

 ”Fufu. Then I’ll call you Aika-san too”

 ”Me too. Nice to meet you again, Aika”

 Chihiro thinks that this is a sign that they recognize each other as a member of the same group, regardless of their different positions.

 And Maria’s new way of addressing Chihiro is limited to the apartment.

 ”Chihiro-sama. Is there anything you would like to have for dinner?”

 ”Um, Maria… I’m kind of embarrassed to call you that…”

 It seems she’s unified the two names she’s been using, “Izumi-kun” and “Master”. But it means that she has finally accepted Chihiro as her master from the bottom of her heart.

 And that makes him very happy.

 ”…You don’t like it?”

 However, at the same time, he honestly felt more uncomfortable when he was addressed as “Chihiro-sama” than when he was simply called “Master”, but when Maria puffed out her cheeks with a regretful look in her eyes, he couldn’t say anything.

 ”No, I’m happy”

 ”…I’m glad”

 She breathed out a sigh of relief and smiled.

 She had been expressing her affection for him before, but since then, her attitude seems to have softened even more.

 Perhaps she has pushed up the line that she had drawn as a slave a little.

 Well, Maria’s treatment or position as a slave has not changed.

 Aika too didn’t approve of upgrading her to “Lover”, and Maria didn’t want to either.

 ”I’ve thought about it, but what I want to be is still a slave”

 Master and slave rather than equals.

 She wants a collar more than a ring.

 That’s who she is, and she told him proudly.

 ”And I’ve decided to follow Riko’s example somewhat”

 It’s impossible to forget the love she feels for him, so she thinks of a way to keep in touch without straining.

 She’s going to turn all her s*xual desires, affections and loyalties to Chihiro.

 The sweet voice whispered to Chihiro, and he didn’t know what to say because of her happiness and the intense pressure.

 ”…, I really wish someone would stab you to death”

 Hana mumbled something like that to him.

 Well, if there was going to be a stabbing incident, the culprit would most likely be her.

 Despite this, a smile appeared on her face as she looked at Maria, who seemed to be enjoying herself.

 It seems that she can honestly rejoice in the fact that the person she loves is happy, even though she says many things and treats Chihiro badly.

 ”By the way, Izumi-kun, when are you going to pay me back for the other day?”

 Really, if she could be a little more forgiving, he wouldn’t have much to say.

 ”Uh, yeah. I’ve thought of something. So, it would be nice if you could wait a little longer to prepare”

 ”Oh, I see. Well, if that’s the case, I’ll just wait and see”

 Hana said with a disturbed expression and turned her gaze to Maria again.

 At any rate, he wondered if he could get to know Hana at least a little.


 A glass of iced tea is placed next to him with a small clink.

 Riko, who has been practicing how to serve, comes peeking at him from the side, saying that it would be embarrassing if she didn’t practice before the performance.

 ”Chihiro, how is the student council going?”

 ”Well…reasonably well, I guess”

 He attends all the meetings of the school festival committee without fail, takes the minutes, and goes to the student council room as much as possible on days when there is no committee meeting to do chores and observe how Yotsuba and the others work.

 Thanks to these efforts, he is not only running errands in the committee, but also answering questions about the decisions and gradually expanding the scope of what he can do.

 However, his relationship with the student council is still the same.

 Yotsuba, the student council president, seems to be too busy to talk much, and Lucille, the vice president, is still direct and direct. Even pointing out a careless mistake is subtly painful, but if he tries to cut corners, she’ll get a quiet shout.

 Ayase and Marika warmly support him, but they do not cut corners in their own work either. As he helps the attentive Ayase and the nimble Marika with their paperwork, the difference in speed and the quality of their work makes him wonder if he’s getting in their way.

 …And then Lucille reprimands him for letting his thoughts wander too far outside the loop.

 ”I think I’m still a long way from being accepted in earnest”

 ”I see. Well, good luck. I’ll do what I can to help”

 ”Thanks, Riko”

 Nevertheless, he could say that the girls had already given him enough help.

 Just by taking care of the daily chores, they make his life much easier, and on top of that, they also take care of his s*xual needs. By doing all the cooking and laundry at once, he can save money on food and utilities, and use that money for saving or doing other things.

 But he has to repay the favor.

 ”At any rate, I have to finish the school festival without a hitch”

 ”School festival. I’m looking forward to it, Chihiro”


 Well, the implied suggestion of cross-dressing put him in a slightly gloomy mood, though.

 Then, from the other side of Riko, Maria reached out and grabbed Chihiro’s hand.

 ”Isn’t that nice? Chihiro-sama will be fine, I’m sure”

 ”Oh, you two are sly!”

 Aika, seeing what the two slaves were doing, stood up and hugged Chihiro’s neck from behind the chair.

 Hana looked at Chihiro as he was being squeezed, and her eyes widened.

 ”…I wonder what she’s doing”

 It was a ridiculous, if he says so, riot, but it wouldn’t have happened if Maria hadn’t been there. When he thinks about it, it becomes an invaluable experience.

 And Chihiro was truly grateful to be here with them now.

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