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Chapter 94 Saffle’s Breakup

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 She is a woman he met by chance in the school about a month ago

 She is a teacher, and at the same time, she is also not a teacher, which is a delicate position

 She is a [Lost Item] with at least two abilities: the ability to prevent others from aware of her and those she touches, and the ability to observe and learn more about the objects she observes

 A naughty woman who squeezed Chihiro’s thing the first time they met, and demanded “that” on their second meeting

 Chihiro’s saffle, with long hair and a voluptuous body

 ”Cut all ties, you mean…”

 ”That’s exactly what I said. I want you to stop seeing and talking to her and become a stranger”


 Chihiro swallowed Principal Ootori’s words with spit

 He had sensed from his words and actions that there was something going on, but he had never imagined that Suzu was involved with the principal


 Come to think of it, the log cabin where he met Suzu for the second time was a school facility

 If Suzu is staying there, it means that she has been given a privileged position by the head of the school, the principal

 [Though, I’m young woman with a lot of superficial knowledge about naughty thing. Yuu-chan is so annoying that I don’t get a chance to practice]

 So, the person who she called Yuu-chan is Principal Ootori――Ootori Yuuji, who is standing in front of him right now

 [Yuse, Kamishiro-kun… and Izumi Chihiro-kun, huh?]

 And the reason why Principal Ootori was concerned about Chihiro when he first visited the principal’s office was probably because of this. Because he had heard about Chihiro from Suzu before that, and his reaction was different from that of Kamishiro and the others

 Having guessed that much from his experience, Chihiro then asked Principal Ootori

 ”Why does Principal know about Suzu-san?”

 ”…You haven’t heard anything from her?”

 Principal Ootori let out a weighty mutter. Then without changing his tone, he told Chihiro, “Don’t call her by her first name lightly”

 Following this, Chihiro replied, omitting the subject “Suzu is――” but swallowed his word. Instead, he said

 ”She didn’t want to talk too much, so I didn’t ask her about her private life”

 ”I see. That’s just like Suzu”

 When Principal Ootori called Suzu by her first name after nailing Chihiro to the wall, he feels upset

 …Perhaps it’s jealousy

 Or maybe it’s unconscious. Even if so, this seems like a heavy and awkward emotion for a grown man to express to a high school boy

 Perhaps there are circumstances or feelings that force Principal Ootori to do so

 It is impossible to say that they are father and child because of their age

 If that’s the case

 ”You can think of me as her guardian”

 Principal Ootori’s reply confirmed Chihiro’s idea

 Although the word “guardian” is ambiguous, there is no doubt that he is in the role of protecting Suzu

 He has no intention of abandoning his duty and responsibility as he declares

 In fact, he is actively intervening and strict in her life, which is probably the reason why Suzu is such a naughty woman

 However, Chihiro, who is just a newcomer to the group, has easily defiled Suzu, whom he had carefully protected

 ”…So, I’m the bad one, huh?”

 ”You’re talking too fast”

 Said Principal Ootori while sniffing

 He was also very direct. His tone of voice is different from when he speaks at the school assembly

 Perhaps it is because they are talking as individuals now, even though they are facing each other in the Principal’s office

 ”But I think she’s doing it of her own volition”

 ”So, is it right for me to forgive you for everything you do?”

 When Chihiro stated that, the answer was quick

 He felt his answer was a little exasperated

 But from this answer, he must love her

 He loves Suzu and that’s why he’s so strict with her. He gives her what he can, like the log cabin and the contents of the refrigerator, but there are some things he will never give her, even if she wants them

 The name “guardian” is not an exaggeration

 So, he has responsibly interfered with Chihiro

 ”…I understand”

 Said Chihiro

 ”I won’t go to see her, and when I do, I’ll try to avoid talking to her”

 ”Do you have her contact information?”

 ”No, I don’t. I haven’t received a duplicate key or anything like that”


 Principal Ootori nodded

 He reached into his pocket and pulled out some kind of long, thin machine. It looked like a portable IC recorder

 …Was he recording this conversation?

 Chihiro think this was a coincidence, but was he actually waiting for him? Or is he carrying it with him? Either way, he’s careful

 ”I believe there are no second thoughts”

 Chihiro swallowed and nodded, wondering what he was talking about

 ”Yes. I promise”

 He then replied and stood up

 Principal Ootori also stood up and opened the principal’s office door ahead of him. Chihiro then bowed his head and walked through the door

 ”Excuse me”

 With that, he left Principal Ootori alone in the principal’s office and headed for the stairs

 …Naturally, a sigh escaped from his mouth

 Principal Ootori’s request was made out of consideration for Suzu, but if he looks at it another way, it means that the Principal of the school is directly putting pressure on one student

 He can’t help but think that this is horrible

 If he goes back on his word, Principal Ootori can do whatever he wants to Chihiro. He has the power to do so, and also the reason to do so

 Disobeying him is unacceptable

 When he walking down the stairs again

 An arm reached out from behind him and wrapped around Chihiro’s neck from both sides

 It was the same twin mounds that he had rubbed against in the past

 ”Chihiro-kun, can we “play”?”

 His ear is filled with a sweet, decadent voice

 Feeling like bemoaning his timing, Chihiro replied, trying his best to keep his voice from sounding too heavy

 ”I’m sorry. I’m just not in the mood right now”

 ”Hmm. Are you tired of Onee-san’s body already?”

 Before, he was horrified to hear her say that she wants to do it in the classroom, but now he tried his best not to react again

 As he slowly stepped down onto the stairs

 ”You don’t have to listen to Yuu-chan”

 ”…So, you were listening”

 He had a hunch that Suzu was listening when she showed now

 After all, looking back, the appearance of Principal Ootori itself was sudden. It must have been because Principal Ootori was walking with Suzu, spotted Chihiro, and called out to him. It seemed so sudden because it was just after he left the range of her ability

 Besides, the subsequent behavior of Principal Ootori – keeping the door open for a long time – was probably to create a timing for Suzu to enter the room

 ”I heard everything. From beginning to end”

 Suzu’s hands held Chihiro’s neck, preventing him from looking back

 Her hands and voice were trembling faintly

 ”I’ve told you before. I’m going to do what I want”

 ”But the Principal was doing it for your own good”

 ”However, that doesn’t mean it’s really for my benefit, does it?”

 That’s true

 Just as it’s not always right to do what you want, it’s not always good for you to do what your parents say

 [My parents are not very good. But, it’s okay]

 Riko says this with an easy-going attitude, but I’m sure she’s been through a lot in the past

 But even so..

 ”I think the principal really cares about you”

 ”No, he doesn’t”

 A cold voice denied Chihiro’s words

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