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Chapter 97 Cross-Dressing Lesbian Sex ★

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 Pasta, salad, fries, French toast, drinks, and cake for dessert..

 A lot of plates were lined up on the table

 All of the above items were ordered by Hana for her own consumption. It seems that the phrase “burnt-eating” was not an exaggeration

 ”…Hmm. As I thought, the food in such a place has a strong taste. I think I’m going to get heartburn”

 ”Are you okay? I’ll help you if you want”

 ”First of all, you should eat your share of the meal first”

 Chihiro’s well-intentioned suggestion is lightly dismissed with a scowl

 Well, he ordered a berry mix pancake and a chocolate parfait for himself. Both of them are sweet enough to be considered as a meal, and if they were not accompanied by fresh iced tea, they would give him heartburn and he might not be able to finish them

 Actually, he was going to have a yakiniku donburi, but Hana asked him, “In that outfit?”, so he had to give up the plan because Hana looked at him coldly

 ”But still, Izumi kun, your idea is in another dimension, isn’t it? You are introducing yourself as a different person dressed up as a woman. Do you have such a desire to transform yourself?”

 ”No, this is very embarrassing, you know”

 Well, this cross-dressing is a practice run for the school festival

 After all, he had put aside his sense of shame to some extent because he was going to wear a maid’s uniform in public later, however, he was able to endure it now because he was playing the role of “Misumi Chisato”. Still, in order to be able to dress like this without any hesitation, one must have some kind of talent

 After all, the skirt is fluttery and difficult to move around in, and the lack of pockets on the clothes is very inconvenient

 Also, sometimes Chihiro was bothered by the eyes of men on the way to the movie theaters. This is most likely because they were looking at Hana who was standing next to him, not himself. He believes so

 As he was eating his pancake and parfait..

 Hana, who seemed to be concentrating on her own meal, gave him a warning

 ”You opened your mouth too wide. Please eat it in smaller pieces. And try to put it in your mouth without using your lips. You’re ruining your pretty face”

 ”I-I’m sorry”

 As soon as she found out that Chisato was Chihiro, Hana took this harsh attitude

 But, Chihiro will obey the warning. He has to wear women’s clothes at least for the next two days of the school festival

 ”By the way…Mishuku-san, you don’t only like Maria, but you like all girls, don’t you? Is there a reason for that?”

 When he broaches the subject, it made Hana pause the meal and glare at him

 ”I don’t think this is a topic for small talk. Well, I don’t know exactly why. It’s just something I’ve realized. It’s just…”


 ”I started to dislike boys, maybe after I started liking girls. I guess I didn’t like the idea of Maria-chan being played by a guy”

 Again, Maria comes into the picture

 But to say that she is being played around means..

 ”Is that something about me?”

 ”Indeed. Izumi-kun, you are playing with Maria-chan’s will without regard to hers”

 While saying this, she stared at him coldly

 Apparently, that was a stupid question

 But then, Hana sighed and said, “But, it is not that”

 ”It was a long time ago. Besides, I don’t think she actually got to the point of being played with. It’s just my imagination”

 Does it have anything to do with “that person”?

 I was tempted to ask it, but that would have destroyed the current calm situation

 Also, she probably won’t answer it even if asked


 As she picks up a couple of forks and lifts them up, Hana says to him

 ”…Well, in that sense, it’s a blessing in disguise that Maria-chan seems happy. I mean, you’re better than most men, but that’s all”

 Is that a compliment?

 Chihiro tilted his head but Hana said, “This conversation is over”. It seems that she wants to have a normal chitchat with him

 ”Oh, yeah. About the executive committee, what do you think of that second-year boy? I think he’s thinking a little too much”

 ”Eh, who are you talking about?”

 ”What? That guy, you know, the one with a really nasty look in his eyes”

 Surprisingly, the conversation was lively, although Hana mainly kept on talking

 And by the time the meal was over, the waiter cleared the dishes, and silence returned again. There was still some time left in the two hours that had been reserved when they entered the room

 ”What shall we do? Do you want to sing something?”

 Chihiro asked her. But Hana thought “Hmm” and then smiled

 Chihiro had a bad feeling about this, but there was no escape in the small private room, and Chihiro was driven into a corner of the sofa

 Hana took off her glasses and put it on the table with her body strangely close to Chihiro’s. And it made him surprised

 ”Mishuku, san?”

 ”Chisato-chan, don’t call me that. Please call me Hana-san properly”

 ”No, that’s…”

 He was about to say, “It’s over now”, but a slender finger closed his lips

 Her face then became close. Chihiro wonder if Hana have ever looked at him like this before, not at his order or Maria’s request

 Also, the look she gave him is a feeling of “desire”?

 But then, a chill runs down his spine. Probably, she is not trying to take away his ability or some other trick, rather this girl’s S must be switched, and it made him can’t escape


 She then kissed him

 It was a gentle touch. Her hand touches his shoulder softly, and her fingers and palms also crawl along the line of his body. There is no forceful touch, but his body naturally relaxes as she leads him. But――


 She pushes him down on the sofa as she did when they entered the room. The stole comes off and falls on the floor, but Hana does not pay attention to it

 ”Hana, um…”

 ”Call me Hana-san, okay?”

 She let out a sweet voice

 The whisper makes Chihiro’s brain slow down and his thoughts go blank

 Something’s wrong, something’s not right

 Hana’s attitude and the way she put him on the spot is so serious and sensual. He feels something soft and restraining in the clothes he is not used to. And under the influence of his behavior as “Misumi Chisato” until a little while ago, he feels a slightly more female-like sensation

 And this synergistic effect makes Chihiro unable to resist Hana

 …Of course, there is still a calm part of him in the corner of his mind

 He is able to reject her reckless demands, but at the same time, he is able to let her do whatever she wants to do just for this one moment. However, Chihiro decides to become “Misumi Chisato” as a part of the play

 ”…Hana-san, it’s embarrassing to do it here…”

 He whispered in a high voice, and Hana smiled happily

 ”Don’t worry, Chisato-chan. This karaoke room is designed with that in mind”

 ”Eh, why did you…?”

 ”Of course I had done my homework”

 It was a terribly well-prepared plan

 So, she had planned to bring Chisato in and do something like that even before the date started?

 Thinking so, Chihiro can’t help but think that Hana might have been cheating on Chisato, even though she had a crush on Maria, but that is not his right to say so

 Maybe she is under a lot of stress because of Chihiro’s relationship with Maria

 ”Do you do this kind of thing with your friends…?”

 ”No way. I’m quiet at school. Love affairs can have a negative influence on me, after all”

 So she’s okay with a little flirting as long as it’s with a student from another school, huh?

 …that makes Chihiro think that she is in fact a similar kind of person like him

 However, this situation was something that he did not wish for

 After all, the reason why he chose to go on a date dressed as a woman

 Half of it is what he told Hana

 The other half was to persuade Hana, as he had told Maria and the others in advance

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