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List of Terms _ Characters Vol 2

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 This is a list of terms and characters up to volume 2.

 There is no specific information written here, so please use this mainly for supplementary purposes.

 □ Terms

 ・Lost Item

 The name of an unusual ability that was confirmed to exist in July 1999.

 It uses a person’s mental power as energy to cause supernatural powers.

 The term is also used to refer to the abilities themselves.

 ・Shibahou Academy

 One of the leading training schools for [Lost Item] holders in Japan, located in the western part of Tama, Tokyo.

 It is a three-year school and is classified as a high school.

 ・Shibatsuru Academy

 A training school for [Lost Item] holders located in Sapporo, Hokkaido.

 The place where Fukami Maria transferred from.


 The evaluation standard for the six levels of [Lost Item], from E to S.

 The higher the rank, the better or more useful it is.

 [Lost Items] that are registered in the country are paid cash by the country according to their rank.

 ・Training Area

 Indoor. A place built like a gymnasium or dojo.

 ・Private Training Area

 Indoor. There is a special building for this purpose.

 Each room is slightly larger than the field used for a kendo match.

 Soundproofed. Lockable.

 ・Wooden Sword

 The wooden sword supplied by Shibahou Academy have protective covers on the blade to prevent accidents.

 This reduces the power of the sword and makes it less likely that a single blow will be fatal.

 □ Characters

 ・ Izumi Chihiro(♂)

 Shibahou Academy 1st year C class. Rank E → D. Ability [mind-reading], [Sleep Enhancement], and [Domination].

 In addition to mind-reading, he can amplify strong emotions above a certain level.

 His academic performance is not bad, but his physical strength is weak due to the fact that he does not have much muscle mass.

 ・ Fukami Maria(♀)

 Shibahou Academy 1st year C class. Rank C. Transferred from Shibatsuru Academy in Sapporo.

 Abilities are [Retaliation] and [Self-Healing].

 Black hair, black eyes. Her hair is short, and only part of the sides is grown long.

 Her appearance is very well-groomed, and she has an air of attractiveness about her, including her ample breasts.

 She has a very high libido and came to Izumi Chihiro in search of a “Master” to manage her.

 ・ Nishizaki Riko(♀)

 Shibahou Academy 1st year C class. Rank is D. Ability is [Illusion].

 Dyed blond hair. Her eyes look strong.

 Although her breasts are not as large as Maria’s, she is a pretty girl.

 She was the enemy of Chihiro, and bullied him every chance she got.

 But she was raped and retaliated by Chihiro himself, and became his slave.

 ・ Takatsuki Aika(♀)

 Shibahou Academy 1st year C class. Rank is D → C. Ability is [Healing].

 She has fluffy, semi-long hair and a gentle expression.

 She is open to everyone, and even talks to Chihiro, who tends to be isolated in class.

 Kamishiro Yuuki confesses his love to her, but she pretends it never happened.

 But now, she became Chihiro’s girlfriend.

 ・Kamishiro Yuuki(♂)

 Shibahou Academy 1st year C class. Rank is C. Ability is [Physical Strengthening].

 He is the strongest boy in his class.

 He is tall and well-balanced, and prefers to fight with his hands and feet.

 His athletic ability is enhanced by his ability.

 By strengthening his athletic abilities, he is able to display a fighting ability that ordinary students cannot compete with.

 His character is very straightforward and honest.

 ・Maisaka Shuu (♂)

 Shibahou Academy 1st year C class. Rank is E. Ability is [Accumulation].

 A boy who acts as a class president. Good friends with Kamishiro.

 He’s a little taller and has a bit of meat on his body, and he has a handsome face, but he’s a bit of a disappointment.

 He has a friendly personality and likes festivals.

 He uses his abilities to act as an informant.

 ・Mishuku Hana (♀)

 Shibahou Academy 1st year A class. Her rank is B. Her ability is [Looting].

 Able to steal the abilities of anyone she makes eye contact with for more than five seconds. But only one slot is available.

 She looks like a literary girl with black-rimmed glasses. Her hair is braided lightly in two strands at the back of her head.

 She is an acquaintance of Maria’s from her elementary school days, and has an insatiable desire for other people’s things.

 She is also a severe lesbian.

 She is particularly fond of Maria, and tries to win her over, but fails.

 However, she has conditionally accepted to be Chihiro’s slave.

 Chihiro is a male, who humiliates her, so she has a bad relationship with him, even though he is Maria’s master.

 ・Yuse Shuka (♀)

 A first-year student at Shibahou Academy A class. Her rank is C. Her ability is [Heat Manipulation].

 She can manipulate the amount of heat in her body to enhance her athletic ability.

 She is under 150cm tall (4.9ft) and has small breasts, and she is concerned about her height.

 She is Kamishiro’s rival (?). and always trying to get at him.

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