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Extra – Morikawa Kaede’s Everyday Life

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 ”Aaaaaah! I-I’m lateeeee!”

 Jumping out of bed, I hastily pick up the clothes scattered on the floor, change into them, lock the door, and rush out of the house. There’s no time to leisurely have breakfast, so I grab a piece of bread from the house and chew on it while dashing towards the main street to catch a taxi. Ugh… Maybe it’s because I have bread in my mouth, but the stares of the people passing by are painful. But I don’t have time to call a taxi at the apartment front, and if I’m late again, my boss will mock me! I must avoid the scolding at all costs! Fortunately, I manage to catch a taxi on the main street and just barely make it on time.

 ”Honestly, you should really plan your actions with some time to spare! I bet you stayed up late last night, didn’t you?”

 Even though I made it in time, my boss scolded me… Unbelievable! And how does she know I stayed up late!? Could my boss be an esper… or could there be surveillance cameras in my room?

 ”I’ll remind you again that your behavior is easily predictable. Right, everyone?”

 Everyone in the room nods in response to my boss’s question.

 What in the world!? As I show my surprise, for some reason, everyone gives me a disappointed look. Ugh…! A few people offer words of encouragement, but they tell me not to worry since I’m from Mary academy. But wasn’t Mary someone everyone looked up to!? When did Mary become so pitiful, or more accurately, treated like something fragile? Hmm… This must be Hagetoru and Shumi’s doing. Yes, it can’t be my fault as an OG. After all, I’m Morikawa, a capable and composed big sister at work. Even Aqua-kun will eventually be enchanted by my mature charm!!

 ”Morikawa! Get ready for an emergency news report!”

 ”Ah, yes, yes, yes!”

 ”Just one yes will do! And, don’t trip over the power cord in a hurry!!”

 Holding the handed-over materials, I hurry into the studio. Looking at the documents, it seems polices have caught the culprit of a heinous incident that happened recently.

 ”Now, let’s switch to the news! 3, 2, 1…”

 ”We have breaking news. The person who broke into a local high school and stole male students’ indoor shoes has been arrested.”

 The case of serial theft of high school boys’ indoor shoes. It’s one of the incidents that has been making waves on the internet recently. Apparently, the shoes get quite smelly due to the heat and humidity lately. So among certain enthusiasts, it’s said that this is the harvesting season.

 ”The criminal was found to be using a copy machine at a nearby convenience store to duplicate the stolen shoes. The arrest was made based on the recording from security cameras that captured the entire process.”

 Hmm? I feel like I’ve heard this story before…?

 ”The female criminal had previously stolen indoor shoes from male junior high school students as well. This marks her second arrest.”

 Oh, right, I remember now. She was the one who got chosen as the Eastern Yokozuna (wrestler) in that weird ranking of perverts. This troublesome criminal steals the shoes, duplicates them, and then returns the duplicates to the school. That’s why it’s difficult for the crime to be discovered. But stealing the shoes temporarily and breaking into the school are undoubtedly crimes.

 ”It seems we have a live connection from the scene. Ito-san?”

 ”Yes, I’m Ito at the scene. We’re right in front of the suspect’s home, but there’s already a police cordon set up, and we reporters aren’t allowed past this point.”

 As the camera turns, a woman who appears to be the suspect is surrounded by several police officers as she exits her apartment.

 ”Let go of me!”

 ”Behave yourself!!”

 The suspect resists vehemently, causing a minor dispute among the police officers trying to restrain her.

 ”Making a copy of shoes, is that really a big deal!”

 ”Don’t make excuses!! What you did is a serious crime. And did you only duplicate them, or did you use them for other things too?”

 ”Shut up! little sniff is just a force majeure!”

 Ughhhh, what a pervert! I wanted to say that, but I might actually want to smell Aqua-sama’s shoes… Wait, does that make me a pervert too?

 ”Um… From the suspect’s residence, not only the indoor shoes but also detailed plans for future actions were found. According to information from the investigators, it seems the suspect was planning to break into Otomezaki Academy High School in the near future and carry out the theft of indoor shoes belonging to Shirogane Aqua, Nekoyama Toa, and Mayuzumi Shintaro, who are affiliated with Beryl Entertainment!!”

 What the heckkkkkk! This time, the police did an amazing job! I want to applaud the police who prevented this heinous crime from becoming a part of this country’s criminal history and arrested the culprit.

 ”I see, it’s a relief that they got caught!”

 ”Yes! As this news spread, the nearby residents living around the scene also erupted in cheers and applause.”

 The screen shows footage recorded at the time of the incident.

 ”Up next, a report from Ito at the scene.”

 ”Yes, thank you, Ito-san.”

 I shift my gaze to the materials handed to me by the staff.

 ”Earlier, a formal statement was released from Otomezaki Academy High School, which the suspect was planning to break into, and Beryl Entertainment, where Shirogane Aqua and others are affiliated.”

 According to the information provided by Otomezaki Academy High School, they have set up a 24-hour security system, including nighttime surveillance. Additionally, with the cooperation of local residents and stores, surveillance cameras have been installed all around the area, ensuring safety for both male and female students. According to Beryl Entertainment’s statement, Aqua-kun and the others’ indoor shoe shelves are properly locked, in consideration of the school’s safety measures. Ohhh! I’m glad Aqua-kun and the others are attending a decent school!

 ”It’s a good thing the criminal was caught.”

 ”Yeah, even though it was just for a moment, having their indoor shoes stolen by a stranger is terrifying for boys. “

 ”True, if you think about it, I’m glad Aqua-sama’s shoes weren’t used for something weird.”

 ”Definitely! Fantasizing about that stuff should stay in our imagination.”

 After the news ends, I engage in light conversation with the staff. Then, I decide to check the online bulletin board for reactions. Using my smartphone, I access an anonymous bulletin board site. As expected, most of the comments are about how it’s fortunate the crime was prevented and express anger toward the criminal.

 447 Anonymous

 Did anyone else notice that Morikawa looked like she just woke up on the national broadcast?

 449 Anonymous


 Still hogetastic, huh? That occasional vacant expression she shows isn’t suitable for a national broadcast.

 452 Anonymous


 We should actually praise Hogekawa for not messing up today.

 453 Anonymous

 One good thing about Morikawa is that she never messes up when it comes to Aqua-sama-related work.

 455 Anonymous


 Hogekawa gets praised just for not messing up. LMAO

 457 Verification Team *07218KADO6

 For a moment, I thought Hogekawa got arrested←

 Hey, listen! I’m not relevant to this incident, okay! And I won’t forget that last comment, alright!! Wait, isn’t that Hagetoru!? She’s behind that comment!! Is there anything else interesting on the bulletin board? As I skim through it, my scrolling finger suddenly stops.

 652 Anonymous

 The shoe lockers are locked, but the Beryl trio at Otomezaki has a system where you can leave letters.

 654 Anonymous



 655 Anonymous


 You can’t just get away with a joke like that.

 658 Anonymous


 Aqua-kun and the others actually read the letters during their lunch break. While there’s a limit to how many they can read, around 10 sheets, and once you put one in, you can’t put another until the next round of distribution.

 661 Anonymous


 Otomezaki, you’ve got to be kidding!

 663 Anonymous


 Alright, I’m 2 peas old, but I’ll do it again.

 664 Anonymous

 Beryl remains Beryl, even at school….

 Ugh, I’m so envious. Could I go back to high school for just one more time? The other day, at home, I tried on Mary’s school uniform just for fun, and it fit perfectly. I’m sure I could still do it! I might sound like a cringy kid saying this, but Hagetoru and the others probably tried it out too just to be sure. Please forgive me.

 By the way, the suspect who was arrested this time was expelled from the pervert ranking for attempting to steal Aqua-sama and the others’ indoor shoes.

 ”Sigh… I’m tired.”

 After finishing another recording, I drag my exhausted body into the elevator. I’ll just go home and get some rest today… As I’m thinking this, the elevator suddenly stops midway. The doors open, and to my surprise, Aqua-kun is standing there!

 Huh… Is this a dream? Or perhaps an illusion?

 Seeing me taken aback, Aqua-kun smiles at me. Ah, this smile is undoubtedly genuine. What should I do? I hurriedly fix my hair. If I had known, I should have put in more effort and done my makeup. No, more importantly, why did I come to work dressed so carelessly?! It’s because of my laziness that something like this happened… If only I could rewind back to this morning, or better yet, back to last night and do it over!

 ”Long time no see, Morikawa-san. Are you heading home already?”

 ”Y-Yeah. Oh, Aqua-kun, are you done with work?”

 Aqua-kun puts his index finger to his lips, and after a moment of silence, he whispers, “It’s a secret.” Ughhhh, that reaction is way too cute! If I were a naughty big sister, I’d even consider stopping the elevator to take advantage of this situation. But I wonder if he realizes that… Oh, but Aqua-kun is stronger, so he could easily turn the tables… Anyway, it smells so nice in this enclosed space. Oh no… I hope I don’t smell sweaty. I’m wearing a sleeveless top today, so if there’s any underarm sweat, what should I do?

 Glancing at Aqua-kun diagonally ahead, I notice he’s drawing something with a pen he took out of his pocket. Phew… it seems he hasn’t noticed my sweat odor or anything. Aqua-kun and I, alone in the elevator – this blissful moment didn’t last long.

 Dammit, who the hell is it? Whoever said we should replace the elevator in the studio with a high-speed elevator! Oh, It’s my boss!! And the reason is because of the late-coming rookie!! Damn, this is my fault, isn’t it!? But seriously, the only one who ever comes late is me!! I promise I’ll never be late again… I vow in my heart.



 Aqua-kun, who was about to exit the elevator, presses the extension button for transporting equipment, then turns around and hands me a can of coffee he was holding.

 ”Please have this. Morikawa-san, you always went for café au lait at the coffee shop when you were tired, right? This is actually café au lait flavored.”

 ”Ah, thank you.”

 With just those words, Aqua-kun cancels the extension button and waves at me as he exits the elevator. I keep my eyes fixed on Aqua-kun until the elevator door closes.

 As the elevator descends to the lower floor again, I savor the afterglow and look down at the can of coffee in my hand.

 ’Thank you for staying late! Good night!!’

 Reading the words written on the white space of the café au lait can, I feel like jumping for joy.

 ”Aqua-kun… this is unfair, you know. It’s impossible not to fall for this. Being treated like this, it’s impossible not to like you.”

 There’s one thing I’ve understood. Shirogane Aqua is undeniably cool, and it was definitely a good thing that I fell for Aqua-kun.

 ”All right! I’ll do my best tomorrow too!”

 On my way home that day, I raise both hands towards the sky. When I got home and bragged about the coffee can I got from Aqua-kun to the other three, the petty Hagetoru and Shumi blocked me instantly. It’s true that they might be jealous… hehe, well, I’ll enjoy it all by myself! I said that as I got carried away. But you know, we’re still friends, right!? By the way, they unblocked me quickly.

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