Male Idol V10c10

Volume 10 Chapter 10 Shirogane Aqua, Apparently It’s My Birthday

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 I’m in Beryl Corporation’s main office right now. It’s pretty quiet because most people have left for the day. And I’m sitting on a couch in the break room, looking at a tablet nearby.

 [Something seems to be starting!?]

 [Wait, isn’t that Shiro-kun?]

 [Happy birthday!]


 [I’m so happy about the birthday livestream!]

 [Thank you for doing the livestream!]

 [Happy birthday!]

 [Thank you for being born into this world.]

 [Upon closer inspection, there’s a charity mention in the corner!]

 [Aqua-sama’s birthday festival is here! A-qu-a!!]

 [3510 (Admin): Superchats in this livestream will be donated to various NPOs and NGOs through the Shirogane Foundation. If you wish to donate to a specific organization, please check the list in the description and specify your preferred NPO or NGO when sending a superchat.]

 Today is my birthday, no matter what.

 I considered renting a place for an event, but due to a lack of time for preparation, it turned out this way.

 I wave silently at the screen.


 [Thank you, thank you very much.]

 [I’m saved.]

 [Where is this?]

 [Is this your home?]

 [There are various things behind you]

 [I can’t help but be bothered by the ugly raccoon figurine behind me. Whose hobby is it? Senpai? Shin-chan?]

 [Doesn’t seem like a streaming room.]

 [Is the acoustic guitar behind you Senpai’s?]

 [For some reason, the raccoon figurine looks like Kohina Yukari making an annoying face.]

 [Yukari rice: Whoever said it’s looks like I’m annoyed, come out! Isn’t it cute! Your eyes have holes in them!!]

 [The line-up of snacks inside the snack box is properly Morinaga]

 [The signs of Shiro-kun and Tama-chan behind you overlap and my heart beats…]

 [The Merry-san doll next to Aqua-kun is too cute]

 I hugged the Merry-san doll next to me and waved her hand towards the screen.

 By the way, I have the exact same Merry-san doll at home, but the one I was using was taken by Kanon.

 According to Pegonia-san, when I’m not around, Kanon hugs the Merry-san doll that smells like me or something like that…

 [Too cute…]

 [Aqua-tan, you really love Merry-san, don’t you?]

 [I also eat Morinaga’s biscuits!]

 [The sweater from Aqua-kun is helpful]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Isn’t this the virgin-killing sweater!? (This comment was deleted by admin Citrine because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [Isn’t it cold in the room? Do you want this big sister to warm you up? (This comment was deleted by admin Citrine because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [Do you want to do something that makes you warm with this big sister? (This comment was deleted by admin Citrine because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [It seems like there are some idiots who are messing up again LOL]

 [TOOOKA (admin): If inappropriate comments continue, your account will be Banned. Please be careful]

 [Citrine (admin): Shirogane Aqua, our talent, has a real sister, so he doesn’t need any other big sisters!]

 I silently got up from my seat and took the acoustic guitar that was behind me back to the original sofa.

 This acoustic guitar, at first glance, looks like Tenga-senpai’s personal belongings, but the owner is Toa.

 Toa used to play the guitar part before, and he bought this for practice and left it here.

 ’These days when I’ve just been standing still, it was you who gave me the courage to take a step forward. I wanted to go to the same place you were heading.’

 I sing that signature song, “Yoake no Taiyou (The Sun at Dawn)”.

 I remember well the figure of Toa who ran ahead faster than anyone during the Halloween festival.

 I’ve never felt as reliable as I did at that time, about that thing.

 [Ugh… my heart is racing…]

 [Wait a minute… there’s sticking cat stickers on acoustics. Tenga-senpai shouldn’t do that…]

 [Could it possibly be Toa-chan’s guitar!?]

 [Aqua-kun singing Toa-chan’s song with Toa-chan’s guitar… ugh]

 [Ah, there are dropouts even though Aa-sama only singing, it’s hilarious lol]

 [Cat lover: Thank you for providing us, ordinary people, with nutrients again today! Thank you!! With gratitude, I’ll throw in a full super chat!]

 [I laughed because there were a lot of guys who threw in super chats right before reaching enlightenment, using sheer determination LOL.]

 Oh no, I messed up!

 [Mistake, help]

 [Even Aqua-sama sometimes makes mistakes.]

 [Do your best!!]

 [When I see moments like this, I can see that he’s a proper human being. Who was it that was claiming he was an alien? LOL]

 [It’s like I’m watching someone’s personal practice scene and it’s making my heart race.]

 [I wonder what it is. It gives off a homely feeling, it makes me feel like we’re living together.]

 [Ramen hagetoru: Shumi, die (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [Yama-san: I’m practicing guitar too, so it’s a big help!]

 After finishing singing until the end, I scratch my head and give a slight nod in front of the screen.

 I must have relaxed a little too much.

 ’You’re always free, soaring with those wings of yours, flying anywhere. To unseen landscapes, even when you can’t see anything ahead. Nevertheless, you walk without hesitation, carving your own path. Even the world itself.’

 The next song I sang was Shintaro’s song.

 Towards a shining future. Shintaro’s determination is embedded in the lyrics of this song.

 At that time, Shintaro summoned the courage to step forward and sing this song, which he was not yet prepared for, in order to buy time. I thought he was a cool guy.

 [I’ve been following Mayushin-kun since I found out about him on Tama-chan’s livestream!]

 [Mayuzumi-kun from the recent beryl&beryl was so cute!]

 [Butterfly Lady: Aqua-kun, thank you for finding Mayuzumi-kun. Thank you for bringing Mayuzumi-kun to Beryl. I wanted to tell you that for a long time but I couldn’t. This is a small donation from me, please accept it]

 [Seeing Mayuzumi-kun’s clumsy but hardworking figure with Heaven’s Sword, I also felt like I could try hard even though I’m clumsy. That’s also thanks to Aqua-sama who brought Mayuzumi-kun to the entertainment world. Thank you!! ]

 [Actually, among the four of them, the one with the most intense fans is Mayu-shin’s hardcore fans]

 [Ugh…oh no, I also felt some palpitations. Is this not only Toa-chan…]

 [Be careful. I heard on the news that there are more and more cases of unexplained palpitations lately]

 I finish singing Shintaro’s song and then go on to sing Tenga-senpai’s song.

 ’Because you’re a light, you shine especially brightly in a moonless night sky. I wanted to shine alongside you like that.’

 I realized after co-starring with him in Heaven’s Sword, that Tenga-senpai definitely has star quality.

 Senpai, who became interested in action, said he wants to aim for an action star under Nico-chan-sensei’s guidance, but I think senpai will someday become an action actor who can make it in the world.

 I wanted to try a solo concert as a singer someday, and maybe something happened that made me feel better inside.

 [Everyone’s senpai, Tenga-senpai!! ]


 [I asked Tenga-senpai to sign my guitar at the pop-up shop. I always sang on the street with that guitar, but recently, I was scouted by someone in the music industry. Someday, I’ll work hard to perform with Tenga-senpai and Aqua-kun on M-Stage!! ]

 [I’m a fan of Heaven’s Sword, but I think there’s something that only Kamishiro-senpai can supply]

 [Tenga-senpai’s fans are intense. They’re unique. There are many people with that kind of personality]

 [I was feeling down because there was no big event for Aqua-sama’s birthday, but now I’m very happy]

 [What? Is this a live show? I’ll throw a super chat instead of a ticket]

 After finishing singing, I put my guitar aside and picked up the camera that I had set up for filming.

 ”Hey, everyone. Good evening. Sorry for the late greeting. I was thinking about how to start, and I got a little stuck.”

 Actually, I didn’t intend to sing this much, but as I sang everyone’s songs, I remembered various things and became nostalgic.

 [But Aqua-kun, who greeted properly, is amazing!]

 [It’s not just rambling. It was a great start.]

 [I actually cried. Thank you so much for being born!]

 [I’m happy every day just because Aqua-sama is alive. A-qu-a!]

 [Ramen hagetoru: Somehow or other, deal with those annoying Holy Aqua Religion believers who have been popping up since earlier!! (This comment was deleted by admin 3510 because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [What is Hagetoru doing earlier? LOL]

 [Hagetoru, control yourself! I don’t know what you’re saying, but if you continue like this, you’ll be permanently banned!!]

 [The shame of the bulletin board, Hagetoru LOL (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 There seem to be some people getting banned here and there, but I hope they’re okay. I’m asking them not to be too strict with permanent bans, but please be careful if it’s a post that would make Ako-san angry, because even I can’t stop it.

 ”Um, so that’s why… I turned 16. Yes. I hope you will keep supporting us from now on.”

 Yeah. If I were 20 or something, I could toast with alcohol here, but I don’t know what to do when I’m 16. Maybe I’ll just wear the birthday hat that the staff prepared for me and set off some crackers.

 [Happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!]


 [Sommelier: Happy birthday~! Let’s drink together when you turn 20!]

 [Grandma: Congratulations on your 16th birthday. I look forward to your future activities as Aqua-sama, as a fan. I’ll also make a small donation for you]

 [TOOOKA (Admin): Happy birthday. Please let me support you from now on]

 [Citrine (Admin): A-chan, happy birthday! Take a break once in a while! ]

 [3510 (Admin): Happy birthday bot]

 [Yama-san: Happy birthday! I’ve been admiring you since I saw you on TV! Please keep being the coolest Aqua-san ever!]

 [Lapis Lazuli: Nii-sama, happy birthday! Please don’t push yourself too hard since mother and nee-sama are worried. I am also very worried when I see you working late at night.]

 [Subaru: Onii-chan always takes care of me. Thanks to Aqua-nii, he has become very energetic. Thank you. And happy birthday! Lapis-chan and Miyako-chan are cheering for you too!]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Celebrating Aqua-sama’s birthday with a belly dance!!]

 [Hagetoru, control yourself!!]

 [Yui-nyaa: Aa-sama, happy birthday. I hope that many women will be saved by you in the coming year, even if it’s just one person.]

 [Hakuryuu Aiko: Aqua-kun, happy birthday! I’ll continue supporting you from now on!]

 [One of the driver’s fans: Thank you for being born. Heaven’s Sword exists because Aqua-kun is here. Gratitude!!]

 [Still Can’t Transform: Happy birthday!]

 [This lineup is hilarious, lol.]

 [Hey, one of the driver’s fans, are you watching?]

 [This has to be Kobayakawa-san, lol.]

 [MojaP: You made a mistake earlier, didn’t you? I noticed. Anyway, happy birthday!]

 [Aquamarin: Ugh… Aqua-chan, happy birthday for real. Don’t stream too late. Oh, and did you turn on the heating? It’s cold today, so be careful not to get sick or have a stomachache.]

 [Yukari rice: Huh? You’re still 16? Hmmm, you’re still just a kid! If you have any problems, consult to a mature and beautiful actress named Kohina Yukari, who is like a big sister! Oh, and happy birthday.]

 [Is there a more obvious self-made act? Lol]

 [Yukari rice, huh? By the way, isn’t her birthday coming up soon too?]

 [Kokona~~: Happy birthday! It seems like you’ll be busy during the year-end and New Year, but do your best!]

 [Merry-san: Happy birthday. Please accept this small donation from the bottom of my heart.]

 [Chacha Maru: Happy birthday! Thanks for holding the Merry-san doll next to you!!]

 [Fuji Ranko: The entire company celebrates Aqua-kun’s birthday. From the Fuji Group and personally from me, please allow us to make a donation to support your wonderful efforts.]

 [December Hizume Sayaka: Happy birthday! I will also make a small donation from me!]

 [Uruha: Hehe, Aqua-kun, happy birthday. You’re getting closer to being an adult again.]

 [Tsukasa: Happy birthday. I hear the climax is amazing, so I’m looking forward to it.]

 [Tsukasa-sensei, is it you!?]

 [Wow, it really exists…]

 [Yakumo Itsuki: Happy birthday. Thank you for breathing life into the character Yuujin.]

 [Cafe Tomarigi: Happy birthday. Come visit us again!]

 [Just a fan: Happy birthday. I’ve been a fan forever! Thank you for being born.]

 [Devotee: Just the presence of someone like you in this world makes it shine. Thank you for giving me a reason to live in this boring world. Happy birthday. I will also make a small donation from the heart.]

 [John Slimane: When are you coming to Stars to hang out? I’m looking forward to the day when we can meet again. Happy birthday. Looking forward to next year’s runway as well!]

 [Chris: Happy birthday, Aqua!]

 [Charlie: Happy birthday. Looking forward to seeing you soon.]

 [Charlie-kun is here!]

 [What does it mean to see each other soon? Are theygoing to do something!? ]

 [Workaholic: Shirogane-kun, happy birthday. For the sake of my stomach, I would be happy if you could restrain yourself a little from next year!! (This comment was deleted by admin 3510 because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [Nobu: A home shot is nice too. How about taking a photo at your place next time? And happy birthdayyyyyyyyy!]

 [Summer king: Happy birthday!! I’m counting on you for Otomezaki!!]

 [Euris: Aqua-san, happy birthday~!]

 [Sayamu Inko: Aqua-kun, happy birthday! Let’s play games together again!]

 [Tsuki and Suppon (Moon & Softshell Turtle): Happy birthday. And, the song you sang earlier was amazing, but I got distracted by the raccoon behind you…so please do something about it]

 [Kurushima Fran@eau de Cologne: Aqua-sama, happy birthday! How about my senpai Ayana as a present? I’ll send her with a ribbon!! ]

 [Maron Cake: Aqua-kun, happy birthday. Please get along well with Ayana-chan from now on]

 [Toanyan: Happy birthday]

 [Cat lover: Ah, ah, ah… That’s the most indifferent. That’s good. Mr. Aqua, happy birthday.]

 [Szr@Toa-sama LOVE: Happy birthday. Please take care of Toa-sama.]

 [Passing Poison Chalice: Happy birthday, Shirogane-boy!! And Kenzaki!! The battles will become even more intense in the future, but let’s do our best to survive together.]

 [Wait a minute! Survive together?! I’m starting to get anxious…]

 [Hongou, no, one of the Driver Fans. Can I trust you? Are you the Happy End Girl? I believe in Director Hongo!!]

 [Mayuzumi Shintaro: Aqua, happy birthday. You’re definitely better at singing. I’ll do my best too.]

 [Mayuzumi-kun, isn’t it too cute to use your full real name?!]

 [I was also moved by Mayushin’s singing!]

 [I like that you can say you’ll do your best here!]

 [Butterfly: Happy birthday. Please accept this heartfelt donation from me.]

 [Oil Queen: Happy birthday. By the way, I would like to donate an oil field. What should I do? I will send an email to the Shirogane Foundation for confirmation.]

 [Hey, there’s someone outrageous lol]

 [Oil Queen? Huh? Seriously!?]

 [Hajime: Aqua-senpai, happy birthday! You’re awesome today too!]

 [Akiko: Shirogane! Happy birthday! I’m counting on you, our two idiots!]

 [Sugimari: Shirogane-kun, happy birthday! You’ve become another year older! It’s great that you’re working hard and studying, but don’t push yourself too much and don’t overwork your body! Please make sure to take breaks when it’s tough!]

 [Devout Follower: Aqua-sama, happy birthday. I wanted to get closer to Aqua-sama, so I abandoned my home country’s Stars and moved to Japan. I dedicate my body, mind, and everything to Aqua-sama and this country.]

 [General Follower: Aqua-kun, happy birthday. Aqua!]

 [Nin-nin: Aqua-sama, happy birthday. I’m always protecting you from the shadows.]

 [Kato Iria@Fairis: Aqua-kun, happy birthday! Say hi to Tenga-kun for me!]

 [Mimorin: Happy birthday. Looking forward to Aqua-kun’s continued success as a pioneer of male idols.]

 [Pegomaru: Happy birthday. I apologize in advance. I couldn’t stop young lady.]

 [Furia Stars Goshenite: My daughter has been taken care of by you. Has she caused any inconvenience? Happy birthday.]

 [Kuga Reira: Happy birthday! Let’s go touring next time we meet!!]

 [Kuga Rihito: My sister is under your care. Happy birthday!]

 [Prime Minister: Happy birthday. Aqua-kun, it’s less than 10 years until you become the prime minister!]

 [Prime Minister LOLOLOL.]

 [Mishu: Happy birthday. I hope this year is a good one for you. Take good care of your health and avoid injuries.]

 Well, I think I just saw an account that looked like Pegonia post something a little while ago. Probably just my imagination, right? And I think I saw Mishu-sama’s name mentioned earlier…

 [Atori Ako (Super Admin): Aqua-kun, happy birthday for real. It’s almost a year since I met Aqua-kun. I never thought it would turn out like this at that time. I think Aqua-kun will make many people smile, have fun, and be happy from now on.

 But the most important thing for that is for Aqua-kun himself to be happy. I’m sure Yukari, your mom, and Kanon-san have told you this, but please rely on the adults around you when you’re in trouble. Don’t push yourself too hard.

 I wish for nothing more than your happiness. I’m sorry, this got a bit long. Please, I hope we can continue to get along. I’ll do my best too!]


 Oh no, I almost cried when I remembered everything.

 Really, a lot of things happened until now, but none of it would have started if I hadn’t met Ako-san at that time.

 Ako-san is the person who started… no, the idol Shirogane Aqua for me.

 [I’m crying]

 [I’m glad I’m a fan of Beryl and Aqua-kun]

 [President Atori is already like a dad and mom to the fans]

 [We fans also wish for the president’s happiness!!]

 [President Atori, you deserve to be happy too!]

 [Dang, it’s getting a bit emotional.]

 [Yukari rice: You should also consider your own happiness. And trying to do everything alone is just like a boomerang that comes back to you!!]

 [Yukari rice, not even trying to hide it anymore lol]

 [But I understand]

 [President, don’t push yourself too hard!]

 Everyone, you’re all really kind.

 I feel like I’ve been saved so many times by the warmth of all the fans.

 I express my gratitude and say thank you to the screen.

 As I lightly bow my head and raise my face, the screen is completely taken over by just one person.

 [Shumi the Maiden: Happy birthday!]

 [Shumi the Maiden:]

 [Shumi the Maiden:]

 [Shumi the Maiden:]

 [Shumi the Maiden:]

 [Shumi the Maiden:]

 [Shumi the Maiden:]

 [Shumi the Maiden:]

 [Shumi the Maiden:]

 [Shumi the Maiden:]

 [Shumi the Maiden:]

 [Shumi the Maiden:]

 [Shumi the Maiden:]

 [Shumi the Maiden:]

 [Shumi the Maiden:]

 [Shumi the Maiden:]

 [Shumi the Maiden:]

 [Shumi the Maiden:]

 [Shumi the Maiden:]

 [Shumi the Maiden:]

 [Shumi the Maiden:]


 [Shumi LMAO]

 [Oh, it’s this guy again lol]

 [The ultimate otaku is here]

 [That’s why I told you not to throw it silently lol]

 [You can tell by looking at this, but Shumi’s love is heavy. Aqua-sama, run away lol]

 [She barely says happy birthday]

 [She’s probably just here to throw money]

 [The fun atmosphere was gone in an instant lol]

 [Actually, the oil queen is more amazing, but this pressure that fills the screen lol]

 [As expected of Shumi, she knows how to show off on the internet LOL]

 [Dude, this is when you say, Shumi-chan’s great victory at the end]

 [Aa-sama is not surprised, rather he’s a little creeped out lol]

 [I get that you’re excited, but restrain yourself LOL]

 [This guy is really a sh*tty otaku even if she gets married lol]

 A lot of chat came to me with a blank text… Ah, isn’t this person the one who gave me a lot of super chats before!

 Now that I think about it, the Shumi I often hear in town, could it be this person?

 It’s amazing to be a celebrity among fans.

 ”Shumi the Maiden-san, thank you for the super chats today. I’m sure many people will be saved thanks to your super chats. I hope you’ll continue to support me.”

 I wave at the screen with a smile.

 [Here, Shumi died!]

 [Grandma: Confirmed Shumi’s death!]

 [Good for you]

 [Yes. Now the seat of the legal wife is vacant!! (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [Shumi must have been happy to die like this lol]

 [Shumi, you did something reckless lol]

 [Shumi self-destructed LMAO]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Shumi, die (This account has been banned from posting for a few minutes because it violated the rules a certain number of times. Please be careful as more severe punishments will be imposed if you continue to make inappropriate comments. This comment was deleted by admin 3510 because it contained inappropriate expressions.)]

 I operate the tablet and go back a little to check the chat section.

 Then I spoke to the screen.

 ”By the way, Mishu-sama was here earlier, but please contact Beryl once”

 Mishu-sama doesn’t have a cell phone, nor does she enter the office, so I can’t contact her.

 I heard that she really happened to appear in the CM by chance.

 So I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to communicate with her directly.

 [Mishu: …I have no face to meet you]

 Yeah, I heard from mother that they had a stupid fight and left. I think maybe because of that she can’t come back, only time passed.

 [Mishu: I was going to apologize right away, but I went to buy Marin-chan’s favorite ice cream that was in the fridge and I ended up getting lost and wandering for several years, so now I can’t go back even if I wanted to because it’s been so long. Besides, where is this place? Emily-chan, please come pick me up using your sensor.]


 [Hey, you’re kidding, right? LOL]

 [So you were lost because you didn’t say anything for a while!?]

 [Shocking fact revealed]

 [You’re saying you can’t say it, but you’re saying it all!?]

 [Where is this place LOL]

 [Oh no, let’s file a missing person report]

 [She might not even be in Japan…]

 [Wait, wait, could it be that Aqua-kun might actually, just maybe!?]

 [Oh nooooooooo!]

 [So the theory that Mishu is his parent was true…]

 [Emily-san, go and help her, she might be a relative or something!!]

 [Aquamarin: Come to think of it, Miku-chan was really bad with directions…]

 Well, mother is also a scatterbrain!! Both of my parents are useless, so of course I would become useless too!!

 For now, I immediately sent a text asking Emily-san to come pick her up.

 I don’t understand the meaning of using sensors to go pick her up, but I think it’ll be okay because Emily-san is reliable.


 I gather my composure and show a smile towards the camera.



 [Well, he has already given up on this, lol]

 [That face shows how stupid he is, lol]

 [He’s acting like it never happened, lol]

 Well, there’s no other choice.

 There’s nothing more I can do anymore.

 Oh, just in case, I’ll also tell mother to file a missing person report.

 After sending a text to mother, I regain my composure and turn my face towards the camera.

 ”Yes, so that’s why, from now on, I want to open the presents I received from everyone!!

 I turn the camera and show the presents stacked on the opposite side.

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