Male Idol V10c18

Volume 10 Chapter 18 Yukishiro Emily, There Are A Lot Of Troublesome People In The World

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 What happened to me? Even though this month has just started, I only have 168 yen in my wallet, and Hogekawa turned out to be more “Hoge” than I expected, and Shumi is a total klutz… well, that’s the usual, but anyway, there’s something even more troublesome than when Nee-san was in a good mood the other day. It’s about Auntie Miku.

 ”I can’t let her end up with that comedy troupe called Holy Aqua Religion, even by mistake.”

 Simply put, those guys are messed up. What’s troublesome is that they don’t recognize that they themselves are troublesome, especially.

 And then, if there’s a mistake and Auntie Miku finds out that I’m the boss of this Chijou army, I might get killed later.

 My mother may seem cool on the surface, but she’s even more of a joke-impenetrable troublemaker than Nee-san.

 Even if my lazy father finds out, he’ll probably laugh as usual and say, “Emily is always doing something interesting,” just like always. But it won’t be a joke if it’s my mother who finds out.

 If that happens, I’ll have to leak some information to Beryl… No, wait, Auntie Miku might run away. Auntie Miku is really nervous about who she looks like.

 ”But Shumi and Chinposuki are comedians, right?”

 Chinposuki seems to be able to handle it, but this guy only gets injured at times like this. She can’t be used seriously.

 Usually, Nee-san is the one who can handle things, and she’s a nice person, but I don’t think she would forcefully bring along Auntie Miku.

 Besides, she may have a strong presence, but she’s not really forceful when it comes to pushing people around.

 Speaking of which, when it comes to Shumi, Grandma Mary is subtly keeping an eye on her grandaughter movements, so it’s definitely impossible.

 If I were in Grandma Mary’s position, as soon as Shumi makes a move, I would have Kythera act and snatch Auntie Miku from the side.

 Even if I were to ask Pegonia-san for help, if she was to separate from Shumi at this timing, they would definitely sense something fishy.

 ”I wish I could go secure her myself…”

 I thought maybe there’s a chance, but Grandma Mary is not as unreliable as Shumi, so it’s absolutely impossible. I’m sure she’s also keeping an eye on my movements.

 And so, neither Beryl nor the Holy Aqua Religion, but someone who is close to Aqua-sama, knows Auntie Miku, and seems pushy. There’s only one person I know who fits that description!

 ’Hey, aren’t you interested in the entertainment industry?’

 ’Oh…uh, haha…’

 When I was invited to Aqua-sama’s house and was enjoying the scent of Aqua-sama in the living room, I was suddenly approached by Kohina Yukari-san, who had locked onto me.

 Luckily, Tsukimachi Ayana-san noticed that I was in trouble and helped me out, but I can’t forget the confusion I felt from being unexpectedly invited for real.

 I’ve been approached to join the entertainment industry many times while walking around town, and it’s not a bad choice to consider getting closer to Aqua-sama, but… going to Kohina-senpai’s place felt dangerous.

 ”Totally, who would’ve thought that exchanging contact info with those two back then would come in handy in a place like this.”

 I quickly sent an email to Kohina-san, asking for her help, and despite being busy, she kindly agreed.

 I have a feeling that Kohina-san has something up her sleeve, and since actress are attracted to each other, she’ll definitely secure Auntie Miku before anyone else. My Emily sensor is picking up on it, so there’s no doubt about it.

 Oh, just to be safe, I’ll also contact Tsukimachi-san, who always plays the responsible role…

 ”And so, we brought her.”

 Just as I expected, the two of them managed to secure Auntie Miku.

 Wow, that was fast! Aren’t actresses and idols supposed to be super busy? Could it be that both of them are ridiculously free…?

 While pondering about that, Tsukimachi-san, who must have noticed the expression on my face, approached me.

 ”You see, Kohina-senpai is getting all excited because she’s not used to being relied upon by people…”

 When I looked at Kohina-san’s face, she had this expression like, ‘What’s up?’ Yeah, let’s just pretend I didn’t hear that.

 ”It’s been a while, Auntie Miku.”

 ”Emily-chan… um, what’s with the outfit?”

 Seeing me in an apron with a triangular bandana at Ramen Takeko, after the business hours turned into a drop-off point, Auntie Miku showed a surprised expression.

 Ah, so that’s why…

 I told Auntie Miku that my parents had gone far away on a tuna fishing boat and a crabbing ship to repay their debts.

 ”Danjou-kun and Noel-neesan are still the same, huh? If it’s a money problem, I would have figured something out… It’s just that they overlook these things, or should I say… it gives off a Yukishiro vibe.”

 Oh, no, seriously, absolutely.

 ”Emily-chan, are you doing okay? You’re not doing anything weird, right?”

 ”Oh, no… haha…”

 I’m fine, I assure her I haven’t done anything weird.

 That Holy Aqua Religion thing was their own creation, so I, yes, I haven’t done anything strange.

 ”…Noel-neesan mentioned that Emily-chan always looks away when she’s hiding something.”


 Huh? Isn’t it usually the other way around when someone is being questioned? It feels weird being on the receiving end…

 To change the topic, I coughed lightly.

 ”Ahem! Instead of that, why is Auntie Miku running away from Aqua-sama? True, Auntie Miku has a hopeless sense of direction, but it can’t be something as stupid as getting lost!”

 ”Well, you see…”

 Auntie Miku avoided eye contact, seeming hesitant.

 Haha, as I thought, there must be another reason.

 ”Don’t worry, Auntie Miku. The people here are trustworthy, so you can relax. Kohina-san and Tsukimachi-san may be new acquaintances, but I’m certain they are on Aqua-sama’s side, no doubt about it.”

 ”Emily-chan… Emily-chan has always had a good eye for people. I understand.”

 Auntie Miku started telling me the story, starting from the event that led to Marin-san and her having a child. As she continued, I found myself scratching my head.

 Even if it’s true for the Kokucho family, you have completely misunderstood Agewa-neechan!

 Well, maybe Agewa-neechan set it up that way, so it’s fine. But since I was close to Agewa-neechan, I’ve known from the beginning that she’s not a bad person. It’s just a complicated feeling.

 Amidst the heavy atmosphere, Kohina-san speaks up.

 ”Hmm, I’m just a commoner, so I don’t really understand, but is this Kokucho Agewa person really that bad?”

 Everyone looked at her with a puzzled expression. Tsukimachi-san, who was nearby, seemed confused but still asked Kohina-san.

 ”Senpai… Do you ever hear gossip or rumors like that when you talk with your friends?”

 ”Well, Ako-chi would never badmouth anyone, and do you think I have any friends other than Ako-chi? Besides, why would I be so interested in strangers that I don’t even know well?”

 ”I’m sorry.”

 ”Ayana-chan… Sometimes, words of apology can hurt people, so it’s good to remember that.”

 ”I’m really sorry.”

 For some reason, both I and Auntie Miku also bowed our heads like Tsukimachi-san. Now, I understand the reason why Aqua-sama wrote ‘unreasonable’ and read it as Kohina Yukari. Okay, it was a joke.

 ”Uh… so, Auntie Miku, you’re wanting to meet Aqua-sama, right?”

 To my question, Auntie Miku gave a dismissive sound.

 ”I want to meet him too. But, since I ended up neglecting Aqua-kun for a long time, I don’t know what kind of face I should make when I go to meet him now…”

 ”Huh? Are you worried about such a trivial matter?”

 It seems Kohina-san has turned on the switch.

 Tsukimachi-san, looking flustered, sent me a plea for help with her eyes, but I’d rather she didn’t get her hopes up. I try to act like a wallflower as much as possible. Ah, when I think about it, Tsukimachi didn’t even have any flowers to decorate with…

 ”I-It’s not a trivial matter…”

 ”Seriously, it’s a trivial matter! I don’t know if he’ll get angry, cry, or draw a line when you two meet, but if you don’t start from there, nothing will happen. Well, that guy is carefree, so I think he won’t really mind as long as you explain the situation properly… But really! He’s your child, so you should shape up! Even a stranger like me doesn’t pay the slightest attention to your son, so why should you, as his parent, be so concerned?!”

 Huh… Is that even normal?

 I mean, in this world, are there any parents of boys who don’t worry about their sons?

 If someone ask that, most people would probably say there are hardly any. But right now, I can confidently say that I am one of them.

 Seeing Kohina-san, who doesn’t worry about Aqua-sama, made me realize that there are still troublesome women out there that I don’t know about.

 ”Auntie Miku, I also agree with what Kohina-san said. Why not just meet and have a conversation? I mean, it might not be reliable, but I’ll be there for you too, you know?”

 ”I-I also think it’s better to meet. Aqua-kun probably won’t get mad or anything… Um, the other day, I also got a message like that, saying not to be angry if he sees me at work, and to come back… You know.”

 We all leaned in to look at the screen of Tsukimachi-san’s smartphone.

 Oh, it’s true… Tsukimachi-san is also a celebrity, so maybe that’s why he sent this kind of message to her. I remember receiving a similar message from Aqua-sama too, since I’m also Auntie Miku’s relative.

 ”…But I haven’t received a message like that.”



 Tsukimachi-san and I exchanged glances. Aqua-sama…? Why on earth didn’t you send that email to Kohina-san?


 Scary, scary, scary! I sense the same tension from Kohina-san as when Nee-san goes into full-on rage mode.

 ”Um, wait a minute!”

 Tsukimachi-san furiously taps on her smartphone screen and then stares intently at it.

 She’s probably trying to contact Aqua-sama and waiting for a response.

 For the next few seconds, it feels like time stands still.

 ”Oh, um, here it is.”

 We all lean in again to look at Tsukimachi-san’s smartphone screen.

 [Me: Hey, did you properly tell Kohina-senpai about this?]

 [Aqua: Senpai is pretty caring and helpful, so I feel like she might take care of it without being told.]

 After exchanging glances with Auntie Miku and Tsukimachi-san, we all direct our gazes towards Kohina-senpai.

 ”Hehe, even that useless Aqua has finally realized the depths of my kindness, deeper than the ocean!”

 Kohina-san’s mood instantly brightened, it was obvious to anyone who looked. Truly befitting of Kohina Yukari’s room… or rather, ever since it became Chinposuki’s room, it has been known as Shirogane Aqua, the master of Kohina Yukari, and the trainer of Kohina Yukari.

 ”Well then, if that’s the case, let this great actress, Kohina Yukari-san, lend a hand!”

 Kohina-san turned towards Auntie Miku with a peculiar expression, as if she had just achieved a great victory.

 ”Tomorrow, I’ll bring that person here after work. So you better prepare yourself!”

 Although Kohina-senpai was smaller than anyone else in the room, I had a feeling she looked bigger than anyone too.

 I get it now. If Aqua-sama’s mentor can’t handle a girl who ain’t this small, I can totally understand why. With the discussion reaching a temporary pause, I decide to speak up again.

 ”So, about what happens next…”

 It would be pointless if Auntie Miku gets lost again. Not wanting to move from here if possible, I ask Takeko-san if Auntie can stay overnight in the tatami room at Ramen Takeko.

 I’ve stayed at Takeko-san’s place a few times before, so I know she has a few spare futons for guests.

 For some reason, Kohina-san and Tsukimachi-san end up staying over too, and the four of us spend the night in Takeko’s tatami room.

 I couldn’t help but notice that Kohina-san’s energy level is unusually high, and when I overheard Tsukimachi-san mutter that she didn’t have any friends and this was probably her first time experiencing something like this, it made me feel really sad, but I’ll keep that to myself.

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