Male Idol V10c21

Volume 10 Chapter 21 Shirogane Lapis, Renewed Determination

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 ”Well then, we’ll be together from the afternoon.”


 In the afternoon, it turned out that it’s not Aika-san but my sister who will be in charge. My sister is the third manager after Ako-san and Kotono sister-in-law, but she’s not a pure manager; she belongs to the legal department.

 However, due to a shortage of staff, she handles overseas transactions because she’s good at foreign languages and also spends a lot of time on customer service in places like the customer consultation room.

 ”Oh, a phone call.”

 It seems that my sister received a call from someone at Corolle.

 [Next year’s autumn-winter runway show is in March, right? Don’t worry, we’ve got the schedule all set. Also, we’ve obtained approval from Shirogane Kanon-san, with whom our company has an agent contract, so I believe we can go ahead with ‘that’ from April. Yes, it’s okay.]

 Ah, um, even though this is a work experience, is it okay for an outsider like me to ask about your previous job…? Ah, I see, so maybe Kaito-san meant that it’s safe because I’m a family, I understand now.

 By the way, there are always two fashion shows a year, so I kinda knew that my brother would be in one, but what exactly does Kanon sister-in-law do? The show starts in March, so if it’s in April, the story will be different. As a fan of Beryl, I’m looking forward to it.

 Then, as soon as my sister finish answering the call for Corolle, another call comes in right away.

 [Hello, is this about the lightsaber used in Stars Wars…? Yes! It has already arrived in his possession. As for the filming… Yes, understood. I will pass on the message.]

 My eyes sparkle when I hear the name Stars Wars. And to think, my brother has that lightsaber… I want to see it! I mean, normally I wouldn’t be able to see it, but I really want to see the real lightsaber, especially my brother’s. I wonder if Kanon, my sister-in-law, would show it to me if I ask cutely…?

 [Huh? A States drama series? Which one is better, escape or medical? Hold on a moment. Do men actually escape from prison? Huh? Arrested for captivating too many women and then escaping… I see, I see, it’s a fictional drama.]

 Nii-sama would never do anything bad like that! I was about to say that, but when I heard about the crime of captivating many women, I found myself nodding along with my sister.

 ”I’m sorry. I have been busy with some requests from overseas, so shall we go to the customer service department?”


 My sister and I were on a train, heading to Hachioji where the call center is located. My sister mentioned that it takes over an hour just for the commute, and she said the call center might move to Shinagawa or somewhere next year.

 ”So, this seat is for Lapis. I’ll be right next to you, so if you have any trouble, just ask me.”


 I get so nervous about handling phone calls. Apparently, there’s an AI that automatically decides the response based on the customer’s voice and shows the model answer on the screen, but I wonder if it’s okay for me, a middle school student, to handle it. I’m worried, but I’ll do my best with what I can. Oh, a call came in right away.

 [Hello, this is Shirogane Lapis from Beryl Entertainment’s customer service department.]

 [Oh, um… uh, Lapis-chuwan!?]

 The customer on the other end of the phone sounded surprised.

 Hmm, but I feel like I’ve heard that voice somewhere before. Or rather, it feels like a voice I hear every day.

 [Um, right now I’m handling the customer service department as part of my work experience. If you’re unsure about something, please let me know right away, and I can pass it on to someone else.]

 [I-I’m fine.]

 The customer on the other end of the phone coughs lightly.

 [Um… Aqua-chan, cough, cough, I’m worried about the amount of work Shirogane Aqua-san has. Is he feeling okay?]

 The voice that I hear through my earphones instantly appears on the computer screen in front of me, and the model answer is displayed right below it. I look at it and rephrase it in my own words to respond to the customer.

 [Well, you see. We at our company are trying our best to save work, but the situation is that we often end up with a lot of work that we can’t control. I heard that even in the research conducted by the National Akamon University using the Ultimate High Performance server, they reached the conclusion that Shirogane Aqua is uncontrollable. So, well… please give up.]

 [Yes… thank you very much. And good luck with your workplace experience.]


 Phew… I managed to finish dealing with the first person. I was a bit worried at first, but since it was a voice I’m used to hearing, I was able to handle it without feeling nervous, I think.

 And, immediately afterwards, another call came in.

 [This is Shirogane Lapis from Beryl Entertainment’s customer service department. May I ask what your business is?]

 [Huh? Lapis…chan?!]

 Ah, just from the voice alone, I can tell she’s a beautiful person.

 But, this voice… sounds familiar somehow…

 Hmm, what is it? It has a faint noble scent, or maybe not…

 [Aqua is… I mean, Shirogane Aqua-san is late coming back and I’m worried. There are many events at the end of the year and the beginning of the new year, but is he okay?]

 [We did answer that, just now.]


 [Oh, sorry. Um, well. That is, according to our Ultimate Hyper Performance Server and the joint research with Akamon University…]

 I said the same thing as before and made her understand.

 Next to the caller, I heard the lady’s voice saying, let’s not bother the company people. The caller must be a sheltered lady who doesn’t know the world.

 [Yes, this is Shirogane Lapis from Beryl Entertainment’s customer service department, speaking.]

 [Uh, um… I’m calling about the broadcast of Morikawa Kaede’s Room that aired the other day.]


 [Will it still be Morikawa Kaede’s room from the next episode!? I mean, what if it changes to Kohina Yukari’s room or Shirogane Aqua’s room by some mistake…]

 [Um, for that kind of issue, it would be better to contact the customer service department of the commercial broadcasting station…]

 [When I contacted them, they responded that they’re considering it, so I hurriedly called here!! Aaaaaah!]

 This person seems quite flustered, but I hope she’s okay.

 [Next time, please make sure that Morikawa Kaede will also appear, okay!? It’s necessary to have Morikawa Kaede’s announcing skills!]

 [Well… um… I hope you will take this as my personal opinion, unrelated to Beryl, but I think Morikawa-san was funny during the previous dialogue, and I believe it will be even more fun if she appears.]

 According to AI’s response, it said that it would be fine even if she doesn’t appear, but that somehow felt a bit pitiful, so I tried to respond in my own way. I wonder if it’s okay.

 [It’s the best…]


 [After all, Lapis-chan is an angel!! You’re not like those heartless people, Yukasomething or Hagesomething!!]

 The customer seemed satisfied. If my response could bring even a little satisfaction, then that’s good.

 But still, the voice sounded familiar. It’s like I’ve heard it on a news program, or maybe not…

 Oh, while I was thinking about that, the next phone call came in.


 [Yes, this is the Beryl Entertainment Customer Service.]

 [About the Shirogane Aqua’s room the other day, will there be another wardrobe malfunction or a scene of changing clothes in the next one? Guhehe…]

 Oh, a warning message appeared on the computer screen.

 Let’s see, it says, according to the AI that analyzed the audio data, this person needs to be cautious.

 Apparently, she had made s**ually suggestive remarks towards brother in the past. I wonder… is it okay?

 [In cases like that, I would suggest going to the customer support department of the commercial broadcasting station.]

 [But, you see, they’re so serious over there, it’s hard to get through… I even joked that if you’re a woman, the only thing you should make firm is your n**ples, but that joke didn’t land… sigh. Seriously, that station has so many people who can’t take a joke. They hire announcers like Hogekawa who make jokes, but they don’t get it. Hey, little sister, haven’t you also had days when you made your n**ples firm with Aqua-sama? As fellow members of the firm n**ple club, can you give me a little advice? Guhehe!]

 Ah, no, this person is not good. She has completely crossed a line that should not be crossed.

 But then, there were times when I made my n**ples firm on my brother’s bed when he wasn’t around, but it’s not okay to talk about it openly.

 [I apologize. Our company cannot provide further assistance. I understand your feelings, but isn’t it essential for a true lady to exercise restraint? However, if you persistently continue with your inquiries, we may consider consulting the authorities.]

 [I-I’m sorry!]

 The call ends with what sounds like a parting line similar to something a third-rate villain might say.

 Hmm, her voice is so beautiful, yet why are her words so vulgar?

 After concluding the call, applause erupts from those around me.

 ”Lapis, you’re amazing!”

 ”We were having trouble with that Chijou person.”

 ”Yes, the conversation flowed so naturally.”

 ”I understand. It’s every girl’s wish, right?”

 ”Rather than being bothered by harassment, we get all excited about the erotic talk.”

 ”And that’s why we end up chatting away.”

 ”I get it. That lady’s erotic talk is quite enjoyable, isn’t it?”

 Wait, is that so?

 Well, it’s a good thing it’s not just a regular annoyance. And then, I got another call. So many calls!

 [Hello, this is Beryl Entertainment Customer Service.]


 The voice on the other end sounded kinda prickly.

 [I need to talk about your Shirogane Aqua!]

 Huh? Calling my brother without any respect? And it seems like a big deal. There’s a warning on my computer screen. Is everything okay?

 [Tell your talent not to ignore my emails and calls!!]

 [Yes. Um… do you know our Shirogane Aqua?]

 My brother is a honest guy. I can’t believe he would ignore calls or messages from a woman, normally.

 Anyway, despite her authoritative way of talking, am I the only one who feels like it’s just a distant dog barking?

 [It’s me! It’s me!]

 What does she mean? Could this be some kind of new scam phone call?

 Recently, there was an incident where someone claimed to be Shirogane Aqua, pretending to be a big brother and asking for money to be transferred, but the culprit was quickly arrested.

 [Geez, you’re so slow! I’m Kohina Yukari from Beyond Production, Kohina Yukari!]

 Oh… I thought I recognized that voice, it’s Kohina-san. Since she’s a senior in the entertainment industry, I thought it would be unwise not to respond to her messages or calls. So, I decided to subtly ask what the message was about.

 [Um… by the way, what kind of content got ignored? If it’s not too much trouble, could you send it to this email address for confirmation?]

 [Got it.]

 To cut to the chase, honestly, it was all really, really, really unimportant stuff. I guess there’s nothing I can do about it.

 And when I asked Kohina Yukari-san, it seems like brother at least read it, so I judged that there’s no problem since he responds quickly to important messages.

 [But, you know, if I send him a picture of a busty celebrity he worked with, he reacts immediately! Can you believe it!?]

 [Is that true!?]

 J-cup!? I was dumbfounded looking at the image that was sent.

 [How about that!? Unbelievable, right!?]

 [It’s unbelievable and unforgivable!!]

 Big brother, you should appreciate smaller chests too! If it comes to it, let’s pretend it’s a coincidence and dive in, rubbing breasts on big brother’s face.

 If I do that, maybe he’ll notice the charm of small breasts.

 [Oh, you actually understand, huh? Hehe, since I’m in a good mood today, I’ll let him off easy!]

 Ah… Kohina Yukari-san seemed satisfied and hung up after saying only what she wanted to say.

 And once again, applause erupts.

 ”Alright! Just as expected of Lapis-chan!!”

 ”Please, Lapis-chan, come to the customer service department instead of the workplace experience.”

 ”Lapis-chan would be an immediate asset.”

 ”Only Lapis-chan can handle the super troublesome Kohina Yukari!”

 What could it be? Everyone seems to be having a hard time.

 My brother is always indebted to all of you. I expressed my heartfelt gratitude and said thank you very much.

 And so, my workplace experience comes to a successful end.

 ”Well then, this is the last one. Everyone, be careful and make sure to return to school.”


 ”Thank you for today!”

 ”””Thank you very much!”””

 Upon returning to the main office, Subaru-chan, Miyako-chan, and I headed back to St. Claris. While it was a bit disappointing that I couldn’t get a close look at my brother’s work, I believe this was still a valuable experience.

 The second-year students gathered in the school gymnasium, and we all excitedly shared our workplace experiences. Subaru-chan, Miyako-chan, and I were bombarded with questions.

 [Second-year students, please direct your attention to the stage in the center.]

 We stopped our conversation and turned our gaze towards the stage while sitting in a gym-crawl. It seemed like our year head or the school principal would give a closing speech, wouldn’t it? Yes, I think that’s what everyone expected. Members of the brass band club appeared on the stage.

 [We went on a workplace experience today at the National Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra. We had the opportunity to practice with them and now we’re going to perform together with the members of the National Broadcasting! I think it’s a song that everyone knows, so if you’d like, please stand up and sing along!]

 Wow! Wow! It’s my brother singing “Shikiori (Season by Season)”!

 Wow, that’s amazing. As expected of professionals, the performance is wonderful.

 ’Spring, summer, autumn, and winter, I hope to spend the changing seasons together with you. Now, on our days off, what shall we plan? Let’s make plans together during our break.

 Today, where should we stop on our way home? Tomorrow, we can play from the morning, right? Even the dreary school week or work became enjoyable after becoming friends with you. These ordinary, colorful daily lives are surely thanks to you. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter, how much fun will it be if we could spend them all with you?’

 We all stand up and sing together.

 After the video of the pre-festival night was shown, this song started to be sung in every school.

 Some schools even practiced it as a whole and uploaded videos on YouTube, and there were comments from my brother, which made it even more exciting.

 ’In autumn, let’s see the autumn leaves at the nearby park together.

 In winter, let’s celebrate Christmas with everyone.

 I want to spend the end of the year with everyone, celebrating.

 Next spring, let’s go flower viewing together.

 During the summer vacation, let’s all go to the beach.

 I want to continue going to school with you in the new seasons ahead. Let’s spend time together with everyone.’

 This song is a song that makes everyone smile.

 By the time we finished singing the first verse, everyone was smiling.

 Even the teachers and the principal were smiling and having fun.

 And then, it happened. A familiar singing voice echoed throughout the gymnasium.

 ’Each time the seasons change, we create more wonderful memories together. Sometimes, we might have arguments too. That’s just one page of our youth’



 The gymnasium was filled with excitement. At first, screams echoed from all around, but by the time the first verse was sung, everyone fell silent.

 I thought he would appear from the side of the stage, but he opened the door from the outside and appeared.

 ’That’s how we become good friends. So, please stay by my side forever. I promise to make you even happier. Don’t leave me.’


 What!? What’s happening now? I heard a loud cheer from behind, and when I turned around, Tenga-senpai appeared on the second floor of the gymnasium.

 ’There might be tough times ahead. Nights when tears flow won’t be limited to just yesterday.’


 Next up is the front!

 ’I’m sorry. I don’t want to leave a lonely person like you alone. But look, pay more attention to your surroundings. It’s not just me. There are so many people around you!’


 On the opposite side of brother’s appearance, Toa-chan came out!

 Oh wow, the St. Claris uniform suits him so well! He’s adorable!

 ’Hey, who’s beside you right now? Let’s spend the new seasons together, spring, summer, autumn, and winter, with everyone. You’re not alone!’

 When the four of them gather in the center, brother waves his hand, as if stirring up our emotions.

 ”Let’s all sing together!!”

 At this moment, the gymnasium is once again filled with cheers.

 ’By this time next year, let’s have a picnic among the autumn leaves.

 In winter, let’s spend Christmas together again.

 I want to celebrate the first sunrise with you and draw omikuji fortunes together.

 In spring, let’s welcome the new students together.

 On a hot summer day, let’s go to the pool together.

 I want to stay in the same class with you forever. Let’s graduate from school together with everyone!’

 We all stood up and sang the chorus together.

 St. Claris has a lot of quiet girls, but today everyone was jumping more than usual and I was surprised.

 ’The ordinary, everyday lives, occasionally studying together at someone’s house, but we always end up just playing around. Even those laid-back days will surely become cherished memories. So, where should we go tomorrow? Let’s imagine our future fun days. Just thinking about what to do is already fun, right? And even after we graduate, we’ll grow older together, meet up countless times, and make a lot of noise with our silly conversations.’

 Oh, some girls started crying with emotion.

 My brother saw that and came down from the stage, and went to each girl.

 ’Now, what should we do to have fun today?

 Where should we go to have fun tomorrow?

 Today, tomorrow, and the day after that, it’ll be fun as long as we’re together.’

 Toa-chan peeked into the girl’s face and whispered in a small voice, smile for her.

 I think it was very impressive to see Subaru-chan looking a little happy when she saw that.

 ’Let’s study a little after the weekend.

 But after the tests, let’s play again.

 Even the slightly boring classes are fun with you.

 I can overcome studying for tests, especially with you.’

 Mayuzumi-san also went to the girls’ side and said gently, don’t cry.

 I noticed that the girl who was talked to felt a flutter in her heart by his soft smile.

 ’This month was really fun, right?

 I hope next month will be even more fun.

 Every day fills me with excitement.

 That’s probably because you’re by my side.’

 Tenga-senpai gently stroked the head of the crying girl.

 Wow, the girl who was stroked on the head turned into a boiled octopus in an instant.

 ’I want to laugh with you and say this was a good year.

 I want to laugh with you and make next year a good one too. So, so… You’re not alone. I’m here. We’re here!

 As my brother approached the crying girl, he gently embraced her.

 Out! Nii-sama, that’s out!

 Just because she’s a girl with big breasts doesn’t mean she has to offer that kind of service! Seriously!! I’ll secretly message Kanon sister-in-law later.

 ’It’s okay to cry on anxious days, and it’s okay to be selfish when you’re in pain and don’t know what to do.

 I can only be by your side, but I can listen, hold your hand, and encourage you.

 So, I want you to know. You’re not alone. I’m here. We’re here!’

 Following brother’s actions, everyone joined together, linking arms and singing.

 It was an incredible moment when Tenga-senpai, Mayuzumi-san, and Toa-chan also linked arms and sang.

 As expected, Nii-sama is amazing!!

 In just a moment, he was able to bring so many people smiles. There’s no one else like him.

 I, too, wished that I could make someone smile like him.

 My fist naturally tightens.

 ’I want to spend the changing seasons with you. Because this is your story.’

 After finishing the song, the gym erupted in applause that almost shattered the venue.

 Brother waited for the applause to calm down before turning on the microphone.

 ”Hello, everyone.”


 ”Today, the second-year students at St. Clarice are having work experience, so we had the pleasure of visiting you. The reason? Well, isn’t it obvious! It’s because my little sister Lapis and my favorite Subaru-tan are here!”

 ”Aqua, you should try to hide it a little.”

 Everyone laughs at Toa-chan’s retort. Look, even Mayuzumi-san is smiling wryly.

 Oh, and earlier, didn’t he say his favorite Subaru-tan? That was just my misunderstanding, right?

 I believe that my brother’s favorite is definitely me.

 ”Hello, everyone! How was your workplace experience? Did you have fun? Or was it tough? Did it make you want to try that job in the future? I’m sure today’s experience will be a valuable memory for all of you. I hope this experience today will lead to everyone’s bright future! Thank you, Beryl Entertainment!”

 In response to my brother’s closing words, everyone applauded. Oh, oh, my brother is approaching me.

 ”Lapis, you did great today. I heard from Aika-chan and Shitori-onee-chan too.”


 My brother hugged me tightly and ruffled my hair.

 ”See you later.”


 My brother bowed to everyone around me, saying, “Take care of Lapis,” and then Tenga-senpai and Mayuzumi-san headed towards the exit.

 Ah, on his way back, he pets Subaru-chan’s head! Huh, does my brother really like Subaru-chan that much?

 ”Miyako-chan, Subaru-chan.”

 On the way back, I mustered up my determination and spoke to the two of them.

 ”I’m thinking of participating in Beryl’s final training camp audition.”

 Even though the three of us haven’t submitted any documents for the audition, we were invited by Nobu-san, Moja-san, and Kotono sister-in-law to give it a try.

 The recommended group of office staff had already passed the document screening, so we thought it would be a good experience to take the first round of auditions.

 Surprisingly, all three of us passed. But at that time, I didn’t really have any clear thoughts about becoming an idol or anything like that. However, after seeing my brother’s live performance just now and seeing how excited the usually quiet St. Claris girls were, I wanted to experience the same thing.

 ”I’ve always had that intention. I admired Ayana-san from eau de cologne, so I thought I would do it someday too.”


 ”Well, I haven’t made up my mind that far yet, but if you two are going to do it… I’ll do my best to go as far as I can.”


 The three of us joined shoulders and raised our fists, ready to give it our all. Only a little bit left until the final training camp for Beryl’s idol audition. I’m really excited to see who will come!




 Later on, I ended up seeing my brother the beam saber.

 ”Look, this is my brother’s beam saber.”

 My brother casually tossed his beam saber aside.

 ”T-This is Nii-sama’s… It’s incredibly hard… It shines black and is as big as an eggplant. It’s much more imposing than I thought.”

 I never expected it to be this hard. And it’s even bigger than I imagined, much wider than my own face. I get excited by its size and start breathing heavily.

 ”Here, try holding it firmly with both hands.”

 ”Yes, Nii-sama.”

 I gently grasp Nii-sama’s thing as if touching something precious.

 Wow, it’s huge… Lapis’ hands are too small, it doesn’t fit in one hand.

 I firmly hold it with both hands and slide my fingertips up and down, as if confirming the sensation.

 ”Lapis, it feels really good.”


 Watching our actions, Kanon sister-in-law, with her chin resting on her hand, observed us with a piercing gaze.

 ”Am I the only one who sees it as something indecent?”

 ”As expected of you, Miss, always being a pervert. You must be feeling unsatisfied. You should release your desires with Master. Yes, let’s do that.”

 ”W-what are you saying! Enough!!”

 I can’t quite hear what they’re saying, but Kanon sister-in-law and Pegonia-san seem to have a close relationship today as well.



 Bonus 2

 ”Hey, number 721, hurry up!”

 My name’s Yukishiro Emily, and I ended up in this women’s prison filled with the worst criminals in the country because I wrote too many obscene things on the bulletin board, causing a real-life sentence.

 ”If you plan to escape, count me in. I’ve got some stuff I need to do.”

 And that’s when I ended up rooming with this woman, Kanon Stars Goshenite, inmate number T-473.

 Word is, she got arrested for pretending to be the wife of a super idol in this country and committing fraud. Sigh, she must be messed up in the head, probably got some serious issues. I can tell just by looking at her face.

 ”Here, you gotta follow the rules here. No messing around, got it?”

 Even in this prison filled with dangerous criminals, there’s a hierarchy. The top dog among these hardcore inmates is Kirika Kotono.

 She’s got a big body and a sharp gaze. No doubt about it, those eyes have definitely seen some bloodshed.

 She probably kidnapped and r**ed a young boy before killing him. What a disgusting woman.

 ”Hehehe, I heard there’s a dumbass trying to escape. Give me a piece of the action too!”

 This person’s name is Morikawa Kaede. Just an idiot. The reason why she’s an idiot is because she doesn’t even know why she got arrested.

 But she does have some power, so she might be useful for something. All the other inmates call her Gorilla.

 There are many other unique characters here, like the inmate who loves baths, the former Fuji Department Store employee inmate, and the inmate who is skilled in lip reading.

 ”The bulletin board people should be isolated from this world!!”

 The petite prison director, Kohina Yukari. To hide her short height, she always wears knee-high boots with high heels and constantly wields a whip. But seriously, that leather laced-up corset is too revealing. It’s just too perverted.

 ”Director, please calm down.”

 The deputy director next to me, Tsukimachi Ayana, is the only sane person in this prison full of crazy people.

 Why is she sane? Because she knows that the prison guard uniforms are too sexy.

 Even I can’t even wear those high-legs.

 And next to her, there was a woman in a super sexy swimsuit-like outfit.

 She said she was Miyuki Heliodor Yui, from the National Confidentiality Bureau’s Women’s Guidance Division, sent here to help us. But that body is definitely criminal. If I’m here because my body is too lewd, then she should be too, I curse.

 Ah, I can’t take this bitchy prison anymore!

 I, we, will escape from this hellish prison, and go to Aqua-sama’s live concert together!!


 A mysterious religious group that lurks around the protagonist. The man who caused everything. The shadows of the Stars royal family and the six noble houses.

 Production cost: actual cost!

 The problematic work that stunned all of Japan!

 0% of those who were moved to tears, 100% of those who cried with laughter that made their stomachs twist!!

 TV drama series, Keiji Van Prison, Season 1! It may be released in 2023!!

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