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Volume 10 Chapter 26 Men-Only Bulletin Board, The Defeat Of Compulsory Education

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[Cheer for Aqua-kun!] Shirogane Aqua Support Thread Part 138 [Good luck with the audition!]
801 Anonymous Boy
Yamada passed!!
802 Anonymous Boy
Yamada’s success was seriously awesome
803 Anonymous Boy
Congrats to Butter-kun for passing too
804 Anonymous Boy
Just because they’re guys doesn’t mean everyone passed. This is a great achievement!!
805 Anonymous Boy
Everyone is amazing. I can’t even make it to the venue
806 Anonymous Boy
I understand
807 Anonymous Boy
Yeah, you’re right
808 Anonymous Boy
It’s terrifying to audition with girls…
809 Anonymous Boy
Me, I took the exam, but the guys were in a separate venue, you know. There were also a lot of quiet girls, and the judges were really professional, it was so moving
When I said thank you at the end, they smiled and it made me happy. I understood how Aqua-kun felt
810 Anonymous Boy
Wow! It’s sad that such a kind person like you didn’t pass
811 Anonymous Boy
It can’t be helped. I was nervous and couldn’t sing the way I wanted
812 Anonymous Boy
How many guys were there?
813 Anonymous Boy
Including Yamada and Butter-kun, there were 16 people. We all exchanged contact information! Of course, everyone was from this community, so we promised to meet up someday
Oh, by the way, Uncle and Nyanko-san also came to the venue to see Yamada off. So there were 18 people there
814 Anonymous Boy
815 Anonymous Boy
Did Uncle and Nyanko-san come!!?
816 Anonymous Boy
What is your impression of the four of them?
817 Anonymous Boy
Uncle → I’m glad he was such a kind person even in real life
Nyanko-san → He was scary at first glance, but inside he was a gentleman
Butter-kun → ge has such beautiful eyelashes!! He has so much charm that it’s no wonder he passed the exam. Beautiful!
Yamada → It was really easy to get involved in real life. You see, we have communication difficulties, so if we had trouble talking, we would just get involved with Yamada. LMAO
818 Anonymous Boy
Yamada LOL
819 Anonymous Boy
Yamada, yeah
820 Anonymous Boy
That’s the image I have too
I’m glad everything turned out exactly as I imagined
I wondered what I would do if it turned out to be someone I didn’t like
821 Anonymous Boy
Candidate B
822 Anonymous Boy
So, I heard that Director Hongou was at the audition venue, and Uncle and Nyanko-san asked if they’re interested in acting. They said, “Is it okay if it just a small role?”
823 Anonymous Boy
Are they casting for a driver role?
824 Anonymous Boy
It’ll be hot if they act as a driver!
825 Anonymous Boy
It seems like it’s not for a driver role. They’re looking for middle-aged men role, and these two fit the image perfectly
826 Anonymous Boy
Could they have passed the audition without even trying?
827 Anonymous Boy
They were told, “If you’re interested, at least have a chat.”
828 Anonymous Boy
Everyone’s amazing..
829 Anonymous Boy
Also, this time only Butter-kun and Yamada passed, but it seems the company will provide regular lessons that Aqua-kun came up with for the ones who didn’t make it.”
830 Anonymous Boy
Wow! Seriously!
831 Anonymous Boy
I see. This means that there will be a large number of Aqua children and Aqua Juniors who have taken Aqua lessons from Beryl
832 Anonymous Boy
Does that mean we have the potential to become Aqua children too!?
833 Anonymous Boy
Aqua children… ugh, I want to be Mommy Aqua’s children
834 Anonymous Boy
That’s something that comes up regularly lol
835 Anonymous Boy
Image of Aqua-oneesan leaked during the school festival
All of Aqua-kun’s dishes on cooking shows look delicious
He is also good at cleaning and sewing
In short, he’s kind
There is no more ideal mom than Aqua-kun
836 Anonymous Boy
The girls don’t realize it, but about half the folks in Mommy Shirogane Aqua’s Thread are boys. That place is like, totally messed up in terms of the boy-girl ratio, lol
837 Anonymous Boy
I’m in that thread too
838 Anonymous Boy
Me too, me too!
839 Anonymous Boy
‘Cause Mommy Aqua’s cooking looks so darn delicious
840 Anonymous Boy
That recent cooking stream with Kanon-sama, it felt more like Mommy Aqua and her daughter having a heartwarming time, rather than a married couple. I wanna chow down on that kiddo lunch they showed in the magazine!!
841 Anonymous Boy
I wanna be pampered by Mommy Aqua too..
842 Anonymous Boy
I feel you. Kanon-sama probably acts super spoiled all the time
843 Anonymous Boy
You guys, LMAO
844 Anonymous Boy
A boy’s ideal girlfriend -> Toa-chan
A boy’s ideal big sister -> Aqua-oneesan
A boy’s ideal mom → Mommy Aqua ← new!
It’s simply great, LMAO
845 Anonymous Boy
Where are the girls?
846 Anonymous Boy
Who needs girls anyway? That’s just a joke, but seriously
847 Anonymous Boy
I feel sorry for the girls
848 Anonymous Boy
Damn, it’s exactly like that, so I can’t say anything, lol
849 Anonymous Boy
Hey guys, lol
850 Anonymous Boy
I think just Aqua-kun is enough
851 Shirogane Aqua (fake) *aquaaquaaa
Thanks everyone. I was worried if I could go to the venue, but Uncle and Nyanko-san came to pick me up, and it was a relief. It was lonely to take the test alone, so having Butter-kun and everyone at the venue was reassuring. And I’m grateful to Beryl for guiding me along the way
852 Anonymous Boy
Congratulations once again!
853 Anonymous Boy
Yamada, you got this, man!
854 Anonymous Boy
We’re cheering for you, buddy!
855 Anonymous Boy
Give it your all, even on my behalf. And seriously grateful to Kai-san
856 Anonymous Boy
Kai-san was really supporting everyone, huh?
857 Anonymous Boy
Kai-san may look kinda gyaru and intimidating, but she’s easy to talk to, isn’t she?
858 Anonymous Boy
Totally get it
859 Anonymous Boy
If she looked like a gyaru, I’d probably be too scared to even make eye contact
860 Anonymous Boy
Kai-san is Beryl’s new manager, right? What’s that like? Maybe because she’s Beryl’s manager, there’s some assurance
861 Anonymous Boy
That’s true. After all, Aqua-kun and the others are always around her, and they don’t get attacked, so we can feel safe
862 Anonymous Boy
That’s where I feel this mysterious sense of relief from Beryl’s manager
863 Anonymous Boy
Kai-san said she hasn’t been assigned to any newbies yet
I wanted to ask Kai-san if I passed
864 Anonymous Boy
Kai-san somehow manages to grasp the hearts of those guys who cheekily went for the audition, even though they’re the type we’re not good with in terms of looks
Well, I’m one of them too, though..
865 Anonymous Boy
There’s something thrilling about kind gyaru…
Even though most gyarus only think about r**ing us guys
866 Anonymous Boy
Ugh, I envy how you guys are getting excited about the audition talk
Maybe I should gather the courage and try it next time…
867 Anonymous Boy
I think that’s a good idea. Do your best
868 Butterfly Mask *B4T4FLYM4N
I didn’t participate for your sake or anything
I had my own purpose for joining, and there’s no reason for you to thank me
869 Anonymous Boy
Congrats on passing, Butter-kun!
870 Anonymous Boy
Seriously, this kid isn’t straightforward..
871 Anonymous Boy
“I didn’t participate for your sake or anything.”
Yeah, that’s right, you have another purpose. Yeah. So don’t worry about it
872 Anonymous Boy
Thank you for the translation, LMAO!
873 Anonymous Boy
874 Anonymous Boy
Shhh! Just stay quiet, LOL
875 Anonymous Boy
Hey, listen, LOL
876 Tadano Ojisan *k4k4r1ty0u
Congratulations on both of you passing the preliminaries!
I’m looking forward to your performance in the main match
877 Anonymous Boy
Uncle is here!!
878 Anonymous Boy
879 Anonymous Boy
Uncle, you also did a great assist!
880 Anonymous Boy
I’m one of the examinees. Thank you very much for the venue
Uncle, how was the beryl tour with Nyanko Gentlemen afterward?
881 Anonymous Boy
882 Anonymous Boy
What’s that? Tell me more kwsk!
883 Anonymous Boy
While Yamada was auditioning, one of the beryl staff members kindly suggested visiting. How was it?
884 Anonymous Boy
Wow! I’m jealous!!
885 Anonymous Boy
Please tell us the details!
886 Uncle Tadao *k4k4r1ty0u
It was fun, and I was really impressed
I even thought, “Can I really see the usual rest room, training room, dance studio, and recording studio?”
I’m truly grateful for everyone at beryl’s thoughtfulness
Kai-san and Hanabusa-san, who not only made direct arrangements for the move but also properly supported us, I’m truly grateful to President Atori and everyone else
887 Anonymous Boy
Oh no..
888 Anonymous Boy
D*mn it, I’m jealous!
889 Anonymous Boy
That’s nice..
890 Anonymous Boy
It’s great that even the newcomer Kai-san got some backup. Beryl is so nice to women, isn’t it? Some places can be tense
891 Anonymous Boy
I understand that. The girls in Beryl get along so well. Maybe that’s why the atmosphere is so laid-back and carefree, I can’t help but let my guard down too
892 Anonymous Boy
Well, Aqua-kun has the least guardedness after all
893 Anonymous Boy
Shh! You shouldn’t say that!
894 Anonymous Boy
Honestly, sometimes when I watch Aqua-kun, I think, “Does he want to be attacked by girls?” Even though that would never happen..
895 Anonymous Boy
So relatable, lol
896 Anonymous Boy
Whenever I see him wearing revealing outfits during live performances, I get nervous, man
897 Anonymous Boy
If it was just the revealing outfits, it would be alright. Well, it’s not really alright, but you know
But with Aqua-kun, not only does he show some skin, but he also gives off this “come here” kind of vibe, and sometimes I wonder if this guy is sane
898 Anonymous Boy
So true, LOL
899 Anonymous Boy
Seriously, that’s exactly it, LOL
900 Anonymous Boy
If I were in the position of a girl, I might become a fan of him and even worship him like a god
901 Anonymous Boy
Earlier, we were talking about Mommy Aqua, but sometimes the viewers become too involved from a parent’s perspective
902 Anonymous Boy
I totally get it. I’m also watching with a mix of excitement and anxiety. I’m genuinely worried that something bad might happen during the live stream… like, getting r**ed or something
903 Anonymous Boy
I have this strange feeling that Aqua-kun would actually enjoy being attacked
904 Anonymous Boy
No way, that’s just not possible
905 Anonymous Boy
Oh come on, you’re joking, right? It’s just a joke, isn’t it?
906 Anonymous Boy
Now that you mention it, I’m starting to think that way too..
907 Anonymous Boy
Come on, you guys, let’s calm down!!
A guy who enjoys being attacked by a woman only exists in fictional works created by women!
– Being forced to perform c**nil*ngus by a tall woman
– Getting forcefully kissed by a pushy woman in her 30s
– Being made to ej***ed with a woman with ridiculously huge breasts
As expected, even Aqua-kun can’t stand this!!
908 Anonymous Boy
Somehow, I feel like Aqua-kun would be happy about all of this
909 Anonymous Boy
It might just be my imagination, but Aqua-kun seems to be accepting it willingly and happily
910 Anonymous Boy
You guys, LMAO
Well, I have the same feeling too, though
911 Anonymous Boy
Even I, who was writing, am starting to feel like Aqua-kun would be happy about it…
912 Anonymous Boy
913 Anonymous Boy
Actually, I saw the writer, who is in their 30s and rumored to be getting married to Aqua-kun, in an audition, and Manager Kirika-san, whose chest and height were surprisingly large
914 Anonymous Boy
915 Anonymous Boy
916 Anonymous Boy
Cough, cough!
917 Anonymous Boy
I’m really sorry!!
918 Anonymous Boy
Aqua-kun is truly amazing. I respect him as a fellow guy
919 Anonymous Boy
I’m glad we have someone like Aqua-kun. I hope he can engage in intimate activities with many girls in my place and make them happy
920 Anonymous Boy
I get it. I hope he can father lots of children with girls in my place
921 Anonymous Boy
I heard that Aqua-kun likes breasts. I have a 16-year-old fiancée with G-cup breasts, but since I can’t engage in intimate activities with girls, I asked Aqua-kun in a DM to embrace my fiancée
She’s a young lady, wealthy, and my fiancée is willing, and I even offered compensation, but there’s been no response… Maybe it was too difficult after all
922 Anonymous Boy
I also sent a DM with images, asking him to embrace my 18 and 24-year-old wives..
Ah, I made sure to get permission from the person involved, you know. I just thought it would be a bit pitiful to stay a virgin forever
923 Anonymous Boy
I was thinking, “Come on, guys, give it your best shot!!” But I understand, I’m in a similar situation
924 Anonymous Boy
Hey, you guys
Consider Aqua-kun’s position too! No guy is interested in a married woman, even if she’s a virgin..
925 Anonymous Boy
I want to see Aqua-kun in action when he’s getting intimate with his wife. And I want him to guide me on how to have s*x with my wife
926 Anonymous Boy
It’s kinda weird, but a lot of guys are feeling guilty about their fiancées or wives now. Girls are just happy to get married or engaged, but have any of you guys noticed that your wives or fiancées are putting up with it?
927 Anonymous Boy
Exactly me. At night, my two wives comfort each other with eggplants. I think they must be frustrated
But it’s impossible for me, even when I’m erect, I’m only (1,9inch)
928 Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
Even if you can’t do it, I think just hugging and kissing would make your wife happy
929 Anonymous Boy
Truly a gentleman!
930 Anonymous Boy
Absolutely a gentleman. I’m moved
931 Anonymous Boy
If this isn’t a pervert, what is?
932 Anonymous Boy
Huh!? You were devoted to Toa-chan and Aqua-kun, weren’t you?!
933 Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
Oh? Do you really want to hear the story of when I got too excited in front of the locker room where the two of them were lined up during my tour of Beryl headquarters and had an ej***ation incident in my pants?
934 Anonymous Boy
That’s simply hilarious, LMAO
935 Anonymous Boy
Oh, hello, are you a police officer?
There’s some kind of criminal here
936 Anonymous Boy
Dude, what happened to you..
937 Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
I changed into fresh pants in the bathroom..
938 Anonymous Boy
Nyanko Gentleman, you’re amazing..
939 Anonymous Boy
This is a hardcore player right here
940 Anonymous Boy
Whatever you do, don’t get close to these two..
941 Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
I apologize, but there’s a chance I might be related to Mr. Aqua
942 Anonymous Boy
943 Anonymous Boy
You… are you kidding?
944 Anonymous Boy
It’s a joke… right?
945 Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
When I was 16, there was a woman who received my sp**m donation, and now I heard that the daughter from that person is going on a date with Mr. Aqua
946 Anonymous Boy
No way, really…
947 Anonymous Boy
I’m surprised, but I hope everything goes well for your daughter
948 Anonymous Boy
She’s going on a date with Aqua-kun…
Since Nyankosuki is all about power, your daughter seems strong too. Maybe she’s an athlete or something?
Considering Nyankosuki’s age, your daughter must be around 24
Ah… I feel like I’m missing something important, even though we’ve come this far…!
949 Anonymous Boy
I understand. I totally get it
I also feel like I’m overlooking something important and it’s bothering me
950 Anonymous Boy
I get it. I totally understand
Even though we’ve come this far, I can’t help but have the image of a dumb gorilla with a hoge face popping into my mind and messing with my thoughts
951 Butterfly Mask *B4T4FLYM4N
…Are there only idiots in this thread?
952 Anonymous Boy
What did you say?!
953 Anonymous Boy
Butter-kun, I told you not to say that!
954 Anonymous Boy
How dare you! Don’t compare us to idiots like Announcer Morikawa!
955 Anonymous Boy
The one who calls others idiots is the real idiot!
956 Anonymous Boy
I don’t think that’s a good side of Butter-kun. Let’s all think about it together
957 Shirogane Aqua (fake) *aquaaquaaa
Butter-kun is smart, you know. I have no idea. Also, congratulations to Nyanko-san. I hope everything goes well for you!
958 Anonymous Boy
Oh, wait. Just for a moment, something crossed my mind..
959 Anonymous Boy
What a coincidence. I also felt like I got closer to the answer for just a moment
960 Butterfly Mask *B4T4FLYM4N
Oh, I see. There’s nothing but fools here. Understood
Hey, you guys should at least go through compulsory education
961 Anonymous Boy
962 Uncle Tadano *k4k4r1ty0u
Well, well, let’s celebrate Nyanko-san’s success
I hope everything goes well for your daughter
963 Butterfly Mask *B4T4FLYM4N
That’s right. Congratulations, Nyanko-san
964 Anonymous Boy
Yeah, yeah, I don’t really get it, but I want Nyanko-san’s daughter to do her best
965 Anonymous Boy
Actually, I feel the same as Butter-kun, so I’ll congratulate you
By the way, is everyone doing this on purpose?
966 Anonymous Boy
967 Anonymous Boy
We’re always serious, though, right?
968 Anonymous Boy
Excuse me. Of course I always do it seriously, but what?
969 Anonymous Boy
Got it
970 Anonymous Boy
Setting aside the gorilla talk… wait, did we even talk about gorillas?
971 Anonymous Boy
Woohoo! Woohoo!
972 Anonymous Boy
Can’t get those hoge gorillas out of my mind lol. But hey, what about Kohina Yukari’s room?
973 Anonymous Boy
Huh? Is that the right title?
974 Anonymous Boy
975 Anonymous Boy
Wasn’t it Shirogane Aqua’s room?
976 Anonymous Boy
Isn’t that a bit different?
977 Anonymous Boy
No, no, only those two are on the show, who else could be there?
978 Anonymous Boy
979 Anonymous Boy
Hey everyone, is Kohina Yukari okay? I’m not really a fan, to be honest..
980 Anonymous Boy
I get it. She can be a little scary, right?
981 Anonymous Boy
Yeah, I’m not a fan either. It makes me jumpy
982 Anonymous Boy
Kohina Yukari is the perfect size, but her personality and expressions can be a bit intense. Plus, she’s got quite a chest, which is a bit of a drawback
983 Anonymous Boy
Yeah, exactly
984 Anonymous Boy
Kohina Yukari-san may not be a bad person, but I still feel a bit uncomfortable around her
985 Anonymous Boy
Even though she’s on the shorter side and that’s a plus, when I see her in a swimsuit scene in Yuu-onii, her chest stands out, and she has a proper feminine figure, which is actually a downside. And even though her face is cute and that’s a plus, her expressions and gestures make her look angry or scary, which is also a downside
But I looked at her with warm eyes, thinking that she was a bit of a disappointing and pitiful child
986 Anonymous Boy
Ah, yeah, it might look pitiful from that perspective, for sure
987 Anonymous Boy
I thought it was a strike, but it’s going towards the out-zone with an incredible curveball! Lol
988 Anonymous Boy
Is that Ohtani Shohei’s 43cm slider, or Rogmina Casinio’s banana free kick?!
989 Anonymous Boy
Kohina Yukari is amazing! Lol
990 Anonymous Boy
Is that the right comparison to make? Lol
991 Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOSuki
Thanks, everyone! I’m sure my daughter would be happy. But I’ve never actually met her… So, when S**en Extraction Officer told me I might become relatives with Aqua-kun, I was really surprised
So, that’s the situation, and it’s not like I can just contact her all cheerful now, so it’s kind of a story that doesn’t really concern me
992 Anonymous Boy
Hey, lol
993 Anonymous Boy
Don’t mess around, lol
994 Anonymous Boy
I thought you were living together, damn it!
995 Anonymous Boy
If it’s about donating s**rm, then it means you’re living separately from her mother, right? Well, that makes sense
996 Anonymous Boy
Well, normally you wouldn’t know the details about where the s**rm is donated to. You’re busy enough with your current wife
997 Anonymous Boy
Yeah, that’s usually how it is
998 Anonymous Boy
By the way, what’s going to happen with Aqua-kun’s s**rm donation? People are still discussing it, huh?
999 Anonymous Boy
I don’t think we’ll reach a conclusion even if the year changes… I’m starting to feel like letting the person decide for themselves is the best. That way, no one can complain
Well, it seems like the end of the thread. Let’s continue this discussion in the next thread!
1000 Anonymous Boy
If it’s post 1000, I hope Yamada and Butter-kun pass!! Also, I hope Nyanko Gentlemen’s daughter’s date goes well!

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